Stella Dimoko US President Elect Biden Urges President Trump To Sign COVID 19 Relief Bill...


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Sunday, December 27, 2020

US President Elect Biden Urges President Trump To Sign COVID 19 Relief Bill...

On Saturday United States President-elect, Joe Biden,urged President Donald Trump to immediately sign the COVID-19 relief bill.
He accused Trump of delay despite the hard times Americans face.

Stressing the importance of the bill, Biden noted that it would keep small businesses afloat, extend unemployment benefits, and help struggling families.

“It is the day after Christmas, and millions of families don’t know if they’ll be able to make ends meet because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign an economic relief bill approved by Congress with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority.
This abdication of responsibility has devastating consequences. This bill is critical. It needs to be signed into law now.”

Biden hinted plans to take additional actions after assuming office in January.

The former Senator listed funding for distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccine, as well as increasing testing capacity.

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*This Trump Sef,your own don dey too much oh,you have less than a month left so continue the stress and shakara.


  1. Trump is just too much. Oga accept defeat and rest na.

  2. It's just a matter of days. They the 🇺🇸 citizens should manage his excesses till the 21st abi 20th jan.

  3. You are ignorant. The trump man is saying he wants the aid increased to $2,000. That the current package of $600 Senate is proposing is too low for businesses to survive on. Therefore, he is pressing them to increase it. What is wrong with your brain???

    1. You are funny. That’s what the democrats proposed months ago. The Senate turned it down. They wouldn’t even vote on the floor.
      They eventually got a bipartisan bill, for the six hundred. Where was he months ago when the negotiations were going on. He never said anything. Six hundred is too low but he signed an EO, to give needy families two hundred dollars. That didn’t go nowhere. Dude, is simply been mischievous. Thankfully, it’s not only democratic voters nor black folks that will feel the blunt of his silliness. Sore loser!!

    2. Anonymous @10:04, question is, where was Trump when the amount was being debated on? He is making noise now knowing it is too late to start working on a new agreement. He makes it seem like he is on your side by advocating for an increase in the amount. This delay is so sad as it signals how little he cares for those who need it the most during these times.

  4. Stella, Trump should not sign that bill if there are no changes made to it to better the live Americans.

    Democrats are all about so many promises that they never fulfill.

    They promised $2000 and they went to sign a bill that can only give $600 to the masses and Trump is saying the American people deserve 2k dollar 💰.

    I went through the bills, democrats rather send billions to other countries than feed their own people. Republicans are not different either.

    P.S. President Trump is neither a democrats nor a republican. He's not even a politician!

    1. Mrs A, do you even know what is going on? Trump was there when it was being deliberated and he kept quiet. To get republicans to agree with this 600 was a tug of war. Now they have agreed, Trump the confusionist brought this rikichi in. We don’t know whether he’s doing this to get at his republicans who has refused to go along with him and his imaginary ‘voter fraud’ or getting at the citizens who voted him out! He knows that republicans won’t do that any time soon. Biden and every body is telling him to sign this one so that people can at least have something, by the time Biden gets sworn in in January he will negotiate for more. People need this one at least for now, Trump says NO!

  5. There's more to the Bill than what we think

  6. How can $2000 per week be sustainable going by the number of people that needs it or is it a one off payment?

    1. Per week ke? Hahaha you have hope oh, this just made me laugh. One off payment my dear.


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