Stella Dimoko Actress Regina Daniels Hubby Ned Nwoko Cooks Up Story That She Heard Of Plot To Assassinate Him By Rainoil Boss Gabriel Ogbechie


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Friday, January 29, 2021

Actress Regina Daniels Hubby Ned Nwoko Cooks Up Story That She Heard Of Plot To Assassinate Him By Rainoil Boss Gabriel Ogbechie

''According to a petition Ned wrote to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Abuja, Ogbechie was mentioned as sponsor of the plan to kill him by two suspects in Kuje Prison. He alleged in the petition that his wife, Regina Daniels, was told by one Wale Jana that he (Jana) was informed about the plot by an inmate who overheard the suspects discussing how to assassinate him........''

This is the full story...

Businessman-cum-politician, Prince Ned Nwoko of Idumuje-Ugboko community in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State,has reportedly continued to pull the strings of false stories,and alleged that Rainoil Chairman Chief Gabriel Ogbechie a prominent son of the community is sponsoring a plot to assassinate him.

This, however, was found to be FALSE.

According to a petition Ned wrote to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Abuja, Ogbechie was mentioned as sponsor of the plan to kill him by two suspects in Kuje Prison. He alleged in the petition that his wife, Regina Daniels, was told by one Wale Jana that he (Jana) was informed about the plot by an inmate who overheard the suspects discussing how to assassinate him.

Part of Ned’s petition reads:

_“I was reliably informed by my wife, Regina Daniels, who was also informed by one Mr. Wale Jana, that the suspects who were arrested and remanded at the Kuje Correctional Centre in connection with the murder case in my village, are plotting to cause me harm and possibly kill me._

_From the information made available to me, the evil plot is being sponsored by one Chief Gabriel Ogbechie, the chairman of Rainoil. I came to this conclusion because, according to the report sent to my wife by Wale Jana, an inmate in the same room with the suspects at the correctional facility who pretended to be sleeping heard them plotting to harm me by conspiring with others outside the prison yard. From what he heard, the sponsor of the planned attack owns a filling station and is in the business of oil and gas and hails from the community around. As far as I know, the only person that fits that description is one Chief Gabriel Ogbechie…”_

If not for the involvement of the police, the nakedness of Ned Nwoko’s false assassination theory would have gained public acceptance.

Based on Ned’s petition, Chief Gabriel Ogbechie and other people were reportedly invited by the police for questioning, including Ogbechie’s lawyer. The case got to the office of the Inspector-General of Police who then put together an investigative team to probe the allegation. In the course of investigation, Ned was asked to present the said Wale Jana who he said in his petition overheard the suspects plotting to kill him, but Ned changed the story. He was said to have told the police that the person who actually heard the suspects planning to kill him was not Jana but one Ossy Boise. When he was asked to present the Boise, Ned said the guy was dead. Then the police reportedly asked him to tell them how the Boise died, where he died, what killed him and where the autopsy report is, but Ned could not make available any proof. Consequently, the case was dismissed by the police.

It was after his plot hit the rocks that,Ned Nwoko decided on an escapee method by pushing the story to the public domain. In his public narrative, Ned claimed that the Boise that died was actually poisoned and that Gabriel Ogbechie was behind his killing so that Boise wouldn’t be able to testify against him (Ogbechie) in the case.

 Ned Nwoko’s narratives were clear falsehoods, based on two premises. The first premise is that, in the petition that he wrote alleging a plot to kill him, Ned mentioned one Mr. Wale Jana as the person who informed his wife someone overheard the suspects discussing the plot. When Ned was asked to present the Wale Jana, he changed the story. Ned said that it was not Jana but one Boise. The second premise is that, when the two community youths were arrested, they were arrested and detained for murder. When they were taken to court, the judge said that they should be remanded in Kuje Correctional Centre pending the conclusion of investigation. But Kuje Correctional Centre was overcrowded and because of the coronavirus protocols, the two suspects were remanded at Suleja Correctional Centre. In other words, Ned was not aware that the suspects he claimed were overheard plotting his assassination in Kuje Correctional Centre were indeed being detained in Suleja Correctional Centre.

 it is clear as crystal that it was false narrative that Ned pushed to the public place and these revelations have verified the fact that, indeed, there was no plan by anyone to kill Ned Nwoko; it is just a plot to malign Chief Gabriel Ogbechie. Sources also confirmed that the assassination theory, including ceaseless media attacks, is actually part of face-saving efforts to get back at Chief Gabriel Ogbechie, who he perceives as supporting those he (Ned) is being oppressed in a community land tussle that dates back to twenty years.

According to insiders, Ogbechie has been challenging Ned, in a courteous manner, on his violation of the due process required to acquire a community land, asking of him to engage the leadership of the community properly in doing so. The land crisis involves Idumuje-Ugboko community from where both Ned and Ogbechie hails and all Chief Ogbechie has been doing is to bring peace back to Idumuje-Ugboko community and to compel Ned Nwoko to protect and preserve the throne and the family heritage and not drag the throne and, indeed, the Idumuje-Ugboko community to disrepute.

The problem began in Year 2000. Ned Nwoko had approached the late King of Idumuje-Ugboko, HRH Obi Albert Nwoko that he wanted to be allocated 33 hectares of land because he was bringing investors to the community to build a Cattle Ranch and Dairy Farm where the youths of the community would be employed. The late king excitedly allocated the 33 hectares of land to Ned as requested, for free, we learnt. However, instead of fulfilling his promise to bring investors to Idumuje-Ugboko, Ned only erected his personal mansion on a portion of the land and held on to the remaining part without any development.

Few years after that, Ned again approached the late king to request for another 100 hectares of land upon which he promised to build a sports university, the first of its kind in sub-Sahara Africa. But the king refused him, on the ground that the 33 hectares of land he was earlier given which he has failed to put to use for development as promised, was still causing crisis in the community. The king then asked him to first start the sports university on the remaining portion of 33 acres and more lands would be added if that was not enough for the university project. Sources said that Ned was not comfortable with the king’s suggestion. Hence, he reportedly kept pressure on the king on the matter and in the process, the king died on the 9th of February 2017.

The Idumuje-Ugboko’s kingship is hereditary; so, it is expected that when a king dies, one of his children would naturally take the throne. In that regard, the late king’s first son, Prince Chukwunomso Nwoko, was chosen to succeed his father and the necessary rites to that effect were undertaken. According to sources, Ned Nwoko soon approached the Prince and told him that his late father had already promised him a hundred hectares of land for the university project. But the Prince reportedly replied Ned that he was privy to the agreement he had with his late father, which was for him to first start the university project on the remaining part of the 33 hectares earlier allotted to him. The Prince told him that until he started the project on the first land, the palace could not give him another land. Ned didn’t like that, sources said, thus, he reportedly began working against the Prince’s candidacy to the throne.

According to reliable sources, Ned got in touch with people relevant to events that would make the Prince to get his staff of office, applying pressures on them and eventually the Prince has not received the staff of office till date. A meeting was reportedly called by elders of the community to deliberate on the next line of action but, according to information, thugs suspected to be working for Ned Nwoko invaded the meeting place and disrupted the process. The meeting was then relocated to the palace. Again, we gathered, thugs stormed the palace, but the youths of the community rose to defend the palace and stop the thugs. Tension arose and it degenerated to a free-for-all.

Following the palace scuffle, it was learned that Ned Nwoko wrote a petition to the police headquarters in Abuja that somebody, a certain Okada rider from Onicha-Ugbo, was killed in the palace and the community youths be held for murder. Subsequently, two of the community youths were reportedly arrested. In the course of the investigation, nobody was found to have died in the palace encounter. But based on Ned’s petition to the police, the arrested youths were taken to court and remanded in Kuje Correctional Centre pending the conclusion of the investigation. Few days after, and before the final funeral rites for HRH Albert Nwoko, Ned wrote another petition to the police against the Prince and president general of the Idumuje-Ugboko Development Union (UDU), Mr. Okey Ifejiokwu. Both the Prince and the community union president were arrested. That was when prominent personalities in the community decided to intervene. Pressure was, however, mounted on Ned by Ogbechie and elders of the community and the Prince was released, leaving Ifejiokwu in police net. 

The Rainoil chairman later got a lawyer for Ifejiokwu through whom he secured his release from custody. That was where the problem between Ned and Ogbechie actually started. Ned had assumed that Ogbechie was supporting people against him. Hence, the assassination plots.


  1. See epistle...It is well with them

  2. Ain't nobody got time to read all condolences or congratulations.

    Pick one. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I don't know why this idumuje igboko saga is just sliding by.Ned is a terror in idumuje Igboko.The poor in the community are bullied for their lands and at his mercy.Ned is the SARS of that community.Innocent men and women fighting for what belongs to them have mysteriously disappeared and others are rotting in jail.

      How can one man,have a community wrapped around his fingers because of the money he got from looting.The same people that voted for him to be a senator are suffering in his hands.Nothing much can be done because he is an ally to the governor of Delta state Ifeanyi Okowa.So he is protected.

      This is the reason I hate Regina Daniels and her mother,especially when she is showing off the ill-gotten wealth of Tad pole looking Ned.Innocent blood are on his hands and wealth.It may be for a while,but the blood of the innocent will surely be avenged in the end.Ned keep playing god because of your blood money but one day na one day.Nobody own this world.

      Stella please post.My people are suffering and dying in Idumuje Igboko.He is trying to implicate Ogbechie that has suffered and legally built his wealth from grass to grace and is helping his own people and community.And the only one that can stand up to Ned.His juju didn't work and now he has restored to spreading lies.

    2. Anon, people in Idumuje igboko are really suffering in the hands of Ned Nwoko that is not even a legal son. He has wasted alot of people and cast some in jail for speaking up. He's the one now claiming that someone is after his life.
      This ritualist and occultic man should just go and hide because his plans has failed.

  3. is this childs play, the story isnt adding up at all, and isnt wale jana the perfume guy.

  4. Hissed like a 🐍🐍


  5. I can imagine how foolish the Ned must have felt when the police asked him for proof to back up his assassination claim🙄

  6. Chai! Chai chai,all I can say is,this life na wa!.
    I knew there was something fishy about that Ned. Regina o kwala gi!,ndo na?.

  7. I love Regina Daniels but not Ned.There's something about him that screams murder.

  8. This Ned sef,matter plenty for him head,I wonder how his end will be

  9. What kind of that is this?

    Accusing someone falsely? What if this man doesn't have the power to fight you? What if your story was believed?.

    Making case with them say,them say.
    Who say they hear say them say? Na them say.🎶

    Na wa

  10. Case of "when 2 elephants fight...

  11. Anything involving land matter, comes with a truckload of problems and it's the innocents that suffer it

  12. Please someone should help me summarize

    1. Ned Nwoko is a liar, and a land grabber.

    2. And evil and wicked

  13. Ned has committed some many attrocity in our community,
    Regardless to everything Rita Daniel the shameless woman still went ahead to marry her daughter to the shameless old ned because of money.
    She said Next year she will get a bigger birthday present from her In-law because it is part of her plan.

  14. Waiting for more comments from Sons and daughters of the soil

  15. I read to the end and very surprised that this Ned Nwoko claims he is a lawyer, an international one at that!
    He made accusations he could not substantiate!

    Mr. Ogbechie (Rainoil) should sue him for libel.

    He tricked their late king in to giving him 33 hectares of community land and still came back to demand for 100 hectares. GREED!

    He's lucky he is not from my hometown, that land would be collected back by the community and he would be excommunicated from forever. 😤

  16. Something is off about this man,really.

    Well the people of the land,those in the know should come and shed more light biko.
    Patiently waiting

  17. NED is a deadly man, the community should pray to God, there's nothing God cannot do. NED an occultic man, and he can go any length in eliminating anyone that opposes him!

  18. I ain't reading that shit💁

  19. Aaaaah!!
    What I know is that the TRUTH cannot be hidden forever.
    Pa Ned well done sir!
    Continue, don't STOP you hear?

  20. Believe a 'lawyer' at your own peril. How can one man be stealing the commonwealth of his own people and comfortably sleep at night. Are there no youths in that community? Can one man be stronger that the entire community? Just banish him.

    1. Who do you think are his foot soldiers? His sons or "the youths of the community"?

  21. Ned the Serial husband. After gbenshing several women in the name of polygamy, He will come and start land-grabbing in Delta state.


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