Stella Dimoko Bishop Oyedepo Says There Is Nothing In Covid-19


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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Bishop Oyedepo Says There Is Nothing In Covid-19

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel, David Oyedepo says there is nothing in covid-19 and that any system the church attacks will crash.

“When the church goes against a man, his destiny is finished. When the church goes against a system, that system will crash,” he said on Thursday night during a physical crossover service at the church’s headquarters in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State.

The cleric, who spoke on the message titled, ‘We Are On The Way To Our Promised Land’, said the devil is using the Covid-19 pandemic to come after the church.

According to him, there is no online substitute for physical Christian fellowship, adding that the church has changed level.

Oyedepo said, “Men and brethren, there is nothing in Covid-19. One of the governors was making some statements recently and said, ‘We have only had five cases since the noise began. So, where is Covid-19?’

“One governor was also quoted as saying, ‘I saw people at National Identification Card area, no distancing, no nothing and how much more the church of God where there is order?’.

“There is no Covid-19 in National Population Card Centre. There is no social distancing in the market. There is nowhere to wash hands or wash nose and even the officials who are in charge are also buying things there.

“What I think they don’t know is that the church has changed level. When the church launches an attack against anyone or system, that system crashes. Thank God we have prevailed.”

Oyedepo’s comments come amid the second wave of the pandemic and the call for the closure of religious centres to curb the rising number of Covid infections recorded daily by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

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  1. Hahahahahaha

    Bucnch of confused Yahoo pastors.

    Adeboye said covid 19 is from God to humble humans.

    Oyedepo said covid is from Satan to attack churches...

    My question is which spirit is behind their different prophecies?

    Gullible sheeples beyond your pastors.... Lol

  2. Shameless men. These merchants all ran away when Corona beckoned. They're only sliding out of their illicitly acquired mansions to regurgitate the same annual nonsense because they've seen that corona doesn't have much grip on Africa, probably because our bodies are already used to nyama nyama. Purveyors of fear. Ndi aruru ala.

  3. You asked people not to go for cross over night, yet you asked them to go to national population centers to collect their cards.These same people will still gather at the market to buy things. Who are they deceiving. Hypocrisy at its highest peak.

    1. Keep quiet about this market talk. The market is an open space and the virus is less likely to thrive there than an enclosed space where people are seated closely.

      Receive sense abeg.

  4. Pardon my ignorance. I really mean no harm. Why is it that the RCCG will obey the govt but LF will be kinda "strong headed"? When the lockdown was lifted, I saw RCCG parishes here, observe the laid down rules and saw LF parishes in that same city not observing it. I watched the Friday segment of the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress and noticed the social distance and all but LF didn't, from what I saw. And I can't help but wonder, shebi the Bible says, "Obey the ordinances of man for Christ's sake".

    1. Please let's take you to the Genesis.

      President Buhari was supposed to pick either Bishop Oyedepo or Pastor Tunde Bakare as his Vice Presidential/Running Mate.

      Find out when the table turned and how Pastor Osinbajo was picked.

      This is Nigeria.
      Do you understand the above axiom?
      Medical doctors in LF Church will support these statements by their Bishop.

      My prayer is that harmattan should not come this year biko,if not eh, plus me,plus you, plus Bishop Oyedepo, na gbege oo.

    2. Xp I'm curious, how true is your claim on oyedepo?

    3. Anony 15:18.
      It's no claim. Find the missing link.

      If Bishop Oyedepo were to be our Vice President, Nigeria wouldn't have gotten to this rot, man got zero tolerance for nonsense.
      He will get up in the middle of a crucial meeting and yank off the mask. No time to waste time while the economy is wiping off.

      Convince me... he's still on their matter with massive support.
      Bishop insists there's Covid 19 but why the government ignores every other disease and fixing all funds on Corona remains questionable.
      When we wear masks and keep space, we don't have Covid right? what do we do to keep malaria and lassa fever off our families,it's killing more Nigerians. A great percentage of Nigerians won't take that vaccine. It's a bet.
      Oyibos are fighting the one ravaging them,who's gonna fight ours?
      We need vaccine for Ebola too na. Kilode.

  5. True talk, Covid-19 in Nigeria is being over hyped, Malaria/typhoid kills 10 times more Covid-19 in Nigeria. On research, it's due to our hot climate and immune system. Covid-19 thrives more in temperate regions

    1. It is overhyped, until you are affected and loose a loved one. Continue believing these charlatarns

  6. Nah because of the likes of him I stopped going to church. Ignorant greedy fools parading as men of God. I truly hope God exist so that I can witness the end of these new age pharisees on judgement day.

  7. Well said, there is nothing special in COVID-19. For how long will we pause our lives for a noisesome pestilence? Yet international Airports are still open to flights.
    Mtcheww,wahala for who no know him rights in redemption.

  8. OK, but Sir I do not have the sort of faith you have... So I need protection from those who have all the faith in the world not to catch it or believe it exists. Will at least your church members mask up to protect vulnerable souls like us...??

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm
    Men of the world

  10. Covid 19 is real...I know people that got it and one has died.

    He should not give reason for the govt to shut him down. The new CAMA has been gazetted and it takes effect from Monday.

    I know he fears no man but this govt has shown that their interests are for the North and Muslims alone but even at that...Bishop please obey the law.

  11. Another wolve in sheeps clothing...all these so called men of God, from Oyedepo to Oyakhilome are all fake prophets...they are after money.

  12. What is special about covid 19? Malaria, typhod,TB, HIV/AIDS ebola, etc also kill.Nigeria roads, robbers, kidnappers, ritualist, herdsmen, terrorists, government are far worse than COVID 19, mbok.

  13. I tire for una ooo. Una dey tear pant over men of God. Government wey tell una say covid dey and no get plan to help una, una ignore them.
    Wise up guys, all they are saying is, there is covid but the government has no plan in place for your safety and rather has put you under a lot of fear that you cannot even reach out to your neighbor for help. Fear kills faster than the disease.
    Demand accountability from your government and leave men of God alone. Dem no force you listen to their sermons.


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