Stella Dimoko Britain Reportedly Set To Face Gonorrhea Pandemic After COVID 19 Lockdown..


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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Britain Reportedly Set To Face Gonorrhea Pandemic After COVID 19 Lockdown..

A s#xual health chief has warned Britain is faced with a gonorrhoea outbreak once lockdown lifts and people return to their lives.

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) President Dr John McSorley called on the public to take advantage of lockdown to get themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as that will help curtail any potential outbreak.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Britain hit its worst rates of STDs since the Second World War.
As people's social and sex life reduced drastically during lockdown, the number of those using sexual health clinics fell by 85 per cent across the country.

Gonorrhoea cases in the UK rocket by 249% in the last ten years

UK hotspots where STIs are on the rise due to super resistant gonorrhoea

But that figure started soaring again once rules were loosened up, MyLondon reports.

“There are a lot of similarities between Covid and STIs. The notions of social distancing and isolating have been in sexual health for a long time," Dr McSorley said.

“We are on our way back to where we were a year ago. As we open society up again we can expect more gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Dr John McSorley called on the public to get themselves tested during lockdown to help stop the spread of STDs

“People are rebounding back to living a normal life as they can and that includes a safe and entertaining sex life.

“About 80 to 90 per cent of people have seen their sexual activity reduced in the last year.”
The clinics where Dr McSorley works in West London have seen a dramatic rise in people using services.

The clinics in Harrow, Ealing and Brentford have seen a five per cent increase week on week.

Dr McSorley added: “They have seen a slow and controlled increase in clinics

“The bigger problem is long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). It is the area that requires the greatest action.”

LARC, which includes items such as the coil and implants, is an alternative to birth control such as the contraceptive pill and condoms.

Due to the pandemic sexual health clinics have not been able to offer routine coils or implant fittings causing a huge backlog in London.

The backlog has led to concerns women will not be able to get essential contraceptive treatments.



  1. Thank God I’m not sexually active for over 6 years

    1. How do you do it? The daughter of man has tried and failed a zillion times. Conji na pure bastard

    2. Anon 16:52 I wonder too. Only thing that has been keeping me Is that i masturbate. Not proud of it but it has helped me keep body n soul together and avoid fukboi wahala. Now my body is calling for something a lot more aka actual sex. God see me through. Was hoping to be married by now and didnt think I would consider gettinga fwb to cure konji

    3. Finny my fear of God is greater than my desire for sex. Read that again!

      1) I don’t invite guys to my house; we meet outside only.

      2) I’m too focused on my career and my bag. Recently set up my business too

      3) The first 3 years were HARD my body wanted it but now on year 6 and my body stopped asking for it few years back. I no longer feel for sex at all; my body is use to not getting it.

      4) I tell guys when I meet them no sex and they walk away but IDGAF.

      5) Get busy and after 3/4 years without sex you will be fine

      6) I don’t own a sex toy and never have in my life.

      I now have a boyfriend but Issa LDR and he respects the no sex!

  2. Mek dem tek sofri sofri dey nak & use protection

  3. Hmm. So oyibo people dey carry gono?

    1. No be them gono originate from? See question. Go and check ur history. All those colonial masters that went around raping and pillaging different indigenous ppl, they gave those people syphilis,small pox, gono, chlamydia etc.

  4. Eww. I better close my legs when I get there for school o. Not like I was planning to be a ho but I was hoping to find my future husband there seeing as the dating pool in naija na pure jokes and inshallah

  5. And British people can fok indiscriminately ehn. I recently just started talking to a guy who was formerly in a long term relationship with a brit babe n the guy sees nothing wrong in having sex without defining relationship n having met the person the same day. Be cause that is the type of stuff he is used to with his oyinbo babes. He didnt understand having to wait for a defined relationship saying it was just sex. Omo I disagree n ran for dear life

    1. My dear Anon 17:01, they are all like that . They do not want any commitment but want to eat the cookies.

  6. Gosh. They have problems.

    But this gonorrhea problem is in many places not just England. I don't know who wants to be walking around with oozing smelly privates. Protect yourselves and get tested


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