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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....




Good day Stella and everyone. 

Happy new year too, may this year be a peaceful and money rain year for all of us in Jesus name amen.
Please there is this matter bothering me and moving me to tears always.

I got married December 2020 and moved to Lagos from Abuja. (Hubby lives in Lagos)

I traveled late October to Lagos to get my wedding stuffs. After getting everything, I was planning to travel back to Abuja when my mum called to say she had a bad dream about me and there was a prophecy that I shouldn't travel again till after my wedding .

Omo.. I was mad, how will I get all my stuffs in Abuja (where practically all my life is) down to Lagos ?.

We came up with a plan that my brother should go join my friend (living with me in Abuja) to arrange my clothes (shoes, clothes, wigs, shoes etc) and send over through a bus. They sent two big Ghana must go bags and agree to find a way to send d rest cos it was too much.

My brother took one bag to the village and my friend brought another bag to the village during my wedding and I brought everything to Lagos after my wedding.

Getting home I realized my stuffs wasn't complete.. infact, they sent just HALF of my stuffs. I got Mostly, house wears, okrika (just basically the nonsense old ones) I couldn't find most of my office wears, church outfits, shoes, chiffon shirts, handbags , even wigs ,plus my newly sewn wears o that I want to use and do shakara after wedding. Heeeiii God I went mad..

Pause small.. 

I gave that my friend living with me EVERYTHING in my room for 20k (well that's how much she said she had) I mean everything oh, bed and mattress, wardrobe, chair and table, kitchen utensils, curtains, mirror etc. I no get choice nah.. 
I was the one that brought her to Abuja to stay. My plan before was to take them to second hand market and sell and then use the money to buy kitchen utensils when I marry, the few that my brother took to the market for me, they didn't buy cos there was no receipt so I had to give them to my friend, at least to start her life with in Abuja .

Not that I was happy giving those things out o (I mean I bought all those stuffs new in 2019 so it's not like they are old ) but I was just being a good girl helping a friend and I had no choice. I didn't even buy my wardrobe 20k so let's just say I dash her #hmmmm.

So back to my missing stuffs... I informed her about my missing stuffs, she told me she would check the house again when she gets home, on getting home she said she found just few (after swearing earlier that she sent everything oh) .
I went online, downloaded some of my old pictures to send to her so she can see the clothes and bags and shoes and wigs I was looking for ..she denied not taking them, so how did I miss all these things,? 

Who entered my room? Who stole my stuffs? My brother said it's not him. Funny enough the person took d important ones . I mean it's crazy.. I have to start from scratch. I really don't want to accuse her cos of our friendship and my hubby is saying I should overlook it. I'm trying to but guys it's harrrrrrrdddd. I cried oo and was ranting bitterly in the house .

We did one 100k contribution (my share 30k, hers 70k) we packed our ajo this week and she sent me my 30k , I asked her for the 20k for the house stuffs and she said I should please give her till next month . Ha, money that I was planning to join together and use to buy dressing mirror or any other valuables in the house.. she will now be paying me in bits.. 5k 3k 2k 1k etc .

I'm really really holding myself against fighting her cos everyone is advising me against it and I don't want to look ungrateful to her for helping with my loads but e pain me gan ooo. It's not like I'm being materialistic but I bought these stuffs with my money.. e dey pain. Before leaving Abuja in October, I told her to always inform me if she want to wear any of my clothes .. one day I did video call with her and saw her wearing my shirt and I just ignored it.. so what are we saying??

On another thought, I don't know if my bag was opened where they went to send the bags, cos they didn't deliver it until 2days later , but it was locked ooo.. I really don't know. And I'm trying to start the year right and not with a fight (and being a newly wed) I just want to be better .

I'm just curious as to what really happened to my stuffs .. it's driving me nuts. Hope it wasn't stolen and use for juju. Nah my mumsy I blame Sha.. I shouldn't have listened.

I don't know if this is a Chronicle or gist.. make una pardon me,, I just needed to rant and please pardon my typos.

*I know how painful it can be to lose your stuff to someone you trust...Let us just say the suspects are your brother and your friend....Ask them both again or just let it go.....
Maybe the day you visit Abuja without informing your friend,you will see some of the missing stuff....or did your Pastor say you should not go to Abuja again?
Forget the missing stuff and just move on ok?


  1. This shows the kind of man u married, see as u just disgraced your husband, so your husband cannot afford to buy kitchen utensils and ordinary dressing mirrow, tufiakwa.

    1. This is such a negative comment. So if she decides to help her hubby set up their home is it a sin?? Wife is a helpmate and I don’t see anything wrong with her thought process. What if he already has items and she wants to add to what he already has?

    2. You are really stupid angel ray. She is an independent woman and I applaud her for that. Keep being a leech you hear?.
      Btw, what if her husband doesnt have the money right now?. Ehen

    3. U de craze, so even if she married dangote, that justifies you stealing her things. Is her husband atm? Even if the man have utensils, what's wrong in her wanting to buy new ones? You think all guys are like your akagum husband that have time to cook 3 meals a day. S lot of bachelors that have time for utensils cos they don't cook. Is her husband bobrisky that will have female dressing mirror? Poster just let go and move ahead, God will replace all you lost.

    4. Biko what are you talking about? Poster abeg ignore this kuku head.

    5. You are not serious for this statement, so a newly married lady CNT decide to do things with her own money the way she likes, ode oshi.

    6. What nonsense are you talking about? Abi na you be the girlfriend wey corner her stuffs?

    7. Calm down joor! It’s not about her husband affording them. It’s about loosing her hard earned money abi you pick those things on the road for free? Na your type dey put man for high jump, how is she disgracing her husband or didn’t you see where her hubby told her to forget them. Calm down MRS Elon Musk

    8. Oh please!! Because her husband can afford it shouldn't make her throw away the ones she bought with her hard earned money.

      Poster please any day you get the chance to travel to Abuja, visit her one cool evening unannounced and let us see if she won't tell you to "come inside"

    9. Haba!
      So she isn't to contribute anything in building her home? This comment no follow abeg.
      There's nothing as sweet as using or having what you genuinely worked for.

    10. You are not serious, do you know how the lady and her husband agreed to share the house it only men that should take all the house responsibilities, you see a dependent woman you complain, independent woman you complain. Human being can't be satisfied no matter how hard one tries, instead of you to advice her concerning her missing belongings instead you insulted her. The color of your problem is rainbow

    11. Reasonable doubt, you've been very nice of recent. Thank God. My comment has entered soup oo😭😭

    12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Your friend is a terrible person abeg.

    13. Funniest thing , this same angelrayforsdk, has one man that she isn't proud to show off. Someone she is still borrowing money on his behalf and hoping for the best. The poster is not the cause of your life problems angelrayforsdk.

    14. If there's an award for the most foolish comment, this rubbish you typed would take the crown..! She shouldn't worry about her stuff because she got married okwaya? Taa gbafuo..! Always talking in the thing that did not make sense...😏😏😏

    15. Angel ray u well so?? 🀣🀣🀣

    16. E be like una no sabi Angelray 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    17. Aboki, they’re probably all relatively new to the blog.
      Before I even read the comment, I thought, “this bad mouthed angel ray don come back?”

    18. I swear Miss Aboki πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    19. Biko All these online billionaires, easy with Una insults.

    20. People replying AngelRay are newbies obviously.
      Someone that is all about negative comments.
      You all should save it biko, it's her way.

      Just remove the Angel from your ID because you are far from being one. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  2. Those who steal will never prosper. Just find peace in your soul and God will do the rest. Do not speak ill against them or curse anyone, just pray for them and I guarantee it that you will live to see.

    1. Hey poster,this can't feel good at all but you have to MOVE ON,dont even harbour resentment rightnow though its hard,you dont know what God saved/still saving you from...
      You will get even better things from now,there is no how u won't later get to know who took your stuffs,#sitdowndeylook

  3. Your friend is not a sincere friend.

    God is a restorer, He will duly settle you. Let go and HML

  4. It's hard but you have to let go and start buying all over again. It is well. Also, watch out for those things around your friend and ask your brother too.

  5. Your greedy friend took your stuff SIMPLE!!! don't ask her about it anymore. Just monitor her post day, fowl nyash go open.

  6. Your friend has stolen your stuffs. Ladies are like that. It has happened to me, she took all my good stuffs and left the rubbish. I thank God I have recovered all. Look no further.

  7. Hmmmm!!
    Igbos will say "Γ³ ego ka mgbo tuwara isi"
    It is well with you.
    May God bless you more to buy the ones better than the lost ones.

  8. Jeez what's this? Btw, it's "stuff". πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  9. Chai babe plss let it go and face your marriage, that girl is ungrateful..

  10. Make sure you collect your MONEY!She is not a GOOD friend, I bet she is jealous of you, in fact she has been but You didn't notice...I HATE friends like This! Collect your MONEY ooo...And STAY far away from her! You hear? And I'm SORRY about your stuffs, it can be painful.

  11. Sorry poster about your predicament.

    I just want to ask was the marriage impromptu. I don't understand how you are getting married and most of your things were or are still in Abuja, since you know you are relocating.

    Any way just let the matter rest and enjoy you marriage at least this one don show you say your friend cannot be trusted.


    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "16 January 2021 at 17:44

      Don't blame her 2020 came with its own package , the wedding plan was her main target. No one is perfect.

    2. Lovelace, whether the wedding was impromptu or not, is irrelevant now. We should focus on addressing the issue at hand, which is what you did in your second paragraph.

    3. Poster, just see the whole scenario as an opportunity for you to start afresh. All those buffs you has gone into the wrong hands so just leave them there and move on. God will provide better baffs for you. You will be a slayer once again just relax

  12. Poster, please let it go. God will provide for you to buy all the things you need

  13. You are just being materialistic.
    Your husband asked you to forgo it, you did not. You must collect it
    You loved you friend and you were selling used items to her?
    Where is the love?
    "Remember Lot's wife." You know who said it? Search it out online and
    read. Learn to forgo some things in life dear. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. *you loved your friend and you are selling used items to her"?

      Are you alright ma/sir? You people will just open mouth waaaaaaah...! Nonsense.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    2. @Anonymous, you are so wrong. You term the poster "materialistic" for wanting her own property? Wow! What a world we live in, where we blame the victim of a situation.
      What's wrong in selling her household items to her friend who shares the same apartment with her?

    3. That anon up there has mental health problem na don’t you know. Judgemental twat

    4. The issue here is if you say you "love her," then don't sell used items to her
      Just like your fiance will say "I love you" and is asking you to buy his used watch.
      Love is all about sacrifice; sacrificial giving. Please tell me something else but not "love"

  14. Something similar happened to my wife.

    Some friends and family members believe the husband would buy and replace the taken items.

    Please let go and leave the clothes for her. If she willingly pay her debt, collect it. If not, let go.

    Do not squabble with her. Enjoy your new marriage.

    My wife's bag was raided in her older cousin's place where she lived. Later, my wife insisted on going to ask her older cousin for the replacement of an item the cousin lost and promised to replace before our marriage. I knew it would lead to a fight if she went alone. So I went with her and I took charge without asking for the replacement of the item. I only asked if the cousin lost the item. She admitted that. And I thought I did well by not asking for it's replacement. But later I found it was a bigger mistake. My wife's cousin was not happy and till date she and I don't have a good relationship. She went on to stress the relationship between me and a close friend. I bought the item lost for my wife before our marriage and it would have been better if I had bought another for her.

    To prevent a fight, I got a running and very destructive enmity.

    Poster, it is not worth it going at your "friend" or brother over this matter.

  15. *Stuff* not "stuffs"!!!!
    Please, use personal items next time to avoiding this head-spinning repetitive mistake.

    I think you should have packed your most important personal items and sent them ahead to your new location before your wedding.
    Besides, your mother could have sent one of your sisters or gone to Abuja herself to do the needful.

    Poster, you are obviously quite careless or too trusting.

    It's likely your friend stole your newest and most valuable personal items because no thief at the transport company or could have had the time to systematically select the best from fully packed baggage.

    Please, forgive and let go. πŸ’Ÿ

    1. to *avoid*....

      no thief at the transport company or *courier company* could have had time...

  16. I feel you poster. I understand how you are feeling. Losing ones personal stuff is not funny at all. No matter how you try to forget it, your brain will keep asking; "but wtf happened to that bag? Where is this, where is that?" I understand you completely. Well your husband says you should forget about it, you just have to. But one day monkey go enter market and him go come out naked.

  17. Dear Poster. I know how annoying this can be especially as you are not sure if your friend took it. So u can’t really challenge her for the items. I suggest u give thanks even in this situation. Those things are immaterial and can’t be compared to ur life. If that is what u lose for obeying prophecy (Gods warning) so be it. God will restore but you have to let go and thank Him. Don’t blame your Mum. What if the prophecy didn’t come and u travelled and died, Will clothes/wig be the issue? What shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul(life)? Hand over the matter to God, maintain an attitude of gratitude for ur new home/life. God will surely restore.

  18. If any of my wigs loss,I fit craze sef.all the money we spend on that damn thing tire person. Poster sorry you hear,just bear it.i totally understand and can relate with your feelings. This is one of the disadvantages of staying with someone you're doing better than,worse still the ones with entitlement mentality. I wish you'll open her heart and see how she genuinely feels about you or you'll hear it from someone sef,fear go catch you gaan. I'll say let go and hope for better things,pray for God to use this and reward you but you need to stay away from her and make her know you're unhappy your valuable things got missing.she may not give you that 20k,also make her know it's part of what killed your relationship with her.this her attitude is very typical of our girls

  19. Something similar happened to me, tho I didn't lose much. I asked my cousin to send all my stuff's from my uncle's house in abj, only to notice somethings were missing. One day I was checking through WhatsApp and saw their girl wearing my swatch wristwatch. Only God knows what else she 'took'.

  20. Babe, let it go. You just started your married life. In fact if you can forget the money please do. Ignore her oooo. It hurts but your peace and wellness depends on it. Your mums dream might be related to this. She has shown you how far she can go now use wisdom to draw back from her

  21. What!!!!
    I'm so angry right own reading this😠
    Take back your apartment and everything u gave to her... nonsense and unparalleled ingredients 😠😠
    Such an ungrateful bitch!!

  22. Nawa o.really you don't need the hate though it painful. Pele shit happens


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