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Sunday, January 03, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....

Na wah.................


Please I need an advice ........

 It's happening to a friend, He said his cousin use to come around with his wife just to greet because they live in the same neighborhood but something in him is making him feel like his fiance has some kind of feelings for the said cousin....

Her mood changes each time they are around and she's fond of staring at him. He caught them staring somehow at each other and the said cousin normally asks of her and there was a time the cousin was telling my friend that he is lucky ,that he will enjoy his girl because he once lived in the area She's from.

Some days back, they came again, the moment they left my friends fiance started crying, although she's not presently on good terms with my friend and Yes this cousin is her spec. What should my friend do? Mind you his fiance is the jealous type that can't condone what she's dishing now.

What advice can I give such a friend please?

 I also understand that my friends cousin can't make any move or touch her but again devil is unpredictable. This cousin also wouldn't mind getting closer because he likes her and will just be like he wants to paddy with ''our'' wife, he is always eager to initiate conversation with her. 

My friend is insecure and not as handsome as his cousin and his sanity is at stake but he loves his fiance. My friend is the type that once you're a friend/family gf, fiance or wife, he will not even say more than greetings to you, not to talk of looking her in the eyes and be flirting. 

His major concern is just to know why the fiance was crying? Is it because she wishes to be married too or her wish was to be the one with the said married cousin instead of his pregnant wife ? If the ans is the latter, my friend is ready to let go of her because this is making him feel like he's not enough. 

Note; Her relationship with my cousin has not been rosy but not toxic either, just minor arguments and malice, The said married cousin loves showing off around her too, not like richer or anything but he must make sure he's noticed driving, talking or doing something. My friend is 30, the fiance is 25 while my friend's cousin is 28 and his pregnant wife is 24 years old..

Hmmmmmm.....he said he used to live in the same area with her and that your friend will enjoy her?It is possible that they may have been lovers or dated before?There is something more than attraction going on.........Tell your friend to snoop on her phone and he will find all the answers...snoop on her whatsapp chats,the answers will be there cos she will be chatting with him and he might be threatening her with her past..


Oh well,i had to say that!


  1. Stella has finally joined the Snoopalicious geng🀭

    1. 2021 Spirit 🀣🀣🀣

    2. I can’t believe it o Richie. Imagine all those people that she has convinced not to snoop over the years. Chai, I pity them. Please snoop o as if your life depends on it esp when you suspect foul play. My hubby’s father infected his mum with HIV. I respect and trust my hubby completely and I never suspect him for cheating but if I suspect he’s not telling me anything - be it related to finances, family or anything, I enter his phone once he enters the bathroom biko. Let me know how to handle myself and which prayer to make. SNOOP PEOPLE, SNOOP!!!

    3. Poster, I don’t have any advice for you biko. Your chronicle is a little complicated . Which one is cousin’s friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s grandfather’s baby mama’s wife? I don’t have strength. I’ve been solving complicated tasks all week and will continue tmr. Let me brain rest today Sunday. Bye bye

    4. Lol! Stella has finally joined bad gang!!! He should Snoop oh, before he will go and start training another man's child. These ladies of these days have too much long throat.

    5. I swear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Stella welcome to the snooping gang πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

    6. Anon 15,28 u for just read waka passπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£ since u not get advice.
      Ur comment off me

    7. Yes boss,you said snoopπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Poster there is no how time won't tell,snoop if you can to make it faster!

    8. If you feel you are not someone's spec, why engage her?

      Confront your fears!

      You are an insecure man!

      Let me tell you something, only a FOOL judges life by physical appearance only. This body is just a casing for our souls. Our soul is who we are!

      Now if you can't do much about your looks, find out what you are good at and put serious HIGHLIGHT on it! It will shock you how even people who felt you were nothing will be crawling around you.

      You dare let another person's gift make you feel small while you have yours? You are mad!

      That being said, confront that fiance FEARLESSLY with what you think she's doing! If it happens to be true; try & get over her. You will find another BEAUTIFUL girl!

      If the looks won't let you get one, do a transactional arrangement with one that has sense for kids if that's what you are afraid of & live a peaceful life cos nothing beats that!

      Nothing dey head of fish o. All na packaging!

      All the best!


  2. Dear poster, you're the owner of this chronicle I can take it to the bank and cash it. I'm an insider, remember tge first if this month? Remember what happened??
    Hmmmmm. I know her too well, she shared this with me but no need exposing her on here. But make sure you snoop. Please I say snoop. Cos if you were my brother I won't allow you to go through what she is making you go through. SNOOP. Just type the said cousin's number on her phone and you'll be shocked what you'll see but don't be too shock to forget to SNOOP. Good luck

    1. This story is getting interesting.
      Poster Pls prepare your heart... You are about to get shocked.

      Openness in relationship saves alot of headache ooooo

    2. But the solution to this is very easy naw. Just let the pregnant wife know her husband and miss fiance are acting strange and leave the wife instinct to take care of the situation fast! No FBI can do a better job than a suspicious wife guarding her territory.

    3. Wahala wear bone straight crossover this 2021 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ€£
      Poster pls remenber to update us on this gist

    4. Rubbin my hands like birdman...anon tell us more. Or poster plix do your research update ussss😬

  3. Stella I never knew you had sense like this. Good for you. Anyways you are right. The man is probably threatening the lady with her past. Mmmhhh...that's why you should always mind how you conduct yourself when you are young and if you mess up try and reedem your image as soon as you can. In more technical terms rebrand yourself by any means necessary. Stella, I love your blog😘

  4. Lol Dramatic Stella!

    Hmmmmm, something must have happened between the two of them and maybe it was the ladies fault; that's why the said guy like showing off in front of her to be noticed .

    You never can tell!

  5. Did stella just say SNOOP😱🀣
    Twenchy Twenchy one is definitely gonna be full of shockers and surprises πŸ˜‚

  6. Poster, I understand you are the one going through this, you don't have to hide.
    Don't snoop, don't go through all that, you will regret doing it, I see you are a man with complex issues, even to stand for your problems you can't, you can't handle ordinary comments, is it real scenario you will? No
    So I will suggest you approach your cousin and tell him your worries and that no matter what you wife must have done in the past is past and that even if him his cousin had slept with her.
    Then talk to your wife also,tell her your concern and not worries.
    Stop your cousin from coming over, change house if possible and tell wifey she should decide what she wants.
    Don't ever snoop, if they can stab you at the back, it's not worth doing James bond things.
    This is 2021, I can't deal with rubbish.

    1. Snooping is short cut.
      Allow him take the short cut

    2. How did you come to the understanding that the poster is the one going through it?????
      We get chronicles here every day by people going through the issues themselves have we ever slapped or beaten any of the posters that this one will now decide to hide according to you??

      You have trust issues

  7. Caught my "born again" wife chatting with her muslim ex boyfriend years when he was in ireland years ago. Something tells me that they are still hot hot

  8. Poster please follow Stella's advice.

  9. Please leave the devil out of this...Your friend's fiancee is the one opening the doors to
    him through her own evil desires. Let's see;
    "A person is tempted when by her own evil desires, she is dragged away and enticed..." (James 1:14)

    Yes, it is evil to desire someone else's spouse; wife, husband. Finally, the woman here is the one to decide
    if they should commit the adultery that seems to be brewing. If she does not discipline herself and get closer to
    God, she is accountable for her actions.

    Your friend should sit her down and ask her what she wants. She has to open up to the person she wishes to marry.

  10. Snoop and I can bet he has given her orgasms before and she is missing it by crying. Fear women oπŸ˜€

  11. Stella, you have joined the snooping club.hehehehe. we officially welcome you. To the chronicle poster,the said fiancee is 25yrs old. At that age,she is already old and desperate for marriage. That must be her reason for crying. Tell your cousin to wife her already .shikena.

  12. This 2021 is going to be an interesting yearπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Stellisco has joined the team snooopppyy geng... hehehe
    Poster the Fiance obviously has feelings for the cousin in question.
    They might even have a history already.

    Pls let him make sure he clears that out before proceeding with any marriage plans.
    Goodluck to him.

  13. Stella, I think you misunderstood that part, the cousin didn't say they used to live in the same area, he said he used to live in the "area she's from".. just like me telling my gee he'll enjoy his akwa ibom babe cos I have once lived in the state, as per them girls sabi treat man..
    You get?

    1. @Poster.. I don't have any advice for your friend.. he should advice himself. I don't waste my precious advice on stupid people

    2. Dante you have sense. I always look forward to you and ceaser's comments.You guys are the bomb.

  14. Tell your friend to do all that is in his power to find what is between those two.

  15. I feel the fiancee has a negative past life or is living a double life and your cousin knows and is threatening to expose her.

  16. Obviously,something is fishy between them. your friend should get to the bottom of it however I wouldn't advice him to marry her.... she has a huge tendency of being unfaithful in marriage.

  17. Both had a thing in the past. Please find out before going on with her. Don't go on with the marriage, till you find out what really happened.

  18. He didn't ask his fiancee why she was crying? Was he afraid or just timid to confront her and ask why she was crying. If you suspect something is off, then something is definitely off. Ask your cousin, What's up with you and my babe, but before then, ask your babe first. Don't go ahead with this marriage until you clear your doubts.

    Or invite her for a sleepover and by 12:00 ask her suddenly, 'Babe, is there something you feel I ought to know? Is there something we should talk about?
    Ask and watch her. Don't talk too much, if she says nothing, just say okay, thank you.

  19. Your cousin should stop feeling insecure. If its getting too much let him have a heart to heart talk with his fiancee. Marriage no be joke so let him clarify all doubts

  20. Snooping might not even work in some cases, some are so smart and extremely secretive,you would only look and not find anything.

    Have a talk with your babe and tell her your fears and insecurities,I think her response might give him a clue and from their you know what to do.
    The cousin might just be jealous of him,I guess they are a bit close that's why he visit him. Let him ask him if he knows her before.
    If you think she hiding something from you then you can let her go. You can't build your relationship on lack of trust.

  21. Whaaattt😳😳 Stella snoop?? I'm shookπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wonders shall never end.

  22. Not just snooping;(cos some people are too smart;);act normal & watch her closely.She will surely let her guard down sometime.U can relate ur worries to ur cousins pregnant wife so she can do her own investigation from her own end.
    Snooping is not entirely a bad idea.It saved me from what would have been a disastrous marriage with a sex pervert and casanova masquerading as a born again.


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