Stella Dimoko Doctor Tells EndSARS Panel How Hospital Was Overwhelmed With Wounded Victims Of Lekki Tollgate Shooting..


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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Doctor Tells EndSARS Panel How Hospital Was Overwhelmed With Wounded Victims Of Lekki Tollgate Shooting..

Babajide Lawson, a doctor at Redington hospital has revealed that gunshot victims from the Lekki tollgate shooting were brought to the Lekki and Victoria Island branch of the hospital on October 20, 21, and 22, 2020.

Giving his testimony before the Lagos judicial panel on police brutality on Saturday, Dr. Lawson, a trauma and orthopedic surgeon, claimed that Redington hospital was overwhelmed with ”mass casualty” from the shooting.

While being cross-examined by Olumide Fusika and Adesina Ogunlana, the two lawyers representing victims of the shooting, Lawson said six persons with varying gunshot wounds were treated at the Victoria Island branch of the hospital.

Fusika had asked: ”Go through the medical reports and confirm if it’s from Redington and whether they are people you know.”

In his response, Lawson said: “Yes, it’s our medical report. I don’t know them personally but I know them as patients that I treated.”

“Being in charge of trauma, it means that anybody that is involved in traumatic injuries such as accident and gunshots must go through me in both of our locations.

“On that 20th, a lot of the patients were treated at the Lekki office. Later on the night of 20th, I also went to the Lekki office to assess the level of assistance needed in my capacity and I also spoke with the MD of that branch. That night, I transferred a patient to the VI office which is our headquarters where I work from and where he stayed till the 23rd.

“On the first night, there are about six patients that I saw at that night, but as the day goes by, other patients trickled in.”

Fusika asked why a medical report was not issued to one Samuel Oshola, who was also treated at the hospital alongside others who were victims of the Lekki shooting despite presenting evidence of being treated at Reddington.

Lawson responded by saying: “We witnessed what we can call ‘mass casualty’ that overwhelmed our facilities because a lot of people with varying degrees of gunshot wounds were being brought into the hospital for treatment on October 20 and days after it.

“However, if the person is requesting for a report, we would check the treatment files and file a medical report.”

According to TheCable, the names of victims whom Lawson confirmed that he treated personally for gunshot wounds as a result of the Lekki shooting are: Ajogwu Japheth, Philemon Lucky, Samuel Oshola, Nnaji Madem, Bright Osariemen, Damilola Adedayo and Joshua Samuel.

Recall that following a curfew declared by the Lagos State Government, operatives of the Nigerian Army stormed the tollgate and attacked peaceful EndSARS protesters with live bullets.

But the Army who initially denied being at the tollgate, despite video evidence, later denied shooting live bullets at the protesters, despite evidence.

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  1. Where is that idiot!!!!! I am seriously boiling!!!!!

    I hope something comes out of this. I just hope!!!

    1. Don't mind that "Good not even for nothing clodpole!

      He will still come here and talk trash. I'm not gonna call your name in other for Stella to post my comment but I'm sure you know yourself!

    2. Yes. The idiot is still here, thanks for the title.

      How does this 6 people wounded from the shooting equals to a massacre? Don't be gullible forever.

      You called it massacre at a close range of military bullets and 6 wounded? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nigerian soldiers loaded in 6 trucks firing AK 47s "directly" at protesters and only 6 wounded 😀

      I'll rather be a fool forever than have your kind of sense

    3. thank God you know you are an idiot. goat...the army took bodies away that night. one day the truth will come out. na you boko haram go catch next.

  2. Overwhelmed with 6 patients 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Some of the protesters that day had guns too and were shooting as well!

    The LekkiLies is no longer working. The promoters of LekkiLies should look for something else

    1. Your 2nd paragraph is true.

      Some protesters retaliated by challenging the Army with their guns too.

      You need to accept that consequently Army troupe chased protesters down to the small lagoon, shooting sporadically.
      They all jumped into the river.

      Some bodies floated after 3 days, they did float.

      EESAH breaking news: the slugline this morning says that the Army Team has pulled out of the Lagos Panel of Inquiry. Why?
      Have a rethink!

    2. Why won't they pull out? It simply means it's time to go. They've been at the panel for over 2 months now and you could not come up with evidence of them killing anyone at Lekki Toll Gate. Not even a single name. And you expect them to stay there forever? Pls you big pass this thing na. Don't be an Eka Joy 😀

    3. I hardly comment on this blog but Eesah, you are very very foolish!!!
      Stella please post my comment.
      I live in the UK but I cried when I watched videos of the shootings. You (Mr Nobody) are the reason why Nig govt get away with all sorts.
      Like Candy said below, if you don't have a heart you could at least pretend to care rather than spewing trash on here.
      Please Stella post this, I am so enraged by this guy's indifference. Those person's involved have families and they had dreams which jave been cut short unnecessarily.

  3. 50k for anyone who can tell us the name of one person who the Nigerian Army shot and killed at Lekki Toll Gate that night. Just one verified name! I am waiting 🙄🤔

    1. Just shush it. Ah ah what's wrong with you? If you don't have a heart, atleast pretend to feel people's pain. You are offering 50k, when you're a giveaway recipient.

    2. Candy, l wasn't badly brought up like you, so l won't tell you to shut up. In your wisdom, a giveaway recipient has no right to gift someone else something yeah? You too get wisdom. And yeah, I'll rather not have a heart that live in lies and deceit, and promoting it

    3. You can't give what you obviously do not have.

    4. Candy, you nailed it.
      Eesah keep displaying your stupidity.

  4. May the souls of the fallen heroes rest in peace Amen. Now where's that insensitive pr*ck?

  5. Dear Stella,a girl is looking for her comment on here. May the souls of the fallen heroes rest in peace Amen.
    This is my second comment Stella!.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Forward the details to Oga Linus and Co.,Nigeria PLC.

  8. Thought they said we lied.

    Hubby's nephew and his flatmate insisted that Army personnel shot at them, ENDSARS protesters who challenged them were chased up to the banks of the small lagoon, they jumped into the river and they sprayed them bullets.
    Both of them made it to the other side because they could swim.
    Many drowned.

    On that story I stand.
    RIP to all victims of 20-10-2020.

    1. Them say them say 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      Can you pls give us the name of one of those who allegedly drowned? Any link for us to verify this? The game of this LekkiLies was up long time ago. Y'all are just just basking in your lies and self deceit. And we urge you to continue with your folly


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