Stella Dimoko Gov. Sanwo-Olu Says Any Malaria-like Symptoms Should Be Considered As COVID-19


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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gov. Sanwo-Olu Says Any Malaria-like Symptoms Should Be Considered As COVID-19



  1. Is that how they use to do it? Is this the reason Lagos numbers are high? Dear governor you sef suppose know say, there are somethings better left unsaid.

  2. This is why they have ridiculously high figures saying it's covid. Not that the virus doesn't exist but most of them are truly just Malaria.

  3. Now we know how they are getting the numbers. They are converting malaria to covid19. Stella you that is their town crier you can see it now.

  4. This Governor sef,how does this your statement help now?some things are better left unsaid Biko.

  5. Oga also use this same energy to tell your Oga at the top that one of the factors contributing to its spread is the large crowd at NIN registration centres.

  6. he just did not say it well. my colleague who tested positive started with malaria like symptoms. though it progressed to other symptoms before he went to do a test. malaria symptoms that also present serious fatigue, difficulty breathing, banging headache and even watery stool like my colleague should be tested for covid. my SIL was just catarrh and loss of smell. my 3 year old nephew just cough. maybe he lost his sense of smell but could not explain....Covid is real abeg

  7. This is true . It could start as malaria but due to the weak immune covid gets in. Covid is real people. People are dying daily the hospitals are full. Please be safe and take this so serious. It’s so deadly, one minute you are well the next, you are not sure or struggling for your survival.


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