Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama- 299


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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Labour Room Drama- 299

 What a Narrative!!!

Good day Stella and my fellow bvs, I am here again to give my labour room drama story.

 I told the story about my first LRD in 2017 and the second one in 2019. This is my 3rd journey. 

It happened that after the birth of my second son; my hubby and I decided to take lots of time before going for another. I kept postponing going for family planning. When my baby clocked a year around March, I decided to go but was sent back by the hospital bcos of covid 19. 

We decided to stick on to using condoms but a day came just one mistake and boom I took in. And my journey of suffering started. It was as if everyone and everywhere was blocked. 

The private school I teach refused to pay. Even my hubby's own. I had to start frying buns and sell in the neighborhood. There was even a time i tried to ask for help from Stella, but shame made me back out. It continued even to the extent that my hubby had to get a shuttle bus to drive. Just a week the engine knocked. He borrowed some money to repair it. The mechanic delayed for more than a month before releasing the bus. 

Just a week again the engine knocked and all the electrical parts got burnt. he then abandoned it. It was then my mum called and comforted me saying that I will give birth to a boy. That some baby boys usually come with difficulty but after birth the door will open. 

Fast forwarded to a week before my delivery we started having many bad dreams of death, kidnap. My husband dreamt of someone kidnapping his child. He ran after her,beat her very well and Collected the baby back. Through out that week, we were extremely careful with our children. Taking them to school and back. 

On Saturday 20th December, we went to the church and my brother the doctor came also. When he saw me, he said with all seriousness that I will go back to his hospital with him. I informed my hubby who went home and brought my already packed bags. On reaching the hospital around 7pm. He checked me and shouted that am already 10cm dilated that I should walk around at least for some minutes so that my body will open more.

 With enthusiasm, I started walking up and down the 2 storey building. I counted up to 100. When the pain becomes worse, I call the doctor. He checked and said no progress. They even gave me hot drip to fasten the process but no way.. I jumped, squat did all manner of exercise still no way. 

I was stooling and sweating like Christmas goat.

 Around 11pm, the nurses were feeling sleepy. I called the doctor and asked him if I could get some rest that i was tired. He said Yes. 

As i laid down, not up to 5 minutes, My stomach suddenly became as strong as stone, I tried massaging my stomach, no movement. I called the nurse, she used that instrument they normally use to check baby's heartbeat. She checked and checked, nothing. She called the doctor who checked, asked her to give me some injections and plenty of drip. They continued like that, I was praying and confessing that my baby will not die. It was after one hour that the baby's heartbeat was heard.

 I was in pains till morning. In the morning, more injections were given to me and around 7am my water broke. That was when the pain tripled. My vjay was on fire due to too much checking. My baby's head crowned and I was asked to push.

 My brothers and sisters, I pushed and pushed. 

Even changed pushing position to doggy style. I was given tear both sides, no way. Fondant pressure was applied still baby refused to come out. Doctor checked if cord was tying him but no. Around 11, I was already tired. Everyone was tired. 

The doctor gave nurses instructions to prepare the theater for surgery. When he felt they were delaying, he asked me to close my legs and he joined them. At that point as I was crying profusely, i remembered my husband's dream. I asked my sister-in-law who was there with me to call my husband. I reminded him the dream and asked him to declare a word since he was the one who saved the baby. 

He told me to place my hand on my stomach and he prayed. Immediately I dropped the phone, the doctor and nurses came to wheel me into the theater. I started feeling lots of pressure. The doctor told me not to push but I couldn't help it. That was how the baby came out immediately. It was as if I was poured cold water.

 Even though the baby gave me a huge tear which i am still suffering till today I am so grateful to God who delivered me from death. I am sure that as he saved me and gave me another chance that all my financial problems, family problems have come to an end

.I don't know what people would have said if anything happened to me or my baby. They would have blamed us for having babies quickly and not giving enough space between them. They would have forgotten how I was criticized back when I got married for not getting pregnant soon enough. 

Bvs help me thank God for i came, I saw and I conquered. Safe delivery to all pregnant women and Baby dusts to all ttcs...

***Thank God for your life....
Congrats on the baby,you didn't tell us if it is a boy you had or not...


  1. Sorry for the tear ma.
    May God restore you and your husband.

    1. Poster you really went through a lot
      All your family have lost.
      You shall retrieve them in double folds.(AMEN)
      I know and believe it.

  2. Awww poster congratulations dear. Your story touched me!! I pray that God's blessing will continue to be on your new baby! He is not the reason for any difficulty.. God will use him/her to do exploits!!

  3. Thank God for safe delivery.

  4. Congratulations and God bless your family.

    Please make sure you get on proper birth control. You cannot afford to get pregnant again.. no excuses!

  5. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "7 January 2021 at 13:57

    Madame I thank God for your life, God is awake and he "ll bless your home with all your heart desires and that of your husbands(Amen).

  6. Congratulations Maami. Jehovah be praised
    Children are a gift.
    Enjoy your little ones.

  7. Thank God for your safe delivery dear poster🎊🎉,who no go,no know.There's usually a thin line between life and death during childbirth but all in all,God no go shame us.

  8. Congratulations! God will perfect your healing.

  9. Poster I can understand the pushing part. It is worse than the contraction and I don't wish it to my enemy. Congratulations and God bless your baby.

  10. Congratulations madam!!! But I'm wondering if you typed wrongly because if you were actually 10cm dilated, no midwife or doctor will ask you to walk around. 10cm is the highest you can dilate. Once you are fully dilated the next thing is to push.

    1. I thought so too but na 1 experience i get...last last na CS Sef

    2. I think she meant to write 1cm because that part confused me too

  11. Congratulations, the tedious aspect is the repeated testing, its more painful than the actual push time. God make it easy for our pregnant women.

  12. Congratulations and amen to us still pregnant.

  13. Congratulations Madam. God's healing and favour upon you and your husband.

  14. Congratulations Ma, but at 10cm, I think you were ready to push. Oh well, all is well that ends well

  15. Thank God for safe delivery and His mercy on your family ma..

  16. Wow!
    God be praised now and forever.
    May the birth of your baby open the windows and doors of favour and breakthrough for you and your family, Amen.

  17. Congratulations poster. The baby is not the reason for your difficulties okay. The lord will restore all your loss and your joy shall be permanent.

  18. Congratulations 🥂 more blessings on you

  19. Congratulations, amen to the prayer


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