Stella Dimoko Money Ritualists Dupe Woman N1.3million With Promises For Financial Breakthrough


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Friday, January 29, 2021

Money Ritualists Dupe Woman N1.3million With Promises For Financial Breakthrough

A Lady named Imoleayo Ashade has reported to the police in Ogun State that she was duped to the tune of N1,310,000 by some individuals who promised to give her financial breakthrough.

Ashade told the police that she was hypnotized by the men, whom she said lured her to their hideout to help her become rich.

“I think I was hypnotized, because at first, I believed everything they said. They told me to bring my fiance so that, we can both be empowered spiritually.
We went there, they gave us black soap to bath so that, money can come, but they made us swear an oath that we would not tell anybody.

“I was using the soap with my fiance before he went to NYSC camp. I suddenly regained consciousness one day and I immediately informed the OPC members in our area, who invaded their secret hideout with the police,” Ashade was quoted as saying.

The police have arrested the suspects identified as Salau Taiwo, Ifakunle Adeyemi, Tajudeen Jimoh and Adebayo Akeem.

They were arrested at their shrine in the Ijagun area of Ijebu Ode.

At the shrine, a box containing various denominations of fake currencies, charms and a cash of N1,310,000 allegedly collected from Ashade were recovered by the police.

The State Commissioner for Police, Edward Ajogun, while on a visit to the crime scene on Thursday, disclosed that the arrest was made by the Awa-Ijebu police division with the support of OPC and vigilantes in the area.

Ajogun assured that the suspects will be prosecuted as soon as investigations are concluded.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha she go pay so much money to get money?cha!!!


  1. Stella no laugh.
    I believe she was actually hypnotised cause it happened to my elder sister. 2 of them for that matter on separate days.

    Lucky her! At least her money was recovered.

    1. Happened to my younger sis a very long time ago.

      Very useless people, trying to dupe a small girl. May God punish them all

  2. When she could have invested the money. Mschew!

  3. Na dis kain tin dey pepper me for body!You have 1.3milla,you didn't see any business at all to do,even to lend it out with interest no let you do,you and your scammers deserve each other abeg.

  4. 1.3m will change some people's lives forever ah...the desperation for quick money these days is alarming

  5. Mtchew..
    hypnotized ko..
    Na greedy people and people who always visit mediums up and down dey fall for this scam.. I have said it hear before. Dem fit even don fuck am well well but she no go disclose that part.

    Even people that are jazz, most time, na them lose guard themselves to be victims. If person come dey tell you rubbish and you no show interest, him go free you.. but when you dey gullible plus get long throat, immediately you hear some fake visions and money your ear come start like rabbit own, dem don know say you be work.

    Avoid greedy and gullible people. Their wahala too much.

    Blessed day ahead..

    1. It's greed she was not hypnotized. I've had encounters with them more than twice. The first I enter a cab and the man at the back brought out dollars to pay. Immediately I saw it I jejely dropped.
      The second I could remember I entered a cab and the driver and front passenger started arguing about the amount she wants to pay. Immediately I heard with all the money you say you carry for carton. I told the driver I want to drop and came down. To me there is no jazz involved. If you don't hae interest or listen to them how would they get you.
      Another point is all these prophets that see you on the way and start telling you things don't listen to them. If you can give them serious warning immediately they stop you. In all let's be vigilant.

  6. I don't know why this criminals don't think that their tomorrow is not guaranteed.

    Do they think about death and judgement day at all???? Hisssss

  7. Armed robber don rob thief..

  8. People still fall victim to this idiots.

  9. Stupid.
    You have such money and can't start business with it?

    Greed will kill so many people.

    Want to get rich without working.

  10. I believe she was jazzed, it happened to someone i know. before he knew what was happening he had given the guy 1.2 million that belongs to his boss. Thank God the guy was caught yesterday'
    Another woman went to the bank to collect cash this December, when she came out someone hit her hand and the phone she was holding fell. He pretended he wanted to help her pick the phone up and touched her, thats the last thing she remembers until she woke up in a den of ritualist, she heard someone shouting please don't kill me and then silence. She said a man came to where she was kept and started asking why they brought her there, he ordered them to return her, they tied her hands and legs and was gaged and blindfolded her and dumped her in a gutter, it was some vigilante that saw a movement in the gutter became suspicious and went to investigate that brought her out and took her to the hospital before she was able to talk and contact her family. This woman went missing 24th but was found on the 27th after serious prayers by her family.

  11. Hypnosis is different from this story of greed. The lady up there carry her two left leg go meet babalowo for moni. She and her bf dey enjoy babalowo soap till dem realize say d moni no dey come. She no know as she go tell police, so na im 'hypnosis' come enter. She plus d babalowo dem fit demsef.


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