Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Emmanuel Ngene Spends 12th Year In Jail For The Rape Of His Daughter Which He Denies...


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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Nigerian Man Emmanuel Ngene Spends 12th Year In Jail For The Rape Of His Daughter Which He Denies...

Hmmmm....He refused a plea deal to plead guilty and get 15 years or go to trial and get 300 years...He opted to go to trial stating he could not agree to what he had not done....

“…The police officer asked her who may have penetrated her; she looked at her mother, seeking protection. Her mother instructed her to answer that it was her father and she reluctantly told the officer that her father had penetrated her!. 
The officer asked if she was sure, she bowed and fearfully said yes sir!…”


This new year, Emmanuel Ngene is spending his 12th year inside a South Eastern United States penitentiary. At 56, he has 219 years, five months and ten days left to serve for first-degree rape of his daughter, a crime he continues to deny, supported by members of his friends and family.

A few years after he was incarcerated, Emma Ngene had a partial stroke from the stress of the trial and subsequent imprisonment.
Emmanuel Ngene, like most aspiring young Nigerians, whose lives were mortgaged to a battered inflation-driven economy of the early 1980s, sought survival overseas. He chose the United States as his destination for a better life. He relocated in 1981. He would discover that life in God’s own country was just an imaginary fairy tale.

On arrival, Emmanuel desired further education to best his chances in the emerging American workforce at the close of the eighties decade. But he had no money. Survival at a strange place, alone, was more important to him. He engaged in menial jobs to support his dreams of a better life here, and also to pay for his continued education as he enrolled at Shaw University, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Years after graduation and adapting to the lifestyle and surviving the culture shock of a different society, Emmanuel returned to his hometown in Eastern Nigeria in search of a wife. He found love in Mary, an attractive homegirl. A few months after long-distance romance, telephone conversations and visits to his native homeland, Emmanuel married Mary. After the marriage, Emmanuel regularly visited his village to be with his new wife. He returned every Christmas holiday, to celebrate with his wife and other members of the family.

Their first child, a baby girl was born on November 9, 1998, in Nigeria. The couple would have two additional children after the birth of their daughter.

In June 2007, Emmanuel moved his wife and children to the United States where they lived in a two-bedroom apartment.
Family and friends source explained that marital problems manifested when the wife was shocked by the strange standard of living in America as compared to what she was used to in Nigeria. She was also alleged to be disappointed that her husband was a Taxicab driver, an unsteady source of financial income.

Emmanuel was gone all day, driving Taxi Cab from the morning and returned home at night with not enough income to support the family. Soon, the parents began arguing about money.

Mary allegedly complained regularly of being bored at home, caring for the children. Emmanuel, frustrated by her daily musings about life in the United States and insufficient income, encouraged his wife to get certification for CNA: Certified Nurses Aid: she did, passed and got employed at one of the Nursing Homes as a caregiver: providing aging American population with daily assisted living and care. His wife’s new job allegedly introduced her to a new workplace social environment. She immediately began to explore her newfound friends and friendship within her workplace.

Emmanuel suspected a change in his wife’s attitudes: she was no longer the charming obedient wife and mother as she were in Nigeria. She would refuse his sexual desires and appeals. Family sources claimed that Mary deliberately denied her husband affection each time he advanced toward her. Soon, a once affectionate and beloved marriage became tumultuous.

They were drifting apart as husband and wife: Emmanuel complained to his friends that his wife was always gone and seemed no longer interested in the marriage. The children, he alleged, were no longer priorities to Mary. It also affected his taxicab business.

He often returned home midday to make sure the children were fed and cared for. Most times, he alleged the wife was gone. When he asked her where she had been, she constantly yelled at him:” mind your business. I am a grown woman and I can do whatever I want to do.”. Emma was raging inside. He thought he had a decent beautiful wife that would partner with him to make a beautiful home for their family loved the family and the children. He thought it was until death does them part!.: a wife he married and suffered to bring to America.

Their children were drifting apart too..
The circumstances that led Emmanuel Ngene into a lifetime jail are too complex. The stories are bizarre from both sides. Ngene’s family sources, almost 12 years after he was found guilty, still believed he was railroaded by his wife and the judiciary. Their stories remain consistent, each alleging that Ngene’s wife, Mary, may have coerced her daughter to lie that her father raped and assaulted her. Part of the family version said that during one of Ngene’s lunch visits home to check on the children, he allegedly found his then young daughter in an explicitly compromising position with a neighborhood boy, in the family’s living room!. He became agitated, asked the boy to leave immediately. Soon after the boy left, he grabbed his daughter and spanked her intensely. The mother allegedly walked in as dad was spanking their daughter. She jumped on him and began to scratch and scream. Their daughter, disengaged from the whip, cried continuously from the burns of the belt whipping. She had lacerations on her butt. Their mother, while restraining Emmanuel instructed their daughter to dial 911. Some minutes later, police came to their door, handcuffed Emmanuel and took him downtown. The police officer, noticing the lacerations on the girl’s body, requested for the ambulance to take the young girl and her mother to the hospital for medical observations and interrogation. Emmanuel was hauled to jail!.

However, in a court document filed, the court posited :

“One day in August 2007, the defendant asked Cindy(to protect the minor child, the court identified her as Cindy, not her real name) to help him check his email on the computer in his bedroom. After they had finished with the email, the defendant told Cindy to stay in the room while he went into the bathroom. He came out wearing only his underwear and a T-shirt. He asked her if she knew what sex was and then pulled down her pants while she was lying on the bed. He pulled off his underwear, got on top of her, and had vaginal intercourse with her. On 31 August 2008, Cindy’s mother took Cindy to the emergency room at Wake Med where they met with a nurse, Kimberly Lewis, and a doctor, Dr. Chris Johnson. Ms. Lewis did a head-to-toe assessment of Cindy and observed bruises on her arms. Cindy told her the bruises came from a broomstick. Cindy also informed Ms. Lewis that she had been sexually assaulted many times.
Dr. Johnson took a basic history and examined Cindy to determine if she needed immediate treatment. Cindy told him that defendant had been having vaginal and anal intercourse with her over the past year. Because she had not been assaulted within the past 72 hours, Dr. Johnson did not perform a rape kit. Dr. Johnson’s examination of Cindy was limited to her external genitalia and looking for signs of trauma, of which he saw none. He diagnosed Cindy with alleged sexual abuse. He noticed that Cindy appeared somewhat shy and that her mother was “appropriately concerned and worried.”

The hospital notified Wake County Human Services (“WCHS”) and the Raleigh Police Department (“RPD”) of the allegations. Katie Treadway of WCHS and Officer Harvey of RPD arrived at the hospital to interview Cindy. After describing the sexual conduct, Cindy also informed them that one time she bled after defendant had sex with her. She also stated that sometimes defendant “peed on her,” and she had to go in the bathroom to clean herself up. Ms. Treadway felt Cindy was very detailed in her description of the events.

Over the course of Cindy’s fourth grade school year, defendant engaged in vaginal intercourse with Cindy approximately 10 times. Approximately three of these times, defendant had her turn over on her stomach so he could also penetrate her anus. In August 2008, Cindy finally disclosed to her mother what defendant was doing.
At the hospital, the doctors during examination found that she had been penetrated. The police officer asked her who may have penetrated her; she looked at her mother, seeking protection. Her mother instructed her to answer that it was her father!. She reluctantly told the officer that her father had penetrated her!. The officer asked if she was sure, she bowed and fearfully said yes sir!.”

However, Emmanuel Ngene denied the rape charges and penetration of his daughter those few years, and the scars in her vaginal tissue that doctors found were not fresh: He contended that her daughter was sexually molested and penetrated by a boy at her school in Nigeria, the head mistress of the daughter’s school called him when the incident happened and he traveled home to remove his daughter from the school because of the molestation.

The court wrote thus:
“Defendant first contends that the trial court erred in not allowing him to testify regarding his claim that Cindy had been sexually assaulted in 2006 by someone else while in Nigeria. He argues that this evidence was admissible under N.C.R. Evid. 412(b) because it provided an alternative explanation for the pediatrician’s physical findings. Although Rule 412 generally excludes evidence of a complainant’s prior sexual behavior as irrelevant, it provides an exception for “evidence of specific instances of sexual behavior offered for the purpose of showing that the act or acts charged were not committed by the defendant.” N.C.R. Evid. 412(b)(2).
Here, defendant testified during voir dire that, in 2006, he received a call from his wife that Cindy had been sexually assaulted at school, was walking funny, and was bleeding. He claimed that he flew home to Nigeria and transferred Cindy from Graceland Private School, where the assault had supposedly occurred, to another school.

When Cindy and her mother were questioned on voir dire, however, each denied that any sexual assault had occurred. Cindy acknowledged changing schools, but her mother explained that she had moved Cindy to a different school because Graceland Priva
te School was too expensive.
Emmanuel remained in the county jail as prosecutors began to build a case against him. The prosecutor offered him a deal: Plead guilty and spend 15 years in jail or go to trial and if found guilty, could face 250 years to life. He refused the deal and sought to be tried because it was an abomination, in his culture, for a man to sexually molest his own daughter and penetrate her. He was determined to prove his innocence and said that he would rather die in jail than plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. It took one year for Emmanuel to go to trial. It only took the jury three hours to return with a guilty verdict. Emmanuel was sentenced to 300 to 369 years in prison. On December 3, 2009, Emmanuel Ngene began serving his sentence. He was preparing to travel to Nigeria to bury his mother when he was arrested.

“On 22 September 2008, a grand jury returned 15 separate bills of indictment, charging the defendant with four counts of indecent liberties with a child, four counts of incest, three counts of a first-degree sexual offense, and four counts of first-degree rape. Following the trial, the jury found the defendant guilty of all 15 counts and also found the existence of an aggravating factor: that defendant had taken “advantage of a position of trust or confidence to commit the offense or offenses.” The trial court entered 15 separate judgments. The court sentenced the defendant to four consecutive aggravated-range sentences of 300 to 369 months imprisonment for the four counts of first-degree rape; three consecutive aggravated-range sentences of 300 to 369 months imprisonment for the three counts of a first-degree sex offense; four consecutive presumptive-range sentences of 16 to 20 months imprisonment for the four counts of incest; and four consecutive presumptive-range sentences of 16 to 20 months for the four counts of indecent liberties with a child. Defendant timely appealed to this Court.”.

In 2015 I contacted Ms. Mary Ngene for an interview with regards to this essay. Her response:” If you write anything about me, I will sue you!”.
Stay With Me!


The daughter should be old enough to tell the truth of what really happened to her.....This is sad.


  1. This is heartbreaking πŸ’” πŸ’”πŸ’”

    1. The truth will prevail one day if the man is innocent.

    2. I totally agree with you @Mao Akuh.

    3. Written by Azuka Jaboze. Who doesn't know of his biases and prejudices on matters like this. The child has told her story and investigations corroborated it and he is there trying to milk sentiments. If the man is innocent he should please use all facts and details at his disposal. Truth is not so difficult bring to bear.

    4. I’m speechless 🀧 God pls touch the daughter heart, let her confess if it’s true this innocent man is in jail for what he doesn’t know 😩😩😩

  2. I think if the daughter had lied, she would have told the truth by now. It's not like they gained anything materially if the man was locked up in jail.

    I think the man is guilty but the man's family who have already decided their wife is bad because of her change of behavior in America will always believe he's innocent. Did they contact Graceland Schools to confirm the reason for change of school?

    The thing about child abuse is that no one expects a child to lie. In first world countries like America, everyone automatically assumes the child is telling the truth and the child's protection is given priority. While this is applaudable especially when we know if it happened in Nigeria, the child would be beaten for speaking up,at the same time, I shudder to think that there may be an innocent man languishing in jail because a child lied either because he/she was coerced to by another adult or the child is just plain evil (they exist).

    But if the man is innocent, may the daughter have a change of heart and confess.

    1. Amen to your last sentence.

    2. @08:45 well said. chukwugozie gi

  3. God if this man is truly innocent please touch the daughter let her come forward to tell the truth😭

  4. He would have got less sentence if he had killed the wife. Tops 20 years

  5. Nigerian men and women abroad should stop coming to Nigeria to look for a spouse. Marry someone who is already there with you. I bet Mr. Ekene knew Nigerian women abroad but married a village girl and brought her because he wanted someone he could control and he was intimidated by women who knew their rights in USA.

    The Nigerian man also needs to change his mindset about the dynamics in marriage because times have changed. You may not live in Nigeria forever. You may move to another country where the average way you treat your wife is not tolerated.

    And family members, instead of advising your sons to marry a woman back home and leaving her there (a very wicked and selfish advice as couples should be together), train your sons to treat women well and don't dismiss women abroad that they are too outspoken or modern. I know for men who lost out on wonderful wives because they listened to backward family members who felt Lagos girls were too this and that. I've noticed that tales of the wife changing for bad are usually those women the family members have termed "good" who grew up in villages or towns and were never exposed.

    They think they'll be like Kanu and Amara. Yes, Amara was quite young when she married Kanu but she wasn't one village girl. She was from an upperclass exposed family. And obviously, Kanu is a good husband. She did both BSc and Master's in her husband's house. Yet no drama.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Tell the ladies living there with them to also consider them for marriage because I noticed that sometimes if the ladies see that the guy is not doing a flashy job they won't marry them thereby pushing them to come home to marry a naive woman who will jump on the offer to go to America!

    3. @11:32, I've lived in the US for years so these are my experiences. The Nigerian ladies here consider the men and even date them. But when it's time to marry the men prefer the one their family suggested to them in Nigeria, leaving the ones here heartbroken. I think that deep down, most Nigerian men are intimidated by the women here. Nigerian women are hardworkers, I tell you. Highly educated, successful and confident. Even the ones they bring from village quickly start their nursing degree and become successful as well. Funny enough our men go back home to seek two categories of women. Either village girl to come and study nursing for them, or medical doctor (MBBS) who will come and do residency and earn big money for them. Then another category is men who are married to oyinbo for papers, cos of that they can't legally marry a Nigerian woman here as well. So what they do is go and marry traditionally in Nigeria and manage the two wives until their paper is settled. The Nigerian wife doesn't mind waiting 5yrs as long as there's hope of America someday. But Nigerian women in US don't have that time to wait for any man. At the end of the day, a man is totally responsible for his actions & inactions.

      On your last sentence: Those women are not exactly naive oh, the country is hard and most people are looking for an escape.

  6. My question is, will this child remember, since she was quite young while it happened? If she was indeed coerced by her mum at such tender age when she herself had no idea of what is true, then won't it be hopeless to think she may remember the truth?

    1. She'd definitely remember. There are type of life events, pictures and experiences that never leaves our memories no matter what. I don't think a four to five year old child will forget a horror experience as molestation if they indeed were molested.

  7. I don't know the truth but for a fact may innocent people are in jail for crimes they didn't commit even as potent as the western courts are .

  8. This is sad
    Let the truth prevail

    I have seen the case of a loving father molesting his 5years old daughter.
    I have also heard of false accusations.

  9. "if you write anything about me, i'd sue you". Imagine!

    Okay, let's assume the man is guilty and has been sexually abusing his daughter, where was the girls mother who is a practicing nurse all along?
    Where was she all the while the abuse was going on? How come she didn't notice any change around her child?
    Why will the man choose to die in prison than plead guilty and get a lesser sentence?

    Don't know who or what to believe but one certain thing is that the truth can never be hidden forever.

    The alleged molested girl nko? If she was coerced by her mother to lie against her own father and she's keeping quiet and watching her father suffer and dieing slowly in prison then an even worse predicament awaits her and her mother.

    But if Mr Ngene is guilty, then he should sit back and enjoy the ride.

  10. This is so sad, God please let the truth come out πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸΏ

  11. Life... If truly the man is innocent may he get the Justice he deserves.

  12. I think the man is innocent. Unfortunately the daughter would not come forward to tell the truth, because she wants him gone. She doesn't want to be beaten on the bum with a belt anymore. The wife too wants him gone to continue with her life. Its a sad sad situation.

  13. Why would the child look at the mother before saying anything? The man was given option of pleading guilty and having 15 years jail term or plead not guilty and have 300 years. I tell you all, if this man is guilty, he would have opted to admit and spend 15 years, whether it is abominable act or not.
    This man is innocent and belongs to the mindset that wouldn't admit to what they knew they didn't commit. Remember, the sexual harrasment was not committed when the man was jailed, but some years orso I read. In my opinion, the couple had an issue, and the wife sought for a way to take the man out of the way.
    My fear is that the child might not remember this now that she is grown. She is the only one that can free this man.

  14. What a pathetic story, hmmm. God and the involved people know the truth.....did they contact the school? And seeing that the man was not getting any from his wife, it would have been easy for them to also conclude with other evidence; that he sought after his daughter for sex. May God send him help if he is innocent. Nothing was mentioned about the girl resisting, trying to report the situation and even the personality changes the mother must have noticed(like withdrawing or acting out)....If the man is guilty, let him pay for his crime but if not, God will vindicate him and it will be early because man has spent over a decade in prison.

  15. Very complicated story and only God and the child involved can reveal the truth.

  16. Wow! What an unfortunate story. May the truth prevail!

  17. I thought Oyibo do check people with lie detector kits,why don't they apply it on some of these people that claim innocence on matters of jail or it doesn't work in serious mattersπŸ’

    1. Lie detectors can be manipulated and it is an archaic way of extracting evidence, it is no longer sued by n North America unless the person willingly submits to it and the weight attached to it is light.

  18. I feel so sad reading this (probably) "innocent" man's plight.
    Those of you girls who are plotting to marry and vanish to the USA,
    this is reality course 101, not the fake lives you see and read online.
    You want to know what nurse aids do? They pack the poops of old people.

  19. What a sad story
    God pls, let justice prevail

  20. Stella Maris Baby6 January 2021 at 12:26

    Too bad

  21. May the truth come out and innocent people not suffer

  22. Chai, willi must read this... Anacon...

  23. i worked many years ago investigating allegations child abuse or neglect, and you will be surprised to know that most perpetrators (about 80%) are family members, fathers, uncles, inlaws even grandparents. Also, the courts have specialists who trained to interview children talk to the child without the said parents. A forensic investigation is conducted, then the prosecutor lays out their findings. Sometimes wrong people win, if they can create probable cause. I hope they got it right on this one, if not, hmmmm. This will be an issue that can ruin generations


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