Stella Dimoko Teen Who Accused Commissioner Of S3xual Harassment Begs Nigerians To ''Allow The Matter Rest''


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Monday, January 04, 2021

Teen Who Accused Commissioner Of S3xual Harassment Begs Nigerians To ''Allow The Matter Rest''

16-year-old Barakat Melojuekun who accused Ogun State commissioner of rape begs Nigerians to allow the matter rest.....

According to her

"My name is Barakat Melojuekun, you can recall that I was the young lady in the viral video about the s3xual harassment by the commissioner for environment in Ogun State.

I'm using this opportunity to thank all meaningful Nigerians for their love and support towards this matter. And I want you all to know that there were few misconception between I and the commissioner.

I want to appeal to meaningful Nigerians to please allow this matter rest. Thank you."

*I hope she is not being threatened?Hmmmm,chicken don come house come roast,abi how dem dey say am?


  1. Replies
    1. Bribed or threatened. If the man is not punished now he will continue. Who knows how many other girls he has abused and will abuse? Babe, abeg FEM 🀫 this is a fight to protect the girl-child, it's not about you anymore...

  2. Nigerian factor has entered the matter 😲😣

  3. The way Nigerian women come out to shout rape then chicken out is alarming and sad. Something drastic has to be done to protect the women in Nigeria and to give voice to the women raped.

    1. The girl is being threatened!!!

  4. If na poor person this kind thing happen with.. Dem no go dey beg Nigerians to let go

    But now.. Money is involved or maybe threats

  5. She should keep quiet, the case is now beyond her, the man broke the law.. shes a minor.

  6. I hope she is telling us the truth, not being threatened, I hope she didn't lay false accusations on him , above all I hope the truth surfaces

  7. Why are they even plastering her name along with her face on the internet?

    The wayward commissioner's face and name should be the one on every page on social media not the teenage girl.

  8. This country will never get better no protection for women and children. Of course she is been threatened now. Wicked country

  9. Bribed or threatened either of the two.
    I wish justice be served

  10. I said it in my previous post that this girl may be threatened or bribed. No be today.
    PR go clean out the remaining job.

    As far as I'm concerned, the statements above mean nothing. In fact, she has said absolutely nothing 😏


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