Stella Dimoko US President Trump Has Been Impeached For The 2nd Time....


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Thursday, January 14, 2021

US President Trump Has Been Impeached For The 2nd Time....

Donald Trump on Wednesday became the first US president to be impeached for a second time, when a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives voted to charge him with inciting last week’s attack on the US Capitol..

One week before Trump is to leave office, a total of 232 lawmakers, including 10 Republicans who broke with the president, voted to impeach the defiant Republican leader for high crimes and misdemeanors on a single charge of “incitement of insurrection.”
Impeachment triggers a trial in the US Senate, but the chamber is not expected to take up the matter until after Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president on January 20.
Scores of National Guard members besieged the seat of US democracy on Wednesday as congressmen and women proceeded with the impeachment process.
Democrats mobilised rapidly to begin the process to have Trump removed after he encouraged his supporters last Wednesday to “march” to the US Capitol and “fight”.
In a violent insurrection, the rioters stormed past outnumbered police, rampaged through and ransacked the building, and interrupted Congress as it was certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.
Political leaders across all continents have condemned Trump’s action, with many accusing him of dragging one of the world’s most respected and resilient democracy in the mud.
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  1. Most people don't understand US politics and are misled by what the democrat controlled media wants people to believe and read.
    The lower house which is controlled by democrats have voted and will always vote to impeach trump.

    The upper house which is controlled by republicans will not vote to impeach him.

    Yes there are republicans which hate trump.. but their votes combined is not enough to impeach him.

    A lot of news outlets and social media platforms and all forms of websites are owned by by democrats or by people who are of the same ideology; they'll distort, suppress and stifle facts just to suit their fan base and promote their interests.

    1. I mean in all sincerity, party affiliations aside, what he did does not count for impeachment IYO? The guy singlehandedly embarrassed the US, people are dead because of his unguided utterrances and the US is more divided than ever. Please he should go!

    2. Effective Jan 20, both houses will be controlled by Democrats and he will be impeached. Let’s call a spade, a spade. He told his supporters lies about the election he lost. He told them to go to the capital and he would go with them. He went to his bunker while the crowd went bunkers.
      Mob action is very bad. No clear cut leader. Everything goes. That aside, he was ready to sacrifice Pence. Didn’t give a damn about his safety. All pleas for him to call his supporters to order, fell on deaf ears. I don’t feel sorry for him.
      Bill Clinton, got impeached for oral sex. This one has committed treason. Why send a mob to your country’s elected officials?? He made his bed, let him lay on it. He has 3,500 cases waiting for him in courts across this country.

    3. @anonymous please provide the video where he told them to go and invade the capitol hill building. If he actually did tell them... Trust me.. the video will be trending. Moreso, was it not the democrats that cheered and and openly supported mobs to burn shops and buildings and never criticised the looting few months ago?
      All I see is hypocrisy and politics.
      The democrats have always fantasized about impeaching trump... Nothing else.

    4. My dear forget. In all my life of watching Hollywood action and political movies, I have never seen what happened at the capitol in a movie. Like to break into the capitol in a movie will need serious months of planning by seasoned terrorists. Go watch designated survivor or Jack Bauer's 24. It was something the world thought was impossible until we wacthed it live on TV. As in, people simply walked into the building where the US Vice President and members of congress were sitting. I still can't believe it.

    5. Those guys had pipe bombs, ladders, lots of dangerous weapons. When the dust settles, lots of people will end up in jail. Some have already taken their life today.Whoever is wondering if Trump told his supporters to go to the capital, go and look for the speech on google and listen to it. He did tell them. Heck, he even said he will match with them but ran away to the White House.
      What happened at the capital cannot be compared to the black life’s matter protests. The far right aka proud boys, infiltrated that group to give them a bad name. Why was it necessary for the proud boys to continuously attack BLM protesters?? It was mostly white folks, tagging and damaging things.

    6. 07:46, what are u even saying here? Does it need more than average intelligence to know that the guy was clearly inciting his supporters to violence? If anybody is being brainwashed and hoodwinked with lies, it'd definitely die-hard supporters like urself. Pls call a spade a spade!

    7. Drawing your facts from fictional Hollywood movies just tells so much how skewed your perception about real life politics is.
      Don't forget that US was founded on free speech. And it's a right to speak up and protest especially when people feel cheated. Yes everyone condemned breaking into the capitol hill building but what we're saying is there's no evidence that he told them to do so. And this same democrats urged protesters to to invade the Whitehouse during BLM protests(remember?) and if not the swift response from security operatives, they'd have invaded the Whitehouse which is even far more important than capitol hill building.
      And this is the hypocrisy among many that someone up there pointed out.

      Now, when you are told that this just politics and a smeer campaign by democrat politicians and democrat-run medias.... Believe it.

    8. @Anon 12:00.. I’m not sure you watch the news. The evidence is there! In his speech, Trump told his supporters as they matched to the capitol to “fight hard” “be brave” “kick ass”

    9. He tweeted it. He said they should match to Capitol and go wild. He said would join them.

    10. @anon12:17, @anon 12:56... Please quote his tweet word for word or provide links to the tweet or links to the video where he told them to be violent; or else stop paraphrasing from constructs in your head. You guys are just peddling propaganda engineered and baked by democrat sources and politicians that are saying anything or publish pure lies to smeer anyone who doesn't share in their ideologies. Almost any outspoken republican is either framed up or silenced systematically.

      At first they said he colluded with Russia to win his first election, they also said he tried to bribe Ukrainian president. And it turned out to be all lies.
      Don't you guys see the writing on the wall?
      Every impeachment they wanted to impeach him has been based on lies.... And the current issue we're talking about of inciting violence is still based lies.

  2. Trump is just breaking all the wrong record

  3. I thought you like him Stella?

  4. Christians were scammed about Trump
    Christians thought he was the savior for moving an embassy to Jerusalem.
    Christians were deceived by conspiracy theories
    Christians support Republicans, the party of hypocrites
    Christians were told Democrats kill babies
    Christians were told Soros and Gates were evil because of their charitable givings.
    Christians were told to hate Muslims.
    Christians stopped reading Bible and started listening to fox

    Meanwhile every progress in America and the world was under a democratic president
    Social security and Medicare were under democrats

    Biden goes to Church every Sunday and weekday services
    Trump goes to front of church to hold a Bible
    Biden has been married to the same woman since his wife died in a terrible car crash
    Trump is on his 3rd marriage and sleeps with porn stars and grabs women by the pussy.
    Yet Christians believe Biden is evil and Trump is the savior.

    The hate you feel inside for Muslims is not what Jesus preached. Love your neighbor. Love those who hate you is the message of Jesus. Yet Christians hate

  5. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers.
    I am not an expert in US politics or politics in general but I observed a few things:

    1. The Democrats have been obsessed with getting Trump out of the since he won the presidential election.

    2. Trump is flawed like everyone else but he kept his campaign promises and made a lot of positive impact in America.

    3. Trump played into their hands during the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter Protest.

    4. In fighting Trump ferociously, the Democrats sent a wrong signal to the world.

    5. America divided will not stand as the world power.

    6. When Trump is gone, the next president and the rest of America will reel from the aftermath of this selfish partisan political fight.

    The world is πŸ‘€πŸ‘️

    1. 1. The Democrats have been obsessed with getting Trump out of the *office* since he won the presidential election.

    2. Unfortunately, this is too small a space to counter your points. Your points are based on observations, but I live in the US and I can tell you that a lot of the media hype the man gave himself was not proof that he kept his campaign promises. Please, name ONE positive impact he had in America? One, not 10. That is factually based, not the ones he claimed on Twitter. It looks like Nigerians saw positive things that we in America did not see. He promised to drain the swamp. He did not. He promised to make America great again, but his plans were only for white Americans who still saw no change in their lives. He is beyond flawed. He did not grow the economy. He enjoyed the results of Obama's hard work. That he posted good news on Twitter doesn't make it true. He is morally bankrupt and a manipulative man who tapped into the hate Obama and remove his history sentiment to get into office. As a Black mother of two sons, I have never been more afraid of having my children go out as I was these last four years. He did not play into anybody's hands. If Trump was truly a man that cared about ALL people, he would have renounced racism and police brutality immediately, not after many questions. He wasn't even empathetic. He promised to drain the swamp, but he did nothing of the sort. He jumped into the swamp and bathed with the pigs. If truly you observed everything that happened from his campaigns to now, you will see that everything that happened to him was an opportunity to back his brags with action. Everything he did to Obama came back to him twice as hard. After all his bragging, COVID-19 was the opportunity for him to show he was a leader. What did he do? He messed it up! Oga changed tax laws that favored those who were already rich! He thought his white nationalists would be all he needed to win again since he tapped into their fears to win in 2016. I'm surprised you all have forgotten the tweet he sent saying the "Democrats stole a rigged election." Wasn't that a confession that the system was rigged to favor him and did not count on more people voting? We saw his actions for four years. We listened to him for four years. We saw his inactions for 4 years. Many of us lost friends, family and colleagues because the president decided his political ambition was more important than life! I was pissed when he brought the bible into it! We had enough! The Democrats are not the only ones who fought Trump. Even Republicans did. He was an illegal president from the beginning. What you sow, you must reap. People are upset that social media sites banned him? Trump was pushing to remove legislation that would have cancelled those sites first! Read about Section 230 in the telecommunications law. He threw the first punch and it came back and knocked him out instead. Abeg, blame Republicans too for this mess. The world can keep watching. That's all it can do. We will be alright in the end. I'm just sorry for Biden because he has a ton of shit to clean up and we all (Americans) need to help him do it because we let this happen.

  6. This one all the women are silent on this postπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ una no Sabi this one bah???

    1. You wey sabi, talk your own😝😝🀣amebo

  7. Who is this anon yarning dust. Trump invited an insurrection and damaged his country's reputation, has always been a white supremacist. So you did not know the white supremacists sabotaged the BLM protests by first going to destroy businesses and start the stealing?


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