Stella Dimoko Virtual Meetings To Prevent The Spread Of COVID 19


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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Virtual Meetings To Prevent The Spread Of COVID 19

Please take Responsibility and think about this............



  1. In a normal country, these online meetings go without any hitch. I know because that’s how I’ve been working for 7 months. But in Nigeria, the network issues will make it so frustrating, I presume.

    My younger brother’s school, OAU are resuming with virtual learning and honestly I don’t know how this would work or if it can even be successful with all the many breaks in connection they will experience.

    I really feel for Nigerians

    1. Exactly. Ordinary Zoom class for kiss,we were battling with network issue.

    2. I've been working remotely from home for almost a Year now, my kids started homeschooling during the First lockdown last Year, went back in September and back to homeschooling since the beginning of the new year. I've not been in church since 1st week of March 2020, we do our weekly prayer meetings and Bible study on Zoom and all's been well, there is an opportunity to attend Sunday service but my family watches it live on TV.
      I sincerely don't know how people living in Nigeria will cope tbh especially with Yeye NEPA and internet subscription.
      It is well with Nigeria.

  2. This is the way to go,but how can we keep up without service providers making it difficult with the twitches.

  3. Tell my Owanbe people all over from Ife to Lagos to the rest of Nigeria including the East and Abuja where madam had a fancy wedding party. They don’t seem to remember there is a pandemic. Several parties or more for a single occasion.

    Then they serve meat from the oppressors/savage herdsmen! Tufiakwa. It’s like they are tone deaf or think they can’t catch it. Sweating at parties and spraying when it can be transmitted by currency notes. May God help us to get wisdom.


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