Stella Dimoko Abia Government Pay N100,00 Compensation To Fulani Herdsmen Whose Cows Are Killed During Misunderstanding..


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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Abia Government Pay N100,00 Compensation To Fulani Herdsmen Whose Cows Are Killed During Misunderstanding..

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has disclosed that the State pays N100,00 as compensation to herdsmen whose cows are killed during misunderstandings.

He said the same compensations also go to farmers whose farms are destroyed by the herders.

The Governor stated this when he appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise daily on Wednesday,

“We pay compensation of N100,000 for any cow that is killed on account of a misunderstanding between the farmers and the herders and pay the same amount for farmlands destroyed by strayed cows,” 

“We are not diagnosing the problem properly… we have people who are interested in creating anarchy,” he said.
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  1. Shame on you all because of that dullard in aso rock

    1. Fulani gov

      We will send him to Daura...

      Yeye gov

    2. What a huge shame. Nigeria it is well with you.

  2. Okwa ifuru Governor ndi East a. Fancha niile bu onukwu!

    Ndi Ara ndi eyeservice.

    This thing vex me Gan Gan that is why I spoke Igbo!! 😠😠😠😠😠

  3. Nonsense and ingredient in. Zebrudaya's voice..

    HE should be ready to continue to pay compensation. Nonsense. So your people cannot drink water and drop cup because of some. People. And you sit there and condensate.

    Wait until they start killing and taking over your lands.

  4. Hmm Governor Ikpeazu I hope it is your personal money not from the state! Because if it is from the later, kitikpa lacha gi anya!!People's personal business you are using state money to solve..Look at the silly last sentence he said “We are not diagnosing the problem properly… we have people who are interested in creating anarchy'' So the best way to 'cure' the problem is to give money right! Too lazy as usual to solve fundamental problems but throw money around

    Stella Please visit Abia State! You will be so livid..The people there are seriously suffering..

  5. These governors are the problem. They are ready to sacrifice their people because of their inordinate ambition. With all the carnage herdsmen create in the south, they will not speak with a common voice to condemn these atrocities, imagine Governor Wike giving the north a whole 500million, money that can be used for other things, same port-harcourt that has black soot all over, or strengthen the security network or the educational system, giving such money to northerners, how many northern governors reciprocate such gesture, don’t worry until herdsmen kills all us before una eye go open

  6. N100k compensation when you can't pay salaries

  7. What do we do to these Southerners so they can stand up for their right?

    The few ones who have the liver and try fight got betrayed by their own and thrown to the wolves.

    What kinda fear fear is this bikonu?

  8. Who Will deliver Nigeria from cluelessness everywhere.

  9. sadly this herdsmen issue has painted all of them in a bad light. i know a family whose father is from my tribe and the mum fulani. He married the woman as a young girl when her family came to settle near the village. they had 7 kids together and were still married till the man died a few years ago. the kids all live in abuja and their mum just shuttles between them. she speaks our language so fluently that only her looks give her away. am sure there are a few of them scattered around villages in the middle belt who have lived and intergrated in communities for years. Govt can go after the bad ones and track them down like boko haram if the want but they have not been serious about that. they have also been infiltrated by alot from niger, chad and co. The ones who kidnapped a young girl recently around ibadan and killed her fiancΓ©e spoke yoruba and knew the terrain well so must have been one of those bad elements whose parents settled around there.

  10. Those insulting the governor, didn’t u read when there’s destruction due to misunderstanding?
    Everything is not about fight, some things need to be settled diplomatically.
    In Anambra state for instance, Gove willie set up a cattle Menace Control committee to settle disputes between herders and host communities. That’s why you hardly hear of clashes between herders and host communities.

  11. Eastern governors are the worst in Nigeria. They are in the same league as Dapo abiodun.

  12. Eye service. The worst governor in Nigeria.

  13. It's like these people value cows lives more than human lives,This Fulani herdsmen are unlawfully grazing over people's land and killing them,they have wasted a lot of souls,those people are willing and never hesitate to kill yet you compensate them cos their cows were killed in retaliation.Biko Buhari I know you have hearing problem,maybe they should use sign language and tell you what is going on in your country cos you acting like you have no idea,This situation makes me really sad especially,I'm half Fulani ,half Yoruba

    1. That figure head or statue will still not understand the sign language.


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