Stella Dimoko Apostle Suleman Says Comment On Not Wanting COVID 19 To End Was A Slip Of The Tongue....


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Apostle Suleman Says Comment On Not Wanting COVID 19 To End Was A Slip Of The Tongue....

Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, has said his statement on COVID-19 was a slip of the tongue.

A video went viral where the Pastor said he bought his third private jet during the COVID-19 pandemic and prayed for the pandemic to continue.

However, while preaching in his church, Apostle Suleman said the word slipped out of his mouth, adding that no pastor will pray for COVID-19 not to end.

He alleged that some parts of the viral video was also edited by a fellow pastor who is his enemy.

Apostle Suleman said: “There is a video trending about me that was posted by a pastor against me. It was a programme I had in Abuja and I was trying to explain something about COVID-19.

“When they told me that I prayed for the coronavirus not to end, I said ‘me? I did not say that. When I watched the video, I discovered it slipped out of my mouth. There is no pastor that will pray for COVID-19 not to end. It doesn’t make sense.”

He emphasized that he was preaching about how families were united, how some people even made money during that period.

“That was what I was trying to buttress and it slipped out of my mouth. I could not have prayed for coronavirus not to end, no pastor would do that. But he (the pastor) took that mistake, edited some part and blew it,” he added.

from dailypost.

*Bollock!!! ..... No Pastor edited any video, Apologise and move on please!!!


  1. Hmmmm.. . Please give us another excuse 😏

  2. Better to apologise!

    It would be worse if he had damned the public and allowed ego ruin his walk with God.

    A slip of the tongue can happen to anyone.

    "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

    The believer whose heart is filled with God's words and good thoughts is not easy to manipulate.

  3. At of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Prosperity motivational speaker.

  4. Apostle Apostle, too much negativity about you these days, why is there so much women drama following you?

  5. Bla bla bla bla ALL the time.
    No depth what so ever.

    Stella you didn't even write everything he yarn, and as usual he ended up throwing tantrums and insults, AS USUAL.

  6. Controversial man
    Always in the news for the worst reasons

  7. He should have a prayer team who should be praying for God to give him divine wisdom. He really needs it. He dey misyarn all the time

  8. Proverbs 21:23
    James 3:5-15.

    Man of God, read your Bible.

  9. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, you also talk too much learn to filter your words

  10. Apostle Photoshop! This one is always claiming they edit and photoshop everything about his life. Even his video calls with his lover girls, he claimed they were photoshopped too. He will talk like someone that uses ogogoro to rinse his mouth in the morning, then when they drag him by his bishop collar he deny his words and actions and issue disclaimers like weekly sermons. One week one disclaimer.

    Those worshippers of men instead of God Almighty should not come and manifest their ogbanje under my comment. I will flog all of you with thick palm fronds.

  11. Why is this man always blaming others for his actions? Stephanie Otobo was powers that be that framed him.
    Pastors wife was a lie
    His own mouth was edited.
    Na wah.
    This mans cup is full. God is about to disgrace him

  12. I know that that statement was taken out of a multitude of things he was saying and quoted out of context.
    But that being said, a man of God and public figure should be careful of what he says. Always measure your words and don't be carried away.
    Remember, you are surrounded by a great multitude waiting for you to make mistakes.
    The Holy Spirit is always there to guide.

    1. Did u actually watch the video? Or your name is affecting u. Take what out of context? He said it without mincing words, it was loud n clear.

  13. I’m sure he meant lockdown not Covid. When there’s a casting down, we shall say they’re a lifting up. People know what he meant but they choose to focus on a mistake.

    1. There's no fish brain in this matter. I think he meant it as a naija slang and not in the literal meaning of it.

      He was emphasising how much he appreciated his increased finances and resting time during the lockdown.

      As a pastor, especially in naija where people are now very conscious of what they hear from the altar, he needs to be careful and only say what he means in simple and plain English language.

    2. Defenders of Apostle brains.

  14. Hmmmnnn....when the spirit of God is gone; all you are gonna exude is DISOBEDIENCE N PRIDE!!! Then begins the beginning of the end...YAWEH KEEP FIGHTING FOR YOURSELF!!!

  15. you talk too much sir...learn to tame your tongue.

  16. Hmmm I comment my reserve. Madam is really trying oooo.

    1. You know this.

      Only God and her know what she's covering up for the sake of the ministry.

      Apostle Suleiman, many things are not right about you.

  17. Well, it is good he has shown himself again. I am sure these statements will not stir his die hands, but many others will now see the light.

    He has spoken where his heart and joy lies, not in the things of the spirit, but the things of the flesh. A man bound in the material who lusts and craves for the things of the world will only lead your soul to hell. Nobody can serve two masters. He has spoken, let who have ears hear.

  18. Stop castigating men of God cos none of you here ever prays for him, I'm not his follower but I know that video was edited on purpose. 🏃🏃🏃🏃 Please don't come for my head

  19. Why is this man always in the news for the wrong reasons? Yet his followers are increasingly like soaked Ijebu Garri


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