Stella Dimoko Commercial S3x Worker Attempts To Sell 4 Month Old Baby For N40k Due To Hunger And Hardship.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Commercial S3x Worker Attempts To Sell 4 Month Old Baby For N40k Due To Hunger And Hardship.

The Ebonyi State Police Command, Monday, held hostage a 32-year-old commercial sex worker named Victoria Chekwube for attempting to sell her four months old baby boy as a result of hunger and other economic hardship.

It was gathered that Victoria was staying at the demolished market along the Ogbee Hausa axis, in the Abakaliki metropolis, where she became pregnant, for a yet-to-be-identified man.

Sources, who spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity, said she became homeless after the demolition of the market and wandered the area, begging for arms.

It was gathered that good spirited individuals, whom she approached and indicated her intent to sell her baby boy little Victus Chekwube, informed the police about her plan, which led to her arrest, thereafter.

Victoria said, “My name is Chekwube Victoria. I am 32 years old. I’m from Ebonyi State. I am a sex worker. I used to stay at Ogbe Hausa in Abakaliki here.

One of my customers, who paid me N5,000.00, slept with me without condom and after that day, I missed my period. So, this is why I came to be in this condition. I am suffering and I’m even finding it hard to eat.
This child, four-month-old Victus Chekwube, is my child. But I want to sell my child, because I cannot take care of him. I want to sell it for N40,000.00. I can’t guarantee the child’s safety, because I am suffering and I want to go look for my future.”

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mrs Loveth Odah, said Chikwube’s situation was pathetic.

According to Odah, “This lady here, whose name is Victoria Chekwube, told us (the police) that she is a commercial sex worker. She said she doesn’t want to keep this baby (four-month-old Victus Chekwube), she is carrying.

“She told us that she is looking for anybody who can pay her N40,000.00 and then take the baby. She said she wants to open a beer parlour business, where she can earn a living from.

“She said she can not exactly say the particular customer that put her in the family way. She only told us that there was a particular day, that many customers were coming and she was charging them N1,500.00 with condom, and N5,000.00 without condom. And that after that day, she missed her period.

“All this while, we have been talking to her not to do something like this; but she is not willing to listen to us. We have tried talking to her to know the value of her own baby and the pride of womanhood. She refused.

“She even told us that the safety of the baby is not guaranteed of we allow her go home now, with the baby. Victoria told us that she would throw the baby away and then face her future.

“The Command has decided to take her to the Ebonyi State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. We are sure they should understand how best to handle this kind of situation,” she noted.

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  1. It's so sad,if everything was working she won't think of selling her child. Nobody should have to go through hell to eat
    Nobody should judge unless they've walked in her shoes,HUNGER is bad and yes it's our job to eradicate it but the blindness and greed of politicians and policies they put in place keeps the average man within the confines of poverty.
    I hope she gets all the help she requires.

    1. Let me do everyone the honours of being the first to judge her then. She is a very stupid business woman and a heartless mother.

      She declared a "P*ssy Promo" at a time when the entire world was on a Covid-19 lockdown. She didn't stop there. She threw the rules of her trade to the wind and started sleeping with multiple clients at over 200% of the normal rate and common sense still didn't tell her to use part of her jamboree money to visit the hospital immediately. She is an unfortunate human being and deserves more than hunger as punishment for bringing forth that child to come and suffer in a world where even she is not hopeful.

      Now, if you think I've been insensitive so far, how about this for gross insensitivity: I don't blame this prostitute as much as I blame these babies who would see very comfortable, willing women who are crying to God for children but instead fiam! They will go and jump into the womb of a prostitute that is doing multiple promo somewhere in Ebonyi state. Someone that would sell it to ritualists for 40k without breaking a sweat! She is in the market and can't find a market man or woman to work for in order to earn a daily stipend? Accursed human!! I am responsible for this comment o Stella, so don't trash it. Truth dey bitter and we need to force it down some people's throat no matter how insensitive it sounds. Ka Chineke ma eziokwu.

    2. Anon 10:54, are you TTCing? So sorry if you are but is it babies that choose which womb to jump into or God that grants that grace to conceive to those He wishes to? Please, don't blame the woman, poverty, desperation and frustration can mess up people's thinking faculties. In saner climes, this baby would have been taken over by social services, might not be the best but at least, he won't be sold or left at the mercy of a desperate and clueless woman, so the state of our country is to blame in this case.

    3. Amebonawork, I agree with you write up.

    4. Anon 11:17 Which saner climes? I want you to respond please, which saner climes? Or you think csw in saner climes churn out children like this and social welfare will just drop by and pick up the tabs, that saner climes, csw pays tax, imagine slay mamas paying tax from their works, try imagine after someone comes in, grind and pound you like pounded yam, you pay rent to hotel owner and tax to government, the last mistake you want to make is babies, truth is bitter, but like you all say, don’t judge so you won’t be judged, but a simple iud won’t put her in this mess, a lesson to you women folks, continue doing promo all over, of course all of una loves big gbola, and remember, men are scum, he will help you carry the pregnancy to term, provide and see you through, nonsense and ingredients, where is the man now?

    5. Anon 12:20, women have children they don't want in saner climates for whatever reason and option of adoption is always there as provision is made by the government and taxes paid to take care of those children. As I said, please, don't judge this woman too harshly, poverty and frustration has obviously redesigned her brain.

    6. This is heartbreaking!!

      What about HIV and other diseases? As a prostitute, you should insist on condoms whether the pay is more or not.
      She doesn't even care.

      What about working in schools or hospitals as a cleaner, what about working in a buka or restaurant?

      I pity the lil one. I am sure she will go back to prostitution once she gets rid of him.

      I pray a decent family adopts him and he turns out well in the future.

  2. Will they give me this baby if I get in touch with them? The mother can always have contact.

    1. Please if you are serious about the baby,try to make contact with the ministry of women affairs,Ebonyi state.

    2. God bless you 10:23, please contact them, I wish more Nigerians were capable and open minded enough to take up desolate children and give them a better life.

    3. Many people want to but the govt makes it hard to!
      Adoption in Nigeria is very costly and this is why a lot of people that want to adopt are not doing so!

  3. First of all, the baby should be taken from her as she is not physically, emotionally and financially fit to handle a child. The baby could be kept in an orphanage or sent to a foster home(if we have such in Nigeria).

    Then the ministry should try rehabilitate the lady, train her on any handwork of her choice and given a start up capital.

    5k for bareback f...k. Poverty is a bastard. She didn't even think of contracting HiV and other STIs.

    1. Are we even sure she is STD,STI free?
      It's really a jungle out there.

    2. Mhiz... you forgot mentally fit. I doubt she's normal.

  4. Ministry of women affairs should be able to take the child from her to continue his/her life at orphanage or push for adoption to a reliable person.
    Her mind is made up even if they promise to help her,she's not seeking for financial assistance in order to train her child.I think not knowing the father of her child contributed to her firm decision.
    That baby is cute,see what people are seriously praying and searching for;bose wu Oluwa lo sọla

  5. What a shame, the government should take the child from her.

  6. Was it that bad?
    40k oh! goodness!
    Is she really okay.?
    Who tried to deceive her?
    Haba, may God make a way for her.

  7. Stella you would have covered the innocent baby face,cos she will grow up and read this.

  8. 1,500 Naira for sex with condom and 5,000 Naira without protection?

    People no dey fear STDs?

  9. So sad. Whether we like it or not, not every mother will bond with their child. This one needs serious rehabilitation, cos it’s not only poverty that’s the issue. She just doesn’t want the child. I just hope the agency will do the right thing by taking the baby from her & give to a family that’s ready to love & accept the child.

  10. this is too emotional for me to comment.

    I just think that Ebonyi state government should have a government orphanage that will take the child, because this woman does not want this baby.
    She will harm this baby is forced to keep her.

  11. It's easy for people to sit and judge. That's how I had personal hatred and would always judge people living with HIV until I contracted it through rape. This life no balance. I sincerely hope she gets help it's not easy.

    1. I am sorry about your plight. God be with you.

    2. I'm so sorry my dear 13:18, please take heart and be strong. HIV is manageable if one is faithful with the medication. Love and light to you dear.

  12. How sad................πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  13. In the last days the love of many will grow cold. Look at judgments from other women. Look at judgments from some who know poverty and know how circumstances of life can put you into a tight spot.

    I pray that this child survives and grows find themself in a loving home where food and love are ever abundant. I pray that his beginning is not his end and that he succeeds in everything he chooses to do.

    My heart goes out to the mother. May she get the help she obviously need. Poverty, hunger, prostitution and homelessness all are tearing down her spirit. May she get the physical, emotional and spiritual help that she needs to transform her spirit and her life. It saddens me to the core that Nigeria that has been blessed with so many natural resources and opportunities to expand a great nation have so many people living like this. There are countries with no natural resources whose citizens will never experience anything like this.


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