Stella Dimoko Court Grants #OccupyLekkiTollGate Peaceful Protesters 100k Bail Each


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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Court Grants #OccupyLekkiTollGate Peaceful Protesters 100k Bail Each

The 40 peaceful protesters who were arraigned before a mobile court in Yaba by the police on Saturday have been granted bail.
The magistrate,  Lateef Layeni granted them bail in the sum of N100,000 each, with sureties in like sum.

The protesters, including a popular Nigerian comedian, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, were charged to court by the Nigerian Police Force following their arrests at Lekki tollgate on Saturday morning.

Arraigned on three-count charges, the police said the protesters breached public peace and “caused unnecessary alarm in the public”.

The protesters were also arraigned for violating the COVID-19 regulations recently signed by Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, and Section 5 of the Quarantine Act Q2 Law.

The case was adjourned till March 2nd and Judge Layeni also ordered the protesters to present certificates of COVID-19 tests before the next adjourned date.
The protesters had gathered to protest the reopening of the tollgate, which was the venue where soldiers opened fire on unarmed protesters on October 20, 2020.

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So where were all the people that posted posters of this protest all week and encouraged people to attend? They didn't attend but were quick to condemn their arrests online!....Traitors and cowards everywhere!
Well done to those who risked their lives


  1. As you Don Jam my car, oyibo repete Singing-
    Mr Macaroni riding on a bicycle won't you come and marry me Mr Macaroni, bum bum cecilia bum bum cecilia bum bum cecilia Mr Macaroni

    1. I wanted to lash Stella yesterday for condemning these people for coming out.
      Something must move for something to move. Not all of us are brave enough but these people are heroes. Take it or leave it

    2. I'm sorry, but they aren't heroes. They're idiots. You know Naija is a useless and lawless country with a demented despot for a president and you think they will allow you to protest peacefully without harming you? If you're killed today or you lose your leg, the most internet people who were hyping you will do is to post RIP or hashtags for one week, then they'll move on and forget you. It's you and your family that will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. All for what?

  2. Hmmm,funny how no one is talking about the massive destruction of properties and lives of northern traders, in Ibadan, hmm

    1. They cannot speak up against it because it's the same agenda that they are pushing. Those promoting the Lekki/EndSARS protest are also those that used Sunday Igboho to ignite the tribal war and killings that's going on in Ibadan. Their target is 2023. They want to destroy the political relationship between Southwest and the North so they can have a shot at the presidency in 2023 and they don't care how that happens even if it means half of Nigerians will die or the nation destroyed. They are really pushing so that the north will retaliate and if that happens, everywhere will scatter. So many people are being used to achieve political goals they have no idea of. Ignorant youths jumping up and down the place shouting EndSARS thinking it is still the genuine course that it was without knowing that they are being used. Na siddon dey look we dey. When they fire they are igniting catches, their loved ones will be the first it will consume.

    2. Anon how do you know no one is talking about it, it was abuzz yesterday, a lot of people spoke about it on different platforms, myself inclusive.

      Eesah, you are a bloody hypocrite.

  3. I hope another 1966 is not repeating itself again, where pple forgot that, in the name of Biafra, they killed Sardauna and co in cold blood, we are watching

  4. 😂😂I don't know y I found this funny. U c this country Koo be careful because they have a way of shorting u by force

  5. The truth is that if you saw what happened during the massacre at this same Lekki Toll Gate and you STILL came out to protest on Saturday, then I don't know what to tell you honestly. Instead of you to sit at home, relax, watch Nollywood movies, hang out with friends, eat Eba, read a book, concentrate on your studies, etc. LMAO you Stella sef come down from Germany and protest! Me I'm my mother's only child, I'm supporting people financially, I can't risk my life and livelihood. Y'all will learn one day that Nigeria is not worth dying for.

    1. If you can't come out,please stay at home and don't hide behind your keyboard to discourage people.These people are fighting to make sure that Nigeria gets better,so that only children like you won't die by stray police bullet.They are fighting for you,keep eating Eba but don't discourage people while at it

    2. SpongeBob, I thank them for fighting for me. As your blood is hot and your mouth is loud, I hope you and all the youth in your family joined them to protest yesterday. If not, you are very wicked for encouraging able bodied youths to go and risk their lives and wellbeing for a cause that won't even be addressed properly. There are young people who have died like cattle and young people who are now blind or disabled because of these protests that did not even accomplish anything in the long run. Some parents couldn't even bury their kids, all because of this fruitless protest. It's only a wicked person who will encourage young people to protest in a senseless country like Nigeria where laws won't protect them. How can their protests protect me from a stray bullet? You think protests will end police brutality in Nigeria? You think it's by road block and marching? LMAO! The powers that be don't care. They never will. They're all the same. The sooner you learn, better for you.


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