Stella Dimoko Exe Sec Of Delta State Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Allegedly Buys Luxury Apartment Worth $3.2million.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Exe Sec Of Delta State Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Allegedly Buys Luxury Apartment Worth $3.2million.


Mr Jackson Ude is a Global Peace Ambassador, a Strategic Communication expert, Investigative Journo, Hunter of Corrupt Politicians in Nigeria.


  1. Mchweeeeeeeeeee. .Who will prosecute her? ?? Those more corrupt than her?? Abeggi!!! This my country breaks my poor heart.

    Goes off in search of goverment portfolio to steal my own billions!
    Nonsense and Buhari!

  2. Oh well...

    Some people are rich enough to afford the luxury. This is one reason I hate politics.

    You are perceived as a thief no matter how clean you are.

    I understand it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to find an upright politician in Nigeria.

    1. What is the meaning of this shalaye now? What other job description did you see ascribed to her?

    2. @Anonymous Donor

      My take:

      1. Buying properties outside Nigeria is not a crime.

      2. There are Nigerians who can afford luxury outside the country.

      3. It is assumed that all politicians in Nigeria are thieves (Even the rich ones before they joined politics). The perception may be true of politicians and public office holders in Nigeria

      4. It is a crime in Nigeria for politicians to spend their money as they wish. I dare say it is the same for pastors.

      For the reason stated in 4, I hate politics, and also dislike being seen or called a pastor.

      I am most objective and balanced in my thoughts, so I am ever ready to explain my not-so-complex take on issues, especially to Nigerians.

      If the woman had been a private citizen and not a politician or public office holder, would she have come under the cynosure of the whistle blower? I do not think so.

      Proudly Foodie (M)

    3. We know politicians who were rich before running for office. Have you forgotten that there is something called declaration of assets?
      You cant declare 20millionnai ra before public work and few years into politics you're buying houses in millions of sef check am na. E no balance. E.g The Uba brothers were rich before politics.we know them

  3. Na their way,this people dont have sense

  4. The problem of Nigeria is not federal govt alone. We ain't ready for good governance at all.

  5. Hmmm.Na the work when them dey do.Thieves.

  6. A guy in a taxi with me last night on our way back from work said something funny but true,that naija can never get better,it'll get worst and his honest advice was that if you have your way, look at the possibility of leaving this country for good to a better place,for a second i thought he was a coward and lacked faith, thinking about it now i see reasons with him.I am not sure this country can ever get better,it will only get worst.God of Canada, please locate me.

    1. Amen. And me too. I'm sick of the daily negative news every day in Nigeria.

    2. Whatever you believe is what it will be for you.

  7. Jackson Ude is popularly known for giving perfidious news. you gus leave me alone i've not eaten well.

  8. Corona virus didn't teach these people anything.. they have forgotten so soon how the lack of basic amenities here was the cause of some of the colleague deaths as they couldn't leave the country at such a critical moment..

    Very daft people

  9. See people praising evil. Destiny stealers. How will Nigeria prosper???

  10. Imagine developing another person's country while milking your own dry. Don't forget when you or your generation get stranded in Nigeria over basic amenities. You are also part of the problem

  11. Jackson Ude is as dirty as those he called out. Afterall, he has been photographed with Atiku in Dubai recently.

  12. Dear Proudly Foodie @ 15.16

    Some people here know Orezi Esievo very well to her family compound in Delta State, and what she was doing before she "entered" Delta State politics. Leave all your general explanations aside. The post is specifically about Orezi Esievo's alleged spending of huge sums of money. If you have any information to debunk what was posted about her or her source of alleged huge money, not the credibility of the poster, tell us.


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