Stella Dimoko Governor Wike Set To Commission New Flyovers...


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Governor Wike Set To Commission New Flyovers...

Rumuogba and Rumuokoro flyovers in Port Harcourt are set to be commissioned Next Week...


  1. * Me to my State Governor *
    Oga see wetin your mate dey do.

  2. Abeg he should do and open it. The suffer going to rumuokoro axis is terrible. You would waka well. Could remember when i went to council to do my NIN,taxis dropped me at gtb and i walked that plenty distance to the council to and fro for 2 says.

  3. We should stop encouraging these wicked and heartless politicians. The 13% oil money is big to compare with this flyover we are seeing. They should provide the necessary infrastructures before being taken serious.
    They have listed a good number of highways to toll us, thereby increasing our transport fare by land.
    After all these taxes and nothing to show for, they will embezzle the money abroad with their children in good schools living us to our fate.

    It is high time, we openly reject their little effort. This is just a front to pacify us from asking the big question.
    I pray for the day, we will hold them to ransom for;
    The deaths of pregnant mothers without access to good medicine,
    The deaths of our young youth by road accident, due to bad road network.
    The deaths of our mothers, fathers,youths, children on hospital bed during operation, due to Power supply.
    Is it the death of a woman that died during operation cause of no standing blood for her in Onitsha General Hospital?
    Nigeria has killed her citizens with bad leaders. We shouldn't appreciate him for this minor changes.
    Rather demand he do more.

    1. If he did not do the flyovers what will you do? appreciate the one you have seen and move on. Buhari is there eating tax payers money without seeing , hearing or doing nothing, after insulting him on social media, wosai!!

    2. If all the Politicians did what he is doing, then the whole country would be a dubai by now. What concerns Onitsha General Hospital with Rivers?

    3. Why are we so mentally poor that we criticise even the good things we see.
      What has buhari done for Nigeria. What are other governors doing in my state. My own state abia is like a failed state, nothing happening. One flyover will take 8 years and yet not completed. It is a shame to criticise governor. If he did not do the project what will happen. Amaechi had set the pace on projects, Wike is doing his part, other future governors don't have any choice but to follow.
      I believe Wike will still touch other areas. Let's give him moral support. Thank you.

  4. Ikpeazu, u dey see your mate? 6 years you still dey build one flyover for Osisioma and you never complete am.

  5. I saw a story on NL yesterday, people were being transported on wheelbarrow and trucks since there's no vehicular movement on the road as the governor hasn't commissioned it.
    Thank God he's finally doing the needful.

    1. Yes o, since December last year , Rumuokoro has been blocked with no movement from every side of the junction and all business in that area have been shut down since that period.

    2. There are other routes. So where are d trucks n wheelbarrow passing?😁

    3. Anon, last year or you mean 2019 October? It's been more than a year o. Thank God he's finally commissioning Rumuokoro flyover.

  6. Well done Gov Wike. 4 flyover in two year completed. My governor Udom Emmanuel is still building one flyover since his first tenure

  7. That's a pretty good one cos rumuokoro has always been a busy area.The flyover will really make vehicular movement much easy...

  8. Thank God my people around that axis their trekking would reduce. No much thinking of how to get to Rumuokoro and Artillery. waiting for Rumuola and GRA to be complete, so transport fare on Aba road will be back to normal.


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