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Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday In House News

 Good Day.....

The Sun is out here and all the snow is gone, we have +20 and I am praying to see the snow again next winter...LOL


Please lets all thanks BV Isaacbaba.
Last week i sent him 50 names to send data to and after he did i asked him t send my bill but there was no response because he was part of the planning committee for his sisters wedding....He has to stand in place since he is the 'Father' of the house.

He replied my mail today and insisted the bill is on him and it was his way of giving back....Thank you so much Isaacbaba, I love your growth,1 love your hype and OMG,i love everything about you..... your humility humbles me..
Thank you so much.

Blog PA ,please send me the 50 names you collated for data giveaway...
Have they reduced the prices of data for the other networks? We need to also gift others who do not have emtee-en data.....

I also want to thank BV Caesar for gifting me 20k.... He says i always give and decided to give me....Well he had my account number still from gifting a BV....
That money meant so much to me... Thank you...Caesar i for make you my Blog Boo but let me still think it....
Being my Blog boo means immunity....Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Kisses to all




 After the village cleansing, things started going well for the youths of the community and God being so kind, a man gained a high position in the rig company, so he carried the young men along, got them jobs and they were doing well to the glory of God. One of them came back for their usual monthly leave, went back to work and was asked to go back home without any tangible reason. That was how he came back home, waiting to be called back to work, which never happened. 

Out of frustration, he started seeking for solution to his predicament, I think he must have gone to the 'right place' because of what unfolded later. Oga who's from a polygamous home didn't know that one of the old women in the family wasn't happy about his progress. 

She tied his destiny to an old mortar in her kitchen, according to her when she confessed, the old mortar was turned upside down, she sits on it/uses it as her personal kitchen chair, whenever she sits on it, she's sitting on the young Man's destiny. She even instructed her children not to touch or turn the mortar for any reason. I wondered the kind of words she must have used because curious me would have gone behind her back to turn and see what's in it. 

It was after the young man came back from prayers according to him that the woman's daughter turned the mortar while carrying out her morning chores, lo and behold it was just an ordinary five hundred Nigerian naira (#500) note that was under the mortar, so she covered it back thinking her mum hid the money there to avoid it being taken or stolen. It was after some minutes of uncovering the mortar that her mum ran out of her room and started acting funny, people in the yard gathered trying to find out what was happening and how to help her. 

She was screaming and saying things that doesn't make sense, later she started shouting the young Man's name( trust the other family members na, they were curious to know why she was calling the young Man's name). She disclosed how  she used the money he gave to her to plot his downfall. According to her, she asked him for 'snuff' money on one of his visits which he gave without knowing her evil intentions.

 She wasn't in her normal behavior after the confession, suffered for awhile before her demise. The young man was called back to work after all. But the koko now is that a lot of people learned from that incident, anytime some of them visit home and they're asked for 'bread money' or money for 'snuff', the fellow will ask someone to buy it for them or simply tell them to go to the shop and pick whatever they want, they'll pay later. 

People have grown wiser to avoid stories that touch, no more giving of cash now o. This incident always reminds me of an adage that my economics teacher always say then about Aneke the bird who said ' if men have learnt to shoot without missing, he too has learnt to fly without perching'. 

Give no room to the wicked.

Na wah oh.....Why are some people wicked beyond belief? I dont get it... Some decides to help you and you use their goodness for evil?



Stella i just need to share this

This story is unbelievably true. Take this from an eye witness. God bearing me witness. This happened in Odo Olowu Warehouse Ijesha off Oshodi expressway on the 10th of February 2021.

So we went early to buy stuff in the market there. Not knowing they were doing environmental clean up. That's how we had to wait for a while. The market authorities didn't allow the traders out of their shops except for those off loading containers. So we were around the gate. Next thing this lady selling food carried take away packs in a transparent container on her head hawking. The market people start to harass her that she's not allowed to sell. 

If u know that market. They have food vendors by the gate. So the woman went to perch with them. They pushed her away and she was trying to explain that she was just trying to wait there a bit. They didn't agree. One lady in particular carried her bag of food in take away packs and pushed it outside the area almost throwing away the food. The woman was so upset and started talking back with her eyes turning red as if she wanted to cry. Explaining that she was just trying to sell this food to take care of her 2 kids. 

They continued back and forth with bystanders interfering (u know how Lagos is na) till the market opened. In the midst of the chaos one good looking man came and asked the woman what she needs, she was going on about how she just goes about hawking food trying to make ends meet for her children. The man asked her repeatedly "what exactly do u want" she barely answered. The man asked the bystanders if there was any vacant shop available. The people mockingly showed him 2 vacant shops. Oga walked there asked for those in charge. Brought out CASH from his pouch and paid. Gave the woman hawking food both receipts. Madam stood there in shock. Said nothing. 

The man went into the market bought a deep freezer. They carried it into the shop. Bought this 3 door refrigerator and put in the 2nd shop. He went in bought big pots asked for cutlery, see traders scampering to bring things to equip the shops. The man bought and paid cash. (No u r not dreaming and this is the absolute truth. God knows). The guy asked her about her children she said one is with her sister and one is here hawking with her. He said he would take the boy back to America with him. His SUV came shortly with his Oyibo Wife in it. 

He told her and she was like why not. Anyways he counted another N100,000 and gave this lady cash. All the while, She stood there in shock. She didn't move an inch. Market people were screaming up and down. Rushed her food and started eating and sharing. Madam said nothing. Oga said he would be back. Meanwhile the market people said they know him very well. He's one of the biggest importers there and he was there to offload his 3 containers. He lives Abroad and comes back regularly.

I'm sharing this Real life story to encourage those who think they have suffered so much and God has abandoned them. This woman must have been praying and it looked like her suffering was doubling till the day God sent her helper and it was like a dream. That's how God would do for you very soon(Psalm 126). Just keep faith and keep working and trying. God has not forgotten you. His timing is perfect. If anyone had told that woman that her story would change 360° she may have doubted.

I know some people would never believe this even if they witnessed it themselves. It's either they refuse to believe that something good can happen like this for someone else since it's not them or they are just permanently pessimistic.

Either way ur pessimism attracts negativity. That's why it won't happen for u. If ur hard is hardened like stone you have blocked your chances already.

Anyways we rejoice with those who are rejoicing and i pray same and much more for those expecting.

BV Sue ( please excuse any typos)

This is unbelievable...





A Memo to Anonymous Blog Visitor


Bless your heart for the platform you created to help many people like me learn, laugh, and make friends.

This message is time sensitive and should be treated with urgency.

Attached to this email is a post by one of your blog visitors.

The health issue described in her post is a pointer to a Stroke attack or Vertigo (an ear infection that can trigger other sicknesses).

It is advisable for the blog visitor to seek medical attention.

At the very least, I suggest a blood sugar reading before breakfast and blood pressure. She can do this by checking into any pharmaceutical store in her neighborhood.

My advice is borne of a stroke attack, which I had in 2018. It happened exactly the same way she described in her post.

Thanks and God bless

A Chronic SDK Fan



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Minimum OND requirement
Must be able to use a computer
Must live on the Island
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This department is one of the dependable pillars in the company. Applicants should have some experience in Marketing Communications, and possibly Business Development. Overseeing a lot of strategy meetings internally and with clients externally will be part of the responsibility. We are a reasonable company, but very interested in intellectual individuals, we do not give a strict number of experience in terms of years but how intelligent and innovative an applicant is. However, a degree in Marketing or communications is key, masters is good but not compulsory. Please we do not believe in Hope strategy, you need to have the requisites to apply. If you meet the requirements kindly send your cv to the email below, and we will contact you for an interview.

Accounts Executive

works in the same department as the above mentioned, reporting directly to the Head of Business development. Responsibilities are almost the same but on a much smaller scale without supervisory rights, except to subordinates. Degree in Marketing or communications is a necessity, experience is a necessity.

Kindly send your cv to:
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Thank you.



  1. Today choose to believe that everything is possible, get up full of faith, because everything will work for your good, you deserve good things; Keep fighting for what you want so much and don't give up, don't stop trying, you're stronger than you imagine. God made you amazing!_handsaberado

    1. Amen! Yes I deserve good things and I won't give up till I get them

    2. That testimony sounds like a lie, but when God remembers a man, it sounds like a lie. I'm happy for that woman. I pray her business will flourish and grow.

      God bless you Isaacbaba and all the givers in here, y'all already know you'll never lack. God bless your sister's home too.

    3. That anon should also do EUCr, and a liver function test (LFT).

    4. May God prosper the woman's business Kai! God let such miracle locate my life and business as well.

      Isaacbaba, may God continue to prosper your business and congratulations to your little sis on her traditional marriage.

      Bv Ceaser, more blessings, thanks for blessing Stella.

      Chocolate Noir, Emjay, Chi Exotic come say hi to us.

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I have a higher level of awareness and recognition of my origin. I am born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which lives and abides forever. The life of God is in me now; I am a partaker of the divine nature; I have the resurrection life that is beyond sickness and disease. My consciousness of this reality propels me in the path of life always.

  3. The Cost Of Discipleship contd
    Starting with no1,we shall discuss these fundamental things that every disciple has to know about the master if you must have Solidity in your relationship with him.
    I)Knowing who he is: A lot of people would have already begun to raise their eyebrows and be like which one is his name and face again . But bro/sis this is where it all begins....who is the master to you?His he just the Lord or he is something other than that to you? bro/sis you must really define it!! This is what helps you have a real relationship with him, you see him as exactly how you would relate with him . What picture of Jesus do you have in your mind's eye?...other than the issue of him being our Lord and also GOD,some see him as basically their lover and that's how they relate with him. some see him as their father and that's the kind of relationship they have with GOD,some see him as their Confidant and that's exactly how they relate with him in their walk with GOD etc.... You must have a picture of his name and face in your heart,.. this is what utterly shapes the rest of your relationship with him.
    ii)His Personality and Values: Encapsulated in the picture of who GOD is to you,his personality and values in your walk with him begins to form and gain shape. Have you ever heard someone say ''GOD has asked me not to use anything like wig,attachment, relaxer etc on my hair"? whereas there are other Christian ladies who have no issues using such..... this is because though we might all be Christians,the basis of our relationship with him are not necessarily the same . Even though there are some general things which we all know are the dos and donts of the Christian Life eg not living a wayward life, dressing decently, being honest etc...there are still some things are boils down to our individuality with GOD. Personally and as an individual in relationship with GOD,you must know his personality in relation to you and the values in your PERSONAL walk.

    1. Thank you for this piece ❤️

  4. Good afternoon to y'all on here and hope your Monday is going on smoothly? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Why do some people dread their villages to the extent of not even wanting to get married(be it traditionally or otherwise) there? I am curious and at the same time bewildered tbh.#MondayMarathon

  5. Dear Single to married couples,
    Hear this and implement it. Being committed to one person is a beautiful thing, don't let damaged people lie to you, those who had bad experience in relationship to pollute you. Your relationship can work better if you keep doing the right things, it is when you start listening to those toxic people you will start having issues in your relationship. There is nothing beautiful, better, amazing than having a best friend and a lover in one person. Be with that special someone and grow together, it is not easy but it worth it. Just know the right person and be committed.... Anonymous

  6. It's been a while here o.

    Feeling sickπŸ€’πŸ€’-toothache o get thee behind me.

    Pleasant afternoon everyone.

  7. So so happy for Susu and Banky
    God is forever faithful
    Happy birthday to her and congratulations on the birth of their son.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  8. Thanks You Isaac Baba. You are a blessing.

    Caesar, I no too like you, but you come off as someone who get wisdom SMALL, thank you for being sensitive and gifting Stella that money. God bless you.

  9. IJ's gist always lit. Wow, that testimony sounds like a lie but when God wants to bless someone, e dey be like dream.
    In other news, susu and banky's baby is here. So ecstatic seeing it. Happy for them

    1. This testimony is SHOCKING!!!
      God is still in the business of doing miracles. Thank you Jesus πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  10. Nawa o, wickedness everywhere, what do they gain from it all?Why not acquire wealth with those charms instead of caging others.
    God will keep exposing them and set His own free.

  11. Baby news everywhere. God be praised.

    Isaac, congratulations on your sister's wedding.. God shall keep blessing all that concerns you. πŸ’œ

  12. Wow, God is Great!Bv Sue,thanks for sharing.

  13. Men do ritual money to live comfortably. Women do ritual to get men. I don't get it. Why?

    The argument for women is that the men do it to live fine to attract them. Then, why can't women do it, get money instead of just to trap men? Men hustle for money, women hustle for men.

    Not condoning ritual money in any way, I condemn it in the strongest terms and I abhor it but why try to trap men instead of living large and choose any man you want?

  14. I like a guy,his command of English is mad,he's intelligent and looks attractive. He obviously likes me but he hasn't asked me out. He said we should we should take our time because he hates long distance relationship. He's in Abuja,I'm in Lagos. There's this other guy a friend introduced to me. He's cool, not physically attractive like that,he talks too much and a guy that talks too much is a turn off. His command of English is terrible and he disturbs with calls. This first guy calls me once and when I don't pick, he doesn't call back or keeps disturbing with calls. I hate phone conversations and I have explained to this guy. But omoh,I can't stand a talkative.

    1. Are you me or is me you? @ your first paragraph. He's in Lagos, I'm in Abuja

  15. Noted Boss πŸƒπŸƒ... Thanks bv Isaacbaba

    Hello IHN

  16. BV Sue....thanks for sharing,you've actually encourage someone out there.

    Wow!.......God I look up to you,perfect everything that concerns me beyond my expectations.

    BV IsaacBABA and Ceasar,thanks for what you did,immense blessings coming your way by his grace.

    God bless everyone.

  17. Absolutely right Stella,its not
    the people that change,its the
    mask that fell,thank you.

  18. Omo being single and alone is not even easy at all, loneliness can be frustrating you can't tell me nothing. Virgins/celibate,how do y'all cope? I need to know please

  19. THE Mortar

    Whether you give them or not, they must find a way of going diabolical so far they have made up their mind. You give them, they use what you gave to do it. You don't give them, they term you proud, arrogant and stingy and still go ahead to go diabolical.

    The only way out is them not to remember you and when they do, early solution before damages are done. Prayer is it!

  20. May God grant me a miracle like that of the food seller in Jesus name, amen.

  21. Hello my darlings😘😘. Isaac dearie, God bless your kind heart. πŸ€—πŸ€—. Congrats to your sister. I love how that story ended, and how God blessed that woman. May God bless the good samaritan. Been at the hospital since morning, food poisoningπŸ˜”. Can't keep anything in my tummy. Just trying to stay hydrated. Please pray for me. Stay safe, and stay blessed. 😘😘😘😘

    1. So sorry candy please take good care of yourself

    2. Thanks Blacky dearie. I'm trying to.
      Eloquent dearie, thanks o.
      PR dearie, thanks babes.

    3. Get well soon Candy 🍬 πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    4. By his stripes you're completely healed Darling.

      Please do take good care of yourself.

    5. @Twins Squared, thanks darling.
      Amen Gem dearie. Will do.

  22. OMG! That testimony up there!!!
    I am so happy for Adesua Etomi. Such a classy lady, drama free and yet she is still loved. This shows you don't have to be dramatic as an entertainer to stay relevant. Her maternity shoot is so colorful and beautiful. Oh how I love Susu, God bless the newborn and the family

  23. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
    Jesus Christ my sweet loving father and friend.see how I am here crying, screaming and shouting out your name. That 360 degrees turn around is all I ask of. OMG is this how you are.
    I am still having goosebumps all over me. Oh my sweet loving Jesus Christ. Oh my Lord Jesus Christ
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ.

  24. Good afternoon from this side. Omo! Banky and Adesuwa's friends are so cool. They can keep secret for Africa. Baby boy for a month now and no rumour about it. I'm so happy for them. Congratulations to them.

  25. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
    Jesus Christ my sweet loving father and friend.see how I am here crying, screaming and shouting out your name. That 360 degrees turn around is all I ask of. OMG is this how you are.
    I am still having goosebumps all over me. Oh my sweet loving Jesus Christ. Oh my Lord Jesus Christ
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ.

  26. Good afternoon beautiful people of SDK.
    Bv Isaacbaba God bless ur kind gesture and increase u in all u do.
    Oga ceaser thanks for reaching out to maam Stella,she's always giving and no one receiving.May God replenish.

    Bv Ijeoma,this ur story in common in villages,all these wicked villagers that don't want people's progress.

    Bv Sue this ur eye witness report sweet o,it shows that we still have nice people in this our happy for the woman,see how God turned her shame to joy.
    May the soul of the chronicle poster rest in peace,it is well.

    It can only get better, e go surely be ✌️

  27. Good afternoon everyone, God bless you big time isaac
    Bv sue thanks for sharing,I believe God does miracles in an amazing way.God never fails

    Ceaser, God will continue to bless you and provide for you

  28. what a testimony!!
    That's the kind I pray for

  29. Good afternoon Bveeees 😘

    IHN Welcome

  30. I started shedding tears at a point while reading the testimony that sounds like a lie. God is indeed too faithful to fail. Thank God for that woman and her family. These are the kind of people worth helping not, pouring water in a tank filled with water already.

  31. I’m here for the testimony. I believe 100% because I’ve tasted and seen God’s awesomeness. God, I’m forever yours and you’re mine.πŸ™

  32. May God bless me like that food seller.πŸ™ I need a miracle that will sound like a lie.

  33. See testimony,awesome God,her disgrace turned to quantum leap.

  34. Good day everyone.. Do have a fruitful week dearies .

  35. It's IHN again,
    Good afternoon Madam Stella aka Stellar and blog bvs.
    May God surprise us with a miracle that sounds like a lie too, Amen
    So happy for Adesuwa, world people had already written off the woman, it's well.
    Bv isaac , I wasn't part of those gifted data but I want to thank you on their behalf. Data of a whole 50 people to be on you, ain't easy man, keep it up.
    E-hugs everyone.

  36. Isaacbaba and Ceaser,May God continue to bless you guys..

  37. Good afternoon everyone.happy new week

  38. I believe in miracles too, mine is coming soon.
    Good afternoon bvs

  39. God is still in the habit of doing miracles. I believe that woman would be speechless, like everything will still seem surreal to her. Those pushing her away have finally pushed her to her blessing.
    God please, send our destiny helpers and bless the works of our hands Amen!

  40. Isaac Baba Kisses you are a darling and more!
    Ije Love I love your stories
    Food Seller Mehn God works in mysterious ways
    Ceaser thank you for taking care of Stella for us
    Every other BVS come collect kisses ***Mwahhh!!

  41. Stella, things are happening oh.
    This Ijeoma's gist just remind me of the story I heard behind by father's displacement from work.
    I don't have strength, I would have related it here or to Stella.
    I can't type.

  42. This Ijeoma story reminds me of recently when I went to one mama's house. She is a prophetess(white garment) and she ties every little sickness that happens to her to Ofa(arrow) from her enemies. Before I went there she told me to bring money for her to make white dress for me and sew in my name so that my glory will keep booming. Lol, I didn't answer because I don't have any believe in that. So recently I went to do something in her state and I had to stay with her then, I left and one early morning, her daughter called me that, since I left her mother has not been able to sleep well that it's a particular drug that she buys for her so she said I should give her 1k to buy the drug for her. LMAO, the person that called me works oo and the mama has a daughter that she can call to ask for money too oh but na me weY dey about 250km away she remember to call to ask for money. The funniest part is I just finished praying that morning she called, The moment she started talking my spirit became alert I just tell the girl No Dear, I don't have.

  43. For the testimony today, i connect to it and pray that which i seek i shall also find

  44. Nice one Isaacbaba and Ceasar..una do well

  45. Been awhile. Good afternoon everyone. God please give me a testimony that will sound like a lie.

  46. Dear God even if I'm anon father locate me for a testimony that sounds like a lie in Jesus name amen.

  47. Lord, I trust in you and believe that my 360degree turnaround miracle is on the way...our God is a miracle working's my turn to testify Lord!

  48. I believe this testimony and I know that mine is coming soon...I mean very very soon

  49. Bv Isaachaba and ceaser your hands will forever be above.
    Bv Gem I wish I can reach you, kpele


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