Stella Dimoko Nigerian Governors Agree To Ban Open Grazing


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Friday, February 12, 2021

Nigerian Governors Agree To Ban Open Grazing

The Nigerian Governors Forum on Thursday said it had reached a consensus on the “need for the country to transition into modern systems of animal husbandry that will replace open, night, and underage grazing in the country.”

The governors decided that each state should implement National Livestock Transformation Plan as soon as possible. They should go further to ban open grazing and IG of Police should instruct States Police Commissioners to arrest any persons practicing open grazing.


  1. Nigeria: a country,where cattles are more valuable than humans.

  2. Very good and laudable,hope it's implemented swiftly,no time to waste time.

  3. I will never forget the Igbo man in my area in abuja, that his herdsmen walked his cows away. The thing wrecked the man small sha, about a 100 cows. Very heartless herder. #spotremover#

  4. It's not enough to agree on it, IMPLEMENT IT ASAP and encourage your own people, if possible, with interest free loans or incentives, to start raising and herding cows as well. We MUST not depend on the Fulani for the overall supply of Cow meats, tomatoes and onions in Nigeria.
    No single Igbo man likes the Fulani grazing of cow in Igbo land and Any opposition that runs against any of you on 'Open Grazing' in Igbo land would definitely beat you guys hands down.
    IGBO and South south LEADERS, wake the F..K up and transform your regions.

  5. They should agree and implement it with laws and regulations for violators...else all this na showoff

  6. These people are still hell bent on RUGA. Which one is all states should implement National Livestock Transformation Plan. Dead on arrival.

    1. I tire o, the herdsmen no get their own state?

  7. Good, everyone should go to their herdsman & take their cow.

  8. Lori iro...this people are just bloody liars

  9. Shebi they silenced Vice President Osibajo when he spearheaded the initiative for their nonsense Ruga. If they had allowed the VPs team then to see it through instead of allowing the selfish kitchen cabinet to hijack it, maybe we wouldn't be here on the brink of war. Useless selfish leaders!


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