Stella Dimoko Nigerian Men Scam Texas Woman Of $100k In Epic Catfishing Scam....


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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Nigerian Men Scam Texas Woman Of $100k In Epic Catfishing Scam....

Two Nigerians identified as Chinwendu Azuonwu and Basil Amadi are facing trial in Houston, after scamming a 63-year-old Texas woman of $100,000 in a romance scam.

The Nigerians made the woman believe she was dating pop star Bruno Mars, to commit the offence, also known as catfishing scam.

Catfishing is the act of creating a fictional persona online as a means of luring someone into a relationship.

This becomes a cyber crime when it is for the purpose of ripping them off either through taking out loans on their name or stealing their credit card data.

In a report by Mail Online, Azuonwu, 39, a resident of Houston, appeared in court on Tuesday accused of impersonating Mars on Instagram as part of the scam to swindle the victim out of her savings.

Azuonwu, charged with third-degree felony money laundering, was taken into custody this week, KPRC-TV reported.

In court documents, his co-conspirator was identified as Basil Amadi, 29.

The victim, a resident of North Richland Hills, Texas, told police that in 2018 she created a profile on Instagram ‘in search of companionship

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  1. All these foolish white women. How do you think Bruno mars would fall for you, a woman in her 60s? With all the available young girls around?

    1. Bruno Amadi, welldone sir.
      As u said why are dese white woman so foolish, how in d hell wld you believe Bruno Mars will have interest in his mothers mate with all d supermodels he has around him, hes even been datin a brazilian model for yrs now, if they are not even engaged, u no look urself dis old woman and compare n contrast.

    2. But the men are more foolish in the long run. The woman will get a refund, but they will go to jail. The woman didn't commit a crime but they did. How devil even convinces them that they will get away with it, in USA, when their predecessors in fraud are all in jail amuses me. US cops that work harder than Kris Jenner.

    3. Anon 14:40, she may not get a refund. It all depends on how much the police are able to recover from the suspects. They can't pay for the crime with prison and pay her money in full. It's either they go to prison, pay a fine to the state or a balance of both. Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but more than 50% of crimes reported to the police in the US are never solved. In fact, only 2% are solved in many areas. In reality, Jenner works harder than them. They take reports and unless something or somebody comes with something, you will not hear from them again. The image you have of them is the media one that suggests police are working. In reality, the amount of work police do in this country is dependent on the amount of crime in a city, county or state.

  2. Why do you have to pay for companionship any relationship dwells solely in what a woman can offer I’m out. Be it with your husband because some people marry for material gain

  3. This is bad, but how can a 63 year old woman think Bruno Mars would be interested in her? How could she even think that Bruno Mars that is worth millions wouldn’t be able to pay £100k for his tour.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  4. Bruno Mars has a girlfriend that he shows off naa. Why would a 63 year old woman think he will leave his girlfriend for her?

    Desperation is bad.
    Sorry sha.

    Nigerian men always giving us a bad name.
    That’s how I met one that asked for him to use my address to collect parcels. As if I don’t know it’s items bought with stolen credit cards. People will now trace them to my house.
    I abused and blocked him everywhere.

  5. Wait how will granny think she's dating Bruno mars??

  6. Good for them! I have zero sympathy for thieves.

  7. Perhaps the woman has some mental issues, early onset dementia or so.

    If they can use the computer to scam they could have equally used it for good. Preying on old people is despicable and they deserve anything they get.

    1. Thank you! Same way we wake up to go to work 7am/8am is same way these fraudsters wake up to business. So why not take a loan, go to school, get a job. Or why not go and get deliverance from greed and wickedness (for those who have jobs)? Use the computer for good not bad, but jow they'll go to jail. What's the wisdom in thinking you're smart and finding yourself in jail? After they'll blame village people for their foolishness.

    2. God bless you anon 14:45.
      Not to justify scam in Africa but any scammer living in the USA or any advanced Western country, is useless for life! You have a system that works. That a freaking loan, go to school, get a job. Live well according to your means. Travel. Be happy. What’s wrong with you???

      Why do they think we’re struggling to go to Canada? It’s because of the system that works. That’s why hat we’re after. There are many people doing well in this country that still want to go to Canada. Yet, you’re in US legitimately (because they’re not talking about deportation) and you still want to be a fool. Safe journey to prison abeg

  8. These whitey will not learn, them sabi mumu eh

  9. This is not good oh. They played on the woman's desperation for companionship.

    This is why I hardly believe in online romance.

  10. Yahoo boys use juju now to control their victims. That being said, white women's ego is their undoing. A 100 year old white woman sees herself as a catch to a 20 year old black guy. I just didn't know that they also feel like a prize to other races besides blacks. Except if she was hypnotized, I have no sympathy for her.

  11. Very good 20yrs minimum america don't joke with fraud.


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