Stella Dimoko Nigerian Sheikh Gumi's Quote


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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Nigerian Sheikh Gumi's Quote


  1. Really?
    Okay, give everyone what they want then. The union has broken down irretrievably

  2. In a way true. But Boko Haram has killed even much more people so Boko Haram is a no

  3. How many people have the Biafran and Oduduwa agitators killed?? This is a way of insisting on amnesty ministry for the boko boys. This is all a scam to milk this country.

  4. How are they same?
    Please explain Sir. You are comparing internationally recognized terrorists with activists.

    Na wah oh

  5. Should this travesty called Nigeria still hold? I don’t think so

  6. How many suicide bombings have Biafra and Oduduwa republic agitators carried out?
    What of beheadings, forced marriages, abductions? etc etc etc.

    Being an Islamic cleric does not make him intelligent, widely read or very objective in analysing situations and scenarios. Infact, research and studies have shown that such clerics are unable to reason rationally nor logically without being influenced by the Quran or the teachings/life of the Prophet. They are actually a threat and nuisance to non-Islamic societies.

    People like him are actually the reason why some Southerners still look down on Northerners in terms of education and intelligence.

  7. Terrorist sympathizer! I sight you. Useless old fool. Do these people even here themselves talk?

  8. Na them oo.. Miyatry Adah and Fullami terrorist. If you don't have anything nice to say just keep your mouth shut


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