Stella Dimoko Northern Cleric, Sheikh Gumi Meets With Notorious Bandits In Zamfara In An Effort To Broker Peace


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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Northern Cleric, Sheikh Gumi Meets With Notorious Bandits In Zamfara In An Effort To Broker Peace

Sheik Gummi met some of the most notorious armed bandits in an effort to understand and unveil the grievances behind the lingering crisis in Zamfara state.

Some of them Include Kachalla Turji of Shinkafi/Sokoto Axis and Kachalla Muhammadu Bello.

Wow! Armed bandits confidently clad in military outfit and brandishing assault weapons! What has Nigeria turned into? And why did the sheik photograph the meeting for the whole world to see?


  1. Replies
    1. The effontery many of these fulani/hausa ppl have since Buhari came into power. They feel they own Nigeria.
      See how one was wielding a knife at me just cos i didnt want to buy fruits from him,i was warning him i will wind up his dirty hands with my car window. Na by force? I hate ppl holding knife and talkn to me.

  2. I won't say anything to avoid insulting an entire region. I won't say anything. What I want to say, I have sha said in my mind. Nonsense and Buhari!

  3. My question is if they know where these bandits are,what is stopping the government from arresting them?

  4. When the leadership of a country practices self deceit, they should not blame another for their misfortune. The bandits came in military camos that we're told everyday is the exclusive wear of the military and took pictures for us to clap for them. I nod my head in agreement.

    Ordinary handkerchief, scarf, shorts or T-shirts in military colors bring out the beast and wickedness in the trigger-happy-civilian-hating but boko haram scared military men.

    Meaning they know who the bandits are and foolishly think they can use our commonwealth to settle and appease them comparing them to the militants of the Niger Delta. They all will be consumed by this fire they are stoking.

    Where is the military? See gun totting numskulls! Believe in this country at your peril.

    1. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix3 February 2021 at 19:20

      My dear this government is its own enemy. Well said

    2. Very useless country at that!

  5. No sensible government will negotiate with bandits... They are criminals and should be flushed out no matter what. See children among them and almost of them are foreigners... Will the president say he doesn't know these criminals exist? There is no government in Nigeria I swear!

  6. Total rubbish, bandit still like a king with gun in public.which way Nigerians?

  7. What is stopping the armed forces from going there to wipe them out?

  8. Hmmmmmm
    Brokering peace with bandits...
    Wetin we no go see for Naija

  9. Where are the media men for the for president, Adesina and co, any defense?

  10. Just imagine, that means the northern chiefs and imams knows who and who is behind all these killings

  11. Useless good for nothing things. Hissss

  12. So nobody noticed some of these leaders are not Nigerians? Look at their eyes, hair and face.


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