Stella Dimoko Actress Demi Levato Reveals She Suffered 3 Strokes And A Heart Attack And Has A Blind Spot Due To Drug Addiction


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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Actress Demi Levato Reveals She Suffered 3 Strokes And A Heart Attack And Has A Blind Spot Due To Drug Addiction

American actress and Singer, Demi Levato has revealed she suffered brain damage and stroke three times.

OMG she is just 28 years old!!!

The Disney star disclosed this in a docuseries on her Youtube page titled ‘Dancing with the devil’, and admitted to using heroin and crack cocaine.

28 year old Levato who rose to prominence for her role in the musical film ‘Campo Rock ‘nearly lost her life in 2018 after she suffered from complications to drugs.
She also revealed that 2018 was a tough time for her because she had a heart attack and no longer drives.

Levato said: “I actually don’t think people realise how bad it was for me in 2018.
I suffered three strokes and a heart attack. I also suffered brain damage from the stroke and can’t drive anymore

“I have a blind spot in my vision, I can’t really see anymore.”

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  1. Why do some people involve in what will cause pain or damage to their health??
    Not judging her though, one has to be careful.
    Life has no duplicate.
    May God heal her.

    1. Have you listen to her song "Anyone"?

      If you hear that song she debuted at 2020 Grammy awards you will never judge her. Oh i cried while she sang, she cried, the audience cried. Poor child.

  2. Na that drug scatter her brain, I hope she stops the drugs

    1. She was battling depression for years. I’m glad she she is getting better. I pray she continues strong.

  3. May your soul find peace young lady.
    My concern is usually when I see a lot of young people
    following and copying everything a celeb does on social media.
    Please, they are humans first before becoming "celebs"
    Meaning that they have all the failings and weaknesses of this
    flesh intact. Those are likely what you will copy if you are the
    gullible type. It is not as it glitters. A lot of them suffer in secret
    and are ashamed to speak out to those who regard them as "gods"
    May the Prince of peace permeate your soul with peace. 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. Hope other users will run away from drugs. Stop doing copy copy and follow follow because it is celebrities taking it and you want to be like them.

    Say no to drugs and guide your hearts jealously.

    Healings to Demi. May God Almighty show mercy to her Amen

  5. This thing called fame will be the end of many,the pressure they put on themselves is very destructive

  6. Having access to excess wealth at a young age can be very damaging

    1. Very damaging. Especially for the ones who are not grounded in God and lack wisdom.

  7. That's why it's not good to abuse drugs.

    God have mercy oh

  8. Abeggi, she needs tough love, habaa. A family member should seat up and force to do right bfor she ends like Amy Winehouse. Too much pity pity don too much biko.

    1. Exactly 👌.
      Let her stop making poor choices. Who forced drugs on her?
      If she was drugged unknowingly ,then I sympathize with her, but if in her decisions for pleasure or other things, she got addicted, then she should just stop and seek help.
      A lot of people are willing and ready to help her, especially God that created and loves her more than anyone can.

    2. And people will still do drugs even after reading this. God help us.

      Say no to drugs
      Say no to suicide
      Seek help when depressed
      Don't lose hope
      It will get better

      Xavier's kid

  9. Addiction is quite a terrible thing, I feel so sorry for people that are addicted to crack, drugs,etc. Most times,they can't just help it

  10. Taking drug is a choice . That was what destroyed her , she can choose to use other method but chose drug no pity

  11. You were given a second chance at life Demi. You were so so lucky. Glad u turning your life around.


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