Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post..


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Monday, March 29, 2021

Boredom Eliminating Post..


  1. Prayers helps to unveil a lot of hidden things. It has always worked for me.

    1. Yes @Cynthia
      If you seek God who created all of us, he will unveil to you what is
      hidden in any person's heart

    2. You cannever fully know anyone

  2. Reading and learning mode activitated..

    1. Listen to him/her speak.

      Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

      What a person says and how he speaks reveals a lot about him and his values.

    2. Lol pure

      Not true!

      People say what they think you want to hear most times

    3. Yes by listening to what they did not say.its deep though. And of course, with the help of the Holy Spirit

    4. Lol...@22:53, I was actually speaking for myself🙂. No matter how one may want to pretend, I will perceive it.

      Thank God for the Holy Spirit.

      When I converse with people, by what they say (verbal cues) and what they did not say (non-verbal cues), I discover what their values are and whether they align with mine.

      The problem with most people in relationships is that they allow their emotions/feelings beset their sense of judgement. They see all the signs and yet stay on in that relationship.

      Even though it is impossible to fully know someone's behaviour before marriage (because there are so many things we still discover about our spouses long after we are married), yet we can decipher what that person's foundation is. What are his values?

      My values are pulled from God's Word and if his doesn't align, I will know. That's why it's important to be friends first. When people get comfortable with you, no matter how they want to pretend, they will slip up at one time or another.

      I never do anything without working hand in hand with the Holy Spirit. While we see only their hands, He sees their hearts.

      So pay attention. By their fruits, you shall know them. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.

  3. Nope, absolutely not. I learn new stuff about my spouse every other day.

  4. There is no way. Except you want to live your whole life together as live-in couole then finally say I do when you are both old and ready to say goodbye to mother earth.
    But humans can pretend sha, e no easy, just find someone you can be free with, knowing someone to some extent atleast will build trust and accountability.
    In another news,my mom & I got my covid19 vaccine today, it was a good feeling. Anyway why does it look like the vaccine is being hoarded ? Some of my family members said they couldn't get it in their base.

  5. Mbanu, Stella. 😑
    It's not possible, because even you no no you fully 😚

  6. Their current character before marriage might be the real one but what about change?so yea,you might actually be able to vouch for someone’s character before marriage but there’s a huge chance that Theyl change with time..either for the best or for the worst.

    1. Exactly!
      .. And one can only pray/hope that whenever/in whatever form the 'not-so-good character' surfaces that it will be tolerable.

  7. Yes. Ask the Holy Spirit. He will "guide you into all the truth". John 16:13

  8. Put them in a place of Power.
    Excess Money.

  9. If you find that way lemme know pls

  10. Neehi! You can't really know all the characters cos daily we humans exhibit new characters

  11. Impossible. Only the Holy Spirit can guide you on this.

  12. Here are a few,but its risky cos you might lose..

    1) Watch how he/She treats people they claim to care Parents,Friends,sibling etc

    Next is to Put them in a place of power by:

    2) Send them money(a reasonable amount) and ask they keep it for you;then ask for it in six or Eight months and see if they provide it intact

    3) Open a Business and Ask they supervise for you while you travel...Then put a secret camera in form of "Light Bulb" which works 360 degree..

    4) Bring them abroad and make sure they are empowered there

    5) Empower them in Nigeria;Humans real character shows when they have made a little money or perhaps "Think" they have..

    Like I said earlier;its risky and costs a lot but any human who doesn't show their character flaw when dealings regarding money is involved;embrace them forever..


  13. I need to know.

  14. To an extent, yea??? But there are some you may not have had an opportunity to discover.

    I will explain using myself as an example. When I'm angry, like really angry, I can really lose it with the person I am angry with (been working on that) but since my husband never gave me a reason to show this side of me, he didn't discover this on his own.

    I did remind him that I could be like that (he's seen me angry with other people) and not to think I've been pretending it anything ever leads to that.

    And yea, some are also masters at pretending until they believe they've gotten u where they want you to be then the true colours come out.

    So I don't think you can actually know people fully

  15. Never, Noooooooooo !

  16. There are no guidelines to these things..
    My mum would always say "marriage bụ ngwugwu, ihe itohetere iwere"..
    Humans evolve.. You can't truly know a person fully cos different situations brings out different characteristics..
    Which is why sometimes, a man and a woman may date for seven years, marry and sign divorce papers after a week..and/or marry after dating for 6 months and stay married..
    You can only hope and pray to marry "your person" in every way.

  17. Yes.
    Amadioha go show every every through broken mirror.

  18. Be real to him/her, then he/she will be real to you..

    Eg. If the person do something that provoke you, scold him/her, don't hide your anger.
    If the person has a character you don't like tell him/her.
    Just be real and stop covering your feelings.

  19. Who created the person with the behavior one is getting married to? Who created the institution of marriage? Who said ‘ask and it shall be given’, who said knock and the door will be open? Who made you discover yourself when you came of age? Who made you discover the person you’re getting married to?

  20. Yes....
    By always acting stupid and annoying.

  21. No way.
    Prayer can let you if they are genuine but the nitty gritty you can't. Like everyone has said, people evolve.
    I have always applied what my cousin taught me; "Pay attention to understanding the character and marry it with the attitude, you'll come to a conclusion on whether you can tolerate and accommodate an individual into your circle".

  22. No, I don't think so.
    Some people can pretend just to get what they want before showing their true colours.

  23. A Sincere Prayer actually helps. But truth be told, you cannot fully know the entirety of a person's behavior. Their will be hints though. You will discover certain behaviors when you test your partners limits. Like purposely provoke him or her just to see how they react. But do so with wisdom.

    In relationships characters and attitudes pop out, either negative or postive. It's important you have serious discussions on these things before tying the knot, make knot no go choke you for neck.

  24. People Pretend a lot o... But strategic provocation garnished with wisdom should unveil the truth...

  25. You can't know it all. I concentrated on his character and marked it 100% and enter, now what am facing is weak erection, which is frustrating my life. I asked myself...if it's like this in the beginning,ho h will it be in the next 5yrs... Lord help me


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