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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I hate being recognized for a job or an achievement. I feel that then I won't be able to withstand the pressure of always being at my best and outdoing my previous work. I wrote a book and it sold thousands of copies. But I wrote it under an alias. Now I can't even spend my money how I please because people will question my source of income because I'm just a secretary.

 I don't want to tell anyone that I'm the one who wrote it because of personal reasons. 

I have a little over 260.000 euros sitting in my account from the sales made so far. I wanted to come back home and build a house but then if my parents see that I have money they will start requesting for money at every opportunity they get. Maybe I should just buy myself a new apartment over here. I have found a nice 140.000 euros, four bedroom apartment and it's really nice for this prize and maybe later open an African shop here in Italy and from the proceeds invest in real estate back home.

 I am really at a crossroad. What would you guys do? Stella please don't post if I am not under anonymous



Is it possible as a married Christian man or woman to have a Crush on a single sister or brother to the extent of wishing if you were single you had married them?
Please note that this has nothing to do with ones spouse, question is,is it possible to catch feelings for someone else outside your spouse even though your spouse is perfect for you, what to do in such situation??

Dont feel bad, such feelings are possible. what you need to do is to stop spending time with this person you have a crush on or just enjoy the crushing and dont make it a reality....


  1. Poster 2, it is possible. Guide ur heart, else u fall into adultery.
    Poster 1, u alone can know how best to spend ur money

    1. Poster 2 is carried away by list n would soon land in temptation. Read d book of James

    2. Except you’re moving back to Nigeria don’t invest in property or any business in Nigeria. Can’t nigerians become big time property developers abroad?!!! Are you scared ?! Of what?

    3. She’s also an online influencer I’ve seen your comment before you also make about3-4K euros a month.

  2. Poster 1, you need to change your orientation towards how you perceive success and the perks that come with it. You earned it and are worthy to enjoy it. Quit feeling concerned about what people think. As for your parents,If their knowing you have money will bring unnecessary pressure, do as you have suggested.

    Poster 2, we are humans with blood flowing in our veins, albeit Christians. It will be hypocritical to assume that becoming a Christian makes you a zombie without emotions/feelings.
    That's why the Bible says'Flee from all appearance of evil' When these thoughts creep into your mind, don't play romance and fondling with them, quell it there and then.
    Tell yourself you are a Christian with a marriage, reputation and Godly relationship with your Father to uphold.
    There's nothing wrong with the feelings, but there's everything wrong when you mull over them and want to take it further.

    1. Poster 1: there is nothing back home. Please move forward. Do your investments over there. As for your family making demands; be generous. Send them up keep from time to time as you see fit and face front. Buy your house over there.

      Poster2: that's lust. It will pass. Just face your front because if you don't take charge now, lust is capable of causing havoc and destabilizing lives.

  3. Poster 1
    Buy your house over there. When you make mite money, you can come home and buy another house. The economy over there is more stable than here.

    Poster 2
    It is very possible. Infact, I'd say it's normal if you have blood running in your veins. The Bible didn't say temptations (feelings) won't come. What it says is that you shouldn't YEILD to the temptations. Like Stella said, cut off from anything that will fuel the temptation. Wishing you would have married them is because there are more than one person in life who you can be compatible with. Talk to God about it. Tell him how you feel, and tell him to help you overcome, then play your part of resisting. You'll overcome. The victory will help you overcome other temptations.

    Read James 1:12-15 God bless you.

  4. Poster 1 ....set yourself up first before you send money home. Real estate property biz is sweeter abroad. You can even buy the apartment,rent it out and use the proceeds to buy another property in Nigeria. You can also rent out that property(in Nigeria) and the proceeds could be used to settle your family. That way you have profit from both properties and your salary as secretary can be your savings.

    Hope it helps.

    Poster 2....remove yourself from that situation. It's not going to change

  5. @Thefirstposter,it's your money and the ball is in your court too..
    @Thesecondposter,what are you even on about? 👀 Keep up with your crushing game but don't stress it unnecessarily..

  6. Buy a house there and rent it out, then open your African shop. I hope you ain't miserly sha. This life na one oo

    1. I no know say you sef notice say
      na stinginess wan wound am except your family are very entitled and inconsiderate Sha oooo.

  7. Poster no 2 it is possible and it is not a crime, at last what you do with the crush is all that matters.
    Poster no 1. Na wa oh, abeg done build house in naija if you don't trust your family members not to siphon your money. Buy that house in Italy and enjoy your life.

  8. Poster 1: You are not serious. How did you publish your both though? Is it on Amazon Kindle?

    Poster 2: There is nothing wrong with you. What you feel is infatuation. If it's possible, avoid spending time with the person in question. The feeling will fizzle away?

  9. Poster 1, you're the selfish type, you dont want people to know about your success simply because you don't want to give out! so stop the 'I don't want people to know I wrote a book' mentality. You and I know that is a pretence and you're being stingy!

    Poater 2, it's a normal feeling but don't yield to the temptation. Sefini.

  10. Poster 2,please know that what you are experiencing is absolutely natural and nothing spiritual. So no casting and binding.
    Married people often get attracted to other people other than their spouse. Attraction could come in different forms physical, sexual, etc. Now it's ur reaction to this attraction that is the challenge. Please know this that it is only a phase and will fizzle out so u need to handle it in a matured way.
    If you can, avoid being in the same place with this person or limit the time you spend with this person.
    Never be alone with this person ever.
    Constantly remind yourself that you have a perfect spouse and relationship and what you will loose should you act out.
    Remind yourself that it is a phase and it will pass.
    Try to find out a way or more your spouse is better than this person.
    All the best

  11. No 2
    Fasting; kill the LUST in your flesh Colossians 3:5

  12. Here goes nothing.

    Poster 1: I want to go for my masters and I’m having trouble building my account. If you or any God fearing person sees this comment and wants to help out, I’ll really appreciate it. I’m not even asking for someone to dash me money. I just need money to sit in my account as proof of funds. Having sleepless nights about it. A closed mouth they say, is a closed destiny.

    Poster 2: breathe slow. It happens. That’s what is referred to as wishful thinking. Fight the thoughts and focus on your spouse. If you have a good relationship with your spouse, have a conversation with them about the temptation you’re facing and you both can work on the root cause of it.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Poster 1. What is the name of the book

  15. See me converting 260,000 euros to naira. I can't imagine myself having 10m without doing something meaningful for my parents more or less over 100m. I will buy house and car for them.

  16. Poster 1,buy a house in Italy and put it up for rent. Open the african store. Use the proceeds from the rent and buy a house in Nigeria,put it up for rent and let your family be using that proceed so they don't disturb you. when you have enough money,but a private house for when you visit home. But wait first oooo,giving and making your family comfortable is not a bar thing,you're just stingy. Nor go die leave money come make government or bank keep your money oooo,spend it wisely and yourself and family.

  17. If your parents are staying in a rented appartment, buy a house in Italy for yourself and buy a house for your parents in Nigeria and buy at least a car for your parents imagine your old parents trekking cs the trekking in Nigeria na die

  18. Poster after reading all the comments ehn, I went to google to know how much Euro to Naira calculations of what you may have in Naira is over 118,300.000. Poster abeg you be stinging person, so you can't even bless your parents with house and car or 5mil sef hmmm nawah to you o


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