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Friday, March 05, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hi Stella,
My e-mail concerns the young woman who suffered from epilepsy and recently committed suicide. I had written to you the day her story was published, hoping to reach out to her, but it turned out that it was already late. 

Today, I have found the courage to share a similar, albeit worse experience, and I hope you will post this because I still believe there may be a solution to this problem.

I am a 35 years male and my twin sister has been epileptic since four or so. I don't have details how it started and it is hard to ask my parents because the mere mention of it breaks our heart. I have heard my dad mention a couple of times that one of his relative in the village is responsible for my sister's ordeal. 

My parents actually took us to the village to visit our grandmother when we were kids, and it seems things started to go bad for my sister and one of my brothers thereafter.

I read a bit about epilepsy; there are two basic categories of this disease. The first is called "petit mal", this translates to "lesser evil", from French. It an epileptic condition where the patients have a moderately low amount of short seizures, lasting for less than a minute, usually. 

When the seizures are recurrent (sometimes, up to 6 times a day, as in the case of my sister and lasting for about 5 minutes), it's called "grand mal". I have noticed that her seizures are periodic, and usually start at full moon. It seems that the lunar cycle has some kind of influence of the brain's activity, according to the few research papers I have read.

Whenever my sister has a seizure, usually at night, she lets out a horrifying shriek that would chase sleep off your eyes for the whole night, but we are used to this already. Her body quakes vigorously.

 The spasms are so violent to the extent that you have to hold her limbs to avoid them from injury. She foams from the mouth, breathes heavily and passes out after an excruciating 4-5 minutes. It is the most heartbreaking sight one could ever behold. No human deserves to go through this! Taking care of her is a torture, because no matter how you clean her room up, it still oozes of poop and urine.

We as a family are still struggling to grow, and we have done all we can to better her condition, but to no avail. I have been administering her drugs for years, but I have now given up because nothing has changed. I can confidently say that epilepsy is one of the worst diseases ever. We have seen her health rapidly degrade over the years, to the extent that she cannot even talk or walk.

 The burden of caring for her has been on my aging mother and it is harrowing for her. Imagine a 70+ year old woman who spent her life struggling to raise 10 children still caring for an adult the way you would for a baby, but with no hopes for a better future whatsoever. To be honest, sometimes I wish my sister would just die, and leave us alone. She is not living any kind of life here, to my understanding, and she's not useful to herself or anybody. 

It seems harsh to say this, but I bet many in the same condition would think or do worse. Anytime I speak with my siblings about her condition, our conversation gets punctuated with heavy sighs of defeat and dies off.

My sister was very bright as a kid, but now, she is just a shadow of herself now with no basic mental faculties whatsoever. Sometimes, I imagine that her brain cells have been totally fried up due to excess electrical activity and are now way beyond redemption. I read the comments of that sad post and people mentioned that this thing could be cured. 

Where can I get help even at this stage of her life, after living with a debilitating disease for 3 decades?

*I finished reading this Narrative with tars running down my face and I a really sad.....I feel like asking if it is not too late to seek any kind of help with this situation you just described but hey is there something that God cannot do?
If there is help, you will find it in Jesus name!!


  1. This is perturbing and all time sad.I pray that God be kind to you and yours

    1. If indeed she was afflicted by your relative, then you people need to seek spiritual help. Hope you have done this?

    2. I recently found out that one of my childhood friends died from suffering from epilepsy; it broke my heart!

      Your dad is most likely right about your sister's case being spiritual! I suspected my friend's too was as he was a very bright footballer who without a doubt had a great future ahead of him!

      I would suggest you join MFM. If you can covenant your life to Jesus, there's no problem He can't resolve! Plus that your evil relative in the Village will confess and die!

      Please be strong x

    3. Dear poster, this is a very sad chronicle, I can't imagine the kind of stress n pain it wld have put ur family through.
      I am making this recommendation because I have heard a testimony of someone that has gone through something similar.
      Pls join with ur sister as the main prayer point, God is still in the act of performing miracles and He's the only restorer of time and years (Joel2:26). Pls try join the prayer meeting and when the testimony happens, pls come back to share with us

    4. Oh God
      Is there anything you can not do??????
      You are able to do exceedingly great things we can ever imagine πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ€ͺ

    5. I agree pls join the prayers I am a witness that God is doing wonders there

    6. Poster I support royal tribe, pls watch that programme. Her case sounds spiritual. Witchcraft attacks can be projected in any kind of sickness. Epilepsy that is not spiritual manipulation can be controlled by medication to a certain degree. What God cannot do does not exist, when all else fails try God. He has healed worse conditions and nothing is hard for him. Pls don't give up, trust God a little more

    7. Please join this program and come back for your testimony

    8. I don't know how bad hers was but there are drugs that are administered under the tongue or side of the cheek when the seisure starts to stop it. Seizures lasting beyond 5 mins are considered dangerous to the brain as oxygen supply to the brain would be cut off which is why her mental capability has detoriated over the years. Why some Nigerian doctors don't understand this is puzzling. You guys would have been advised to always have oxygen and administer it when the seizure starts + use the tablet that is slipped into her mouth to stop the seizure. Another challenge with buying drugs in Nigeria is to make sure you aren't buying fake/chalk and conclude that the drug isn't working. This is why medplus and co are cashing out because people trust that they are buying the actual drug. I don't even know what advice to give at the stage she is now. Please remain steadfast in your search for a solution.

    9. Did they go to the hospital? Can they afford to have the oxygen on stand by at home especially with the scarcity of oxygen in the country due to Covid-19 pandemic that has increased the demand for it

  2. This is heartbreaking.
    Poster I can feel ur pain,I pray help comes your way.
    It is well.

  3. May God answer your prayers and that of your family and grant you all the strength to carry on.

    May God bless your mom plenty, this is life Brother, we take things as we see it and pray for better tmro.

    I pray you find fhe solution you seek here sincerely πŸ™.

  4. Try Jesus. There's nothing he cannot do. Her case is demonic.i feel very sad about what the devil has turned her to. But with God all things are possible.

  5. This is really a sad situation. May the Lord heal her in Jesus' name. Amen.

  6. God will send helper to your family.

  7. God will send helper to your family.

  8. This is so heartbreaking 😭

  9. I know of a girl below 10 going through this and being taking care of at Yaba neuropsychiatrist center (not sure of the full name). It's better if medication start early, she's doing better now,her number of attack has reduced also with the help of doctors and good medication. Sometimes they ask her mom to bring her and stay back for hours for them to see how it occurs and they've been able to attend to her properly.
    Proper medical attention from young age actually help.
    Poster,I pray God will visit your sister condition and perform His divine work on her. You've really tried, it's a pity she's going through such condition.

  10. This is tooooo deep. Did l read the first poster committed suicide?. Oh God. Jesus we hand over this battle to you. The angel that removed the stone on the tomb of Jesus and sat on it. Rescued Daniel from the den of lion. Rescued Shadrach and co from the burning fire, opened the prison gates for Paul and Silas. We send you on an assignment this afternoon. Go in favour of thus family. Heal this lady and all praises will return back to Jesus Amen.

  11. God will send helper to your family.

  12. Pray to God for healing and show love to your sister. Do not wish her death, be positive and know that the pain you feel is nothing compared to what she's going through. No matter what you're going through in life, Suicide is not an option, take it in good faith and live your life for God. Ensure you make heaven, that's the ultimate goal of life. Cos in heaven, there is no pain or epilepsy. live your life in obedience to God's commandments, no one has it all, Everyone is going through one pain or the other. Make heaven to enjoy for eternity and not to suffer in this world and continue suffering in hell fire. God forbid bad thing. I pray God gives you and your family the grace to pull through. Cheers. it is well.

    1. I get it when the poster wishes she was dead. The suffering she's going thru with no relief, plus having to watch her suffer, when u can't even help out all these years is enough to wish her dead, atleast she can finally found rest. Watching ur love one going through pain and there's nothing u can do about it is worse off.
      My dad was so sick it got to a point I prayed for God to take him, so he can rest. The pain he went thru for 4 long years broke everyone. The sickness rendered him useless.
      Eventually one day he refused to eat, we kept pleading n all, he told us he was tired
      We gave him drip but he passed on the next day
      Talking about it breaks my heart, but am relieved with the fact that I know he's in heaven resting. To say I miss him daily is mild, I miss him terribly but he's at peace, no more pain or suffer. It's being 5 years, but still feels like yesterday.

  13. The sad part is that your sister's life has a purpose. You see, her suffering is supposed to teach you all about unconditional love, empathy and compassion, but you all missed the mark. Everybody's life has value and purpose no matter how it appears on the outside. That you do not realize this as her twin is startling. All the medicines and prayers in the world will not help a sick person who lives in a home where they are seen as a burden, sighed upon and hope would just die. All those spiritual bullets your sister has to take coming from the very people who should be giving her the most love is what is helping to block the medicines and prayers from working.

    This is why disabled and sick people commit suicide at alarming rates, it is the absence of love and lack of value placed on their lives. Knowing that those around see them as only a burden kill their spirits quicker than the suffering of their condition.

    I wish you all the best. May God help us all to learn unconditional love and mercy for each other.

  14. My eldest brother suffered same when he was little. He was delivered in a Pentecostal firebrand ministry those days. More than 30 years ago. It indeed tormented him while it lasted. As stated by you, it makes the brain to weary over time. Your sister needs deliverance and just like her my brother was taken to the village when he was also little. Look for Joshua Selman YouTube messages on ‘deliverance’ part 1-4. If the SON of God sets you free you’re free indeed.

  15. GOD please come and make the storm be still in jesus name. AMEN!!!

  16. poster there is this new drug they are administering for patients in UK, it reduces epileptic fits a lot. it is called CBD oil { Canabis oil}. Is it something you can access in nigeria? it helps greatly

  17. Your sisters condition is heartbreaking and I felt tears running down my cheeks while reading this.
    Over 30 years of's unimaginable and I'm sorry for what you guys are going through.
    Have you guys consulted God in her case? You didn't mention that. While you might have tried everything humanly possible, why not take it to God in prayer. I'm a living witness that God still does Miracle in our time. You can go on your knees on her behalf and watch what happens when you stand.
    According to your writeup, there's a likelihood that it might have been caused by your uncle, right? The cause of the problem doesn't matter to God, just call on him sincerely and watch him do what only him can do. I've read a lot of testimonies on this blog which strengthened my faith in God; one is that lady that was bedwetting even till marriage. She miraculously received healing after her call to God.

    With Faith, I hope to see your testimony here.

  18. AMEN AND AMEN. God bless you for this prayer. @Zaram

    #proudly Tiv#

  19. 😭

    Dear, Lord Jesus, You have proven lots of time that you are a great physician, please, take total control and heal your daughter permanently.

  20. By now you guys should have known that this is purely spiritual. No amount of medication can change anything. So you face it spiritually.

    Three things I do when faced with challenges that are clearly beyond human solution:

    1. Extreme Thanksgiving
    2. Boomerang prayers
    3. Almsgiving

    1. Thank God profusely no matter the situation you find yourself. It empowers many things in the spiritual which you may not understand. Say thank you Jesus daily a thousand times.

    2. Boomerang prayers: what you make happen for others, happens for you. Look for several people with the same challenge that your sister has, and go into prayers and fasting for those people. Do it with all your heart. Forget your sister. Don't mention her case AT ALL. Continue it. You'll see strange things. After sometime, all you prayed for those people will begin to manifest in your sister's life. It is a mystery that even I don't understand. You know the pain you have passed through. So with that weight, pray for those people. God will hear and answer.

    3. Give to the less privileged especially during your fast. If you can find people with the same predicament who have been drained financially because of that problem. Give them. It works wonders. God has a plan for her that's why she's still alive.

    God bless you.

  21. One guy in the church I attended as a kid had this epileptic sickness. He used to have siezures in church. They would pray and pray. At a point, as I heard he was asked not to come to church again because it seemed to the outside world that prayer prayed to the church were in vain and so the church didn't attract new members. He actually got admission into Unilag but couldn't cope. It's unfortunate that in this part of the world, medical research is not encouraged rather we resort to prayer houses. At this point, there should be a bit of hope for people with this disease.

    1. Oh dear,this your narrative is as heartbreaking as the poster Simache.
      God biko😭😭😭😭

    2. Prayer is the only solution for spiritual matters. Take medicine all you like it will not go. Epilepsy that is not spiritual can be managed by medications. This story you gave is definetly not a true representation of a church. I know the place of medicine and trust me sometimes the best doctors can not help, only a miracle can

  22. Where are those people that wrote about the free herbal treatment the yoruba's have. Poster please find out about it and give it a try. My instinct tells me it will work and my instincts are never wrong.

  23. Yes, try CBD oils,they are really popular now and people are using it for a lot of things including;
    pain relief,
    chronic pain
    arthritis or joint pain
    anxiety and depression
    sleep disorder
    cluster and other headaches
    post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    allergies or asthma
    epilepsy and other seizure disorders
    multiple sclerosis (MS)
    lung conditions
    Parkinson’s disease
    Alzheimer’s disease

  24. This is so heartbreaking. I pray she gets permanent healing.

  25. Hmmmmmm....big sigh of pain but not defeat. I have a family member in his late 30s that was afflicted with arrow of madness, we fought the battle for 10 years in various churches and prayer houses, we were eventually advised by a pastor to take him to Yaba Left (Yaba Neuropsychiatry Hospital), he is on his meds and is stable, though extremely anti social.

    My point is he would have been in a better place if we started the fight both physically and spiritually from the beginning. I don't know if you guys have gone spiritual but you might need to if you haven't, let her continue her medication while you thrive in prayers. I totally understand you, poster, mental illness is the one of the worst things any human can suffer, you look at your sibling and remember who they used to be, think of the wasted years, wonder if God is seeing all this.

    This affects me as I have trust issues and I hate my village/hometown so much but I believe that no life is worthless, if God hasn't taken her life, there is still hope or some form of usefulness she will fulfil on this earth. Love and light to you poster, please, be strong. God be with you.

  26. Pls poster you can cast that demon out of her. It's obvious it's demonic and until the demon is cast out she wont regain herself. See! There's nothing God can'nt do, you guys should try HIM. There's divine healing made availlable to us by the stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. This is really like this is heartbreaking.Times like this is when I wish I have magical powers to just take people's pains away. God please deliver her

  28. Dear poster, there is nothing that God cannot do. Please be encouraged. Join the network of NSPPD prayers on Facebook, Instagram or on YouTube mondays through fridays from 7am in the morning. I pray God to heal her now in Jesus name. Amen

  29. I pray you find the answer you are looking for.

  30. 😒😒😒. Poster may you find the help you seek.It is well with you and your family.

  31. This comment is not an attempt to sell anything to anyone.


    Do you mind reading my ebook (Pathway to Divine Healing) and learn something that worked for me against a stroke attack within four weeks?

    Available only through the email. I don't do Whatsapp anymore.

    I will send you a link to download it free.

    Stella, it would be great if you approve of this comment.

  32. There's no situation to big for God to handle. Poster please you people should take it to God in prayers

  33. Dear Poster, one and only advice I will give is for you to take her to MFM prayer Center for a serious session Mondays through Wednesday or Friday. This is clearly spirit of wasted

  34. There's nothing God cannot do. I will like to invite you to Salvation Ministries Church and will also like your sister to enrol in the bible school for two weeks to gain insight of the word of God and I can assure you, that demonic sickness will be over.

  35. Dear poster it's well with you and your sister.I believe there is nothing God cannot do.Please do not loose faith in medical help and spiritual help too,you can take her to Dunamis church on Tuesday for their healing and deliverance service by 9:am along Airport road,Abuja or visit Apostle selman's weekly program every Friday by 5 pm Zaria,kaduna state.You can even download his messages on deliverance and play it for your sister 24/7...even while asleep....let her spirit,soul and body keep hearing the Word of God and I believe God will prove Himself mighty in her Life...God bless you....

  36. @poster please NSPPD morning prayer 7am Monday to Friday. What God can't do does not exist.

  37. Hi poster, this may be coming late as I just saw this now. My mother currently in her late 70's also suffered a great deal from epilepsy. I wouldn't say it is completely gone but she doesn't experience the violent seizure activity she used to have for years. While she was in Nigeria, she was on epilim. As she left and is currently residing with me, she has been put on Depakote. It may be the same medication but for now I know its depakote. She has stopped other medications she used to take with her epilepsy medication. There were other vitamins she used to take with her epilepsy medication based on advice from people but she had no idea that these vitamins if not monitored may have had a severe negative interaction with the epilepsy medication. Currently, my mother hasn't experienced any seizure activity for 2 years now. If there is any other activity in her brain, she is able to sense the strong aura that comes with the seizure and she sits down till the sensation passes. She can now remember days and times even when that sensation comes and goes which wasn't the case when it was really severe. With the severity then, she forgot the days and times and even the year or where she was. So epilepsy is bad but could definitely be managed. The only advice I will give is to ensure there is no vitamin taken that isn't monitored because interaction with the brain may not be good. People give too many advice on things or drugs to take but it is important to only take drugs meant for epilepsy and if other drugs are taken, then it should really be monitored. In place of vitamins, just eat healthy. My mother is a living testimony that epilepsy can definitely be managed. She had it just as bad and is now free from the violent attacks. Just Depakote is what she takes. She definitely takes other medications for high blood pressure and severe arthritis, but every medication is being monitored with blood work at least every 6 months. The ultimate is also prayer πŸ™. God is the miracle worker. I hope this isn't too much of a read.

  38. I hardly comment on chronicles but mehn this case is a sad one. I can imagine how drained you and your family members must be by now. But then I have just one advice for you.
    Go to Jesus! Yes, most people have mentioned it and that's because he ALONE can fix the situation. You can go to rccg camp and book an appointment to see daddy G.O ,sometimes the back and forth can be annoying but then dont give up ,meet with him and let him pray for your sister and watch how God heals her permanently. It is well with her in Jesus name.Congratulations in advance

  39. My elder brother died of epilepsy 2009...since then my mom has not been ok. Because she loved him so much,we found him lying upside down when we got to his room and the person who slept close to him is deaf and could not hear him when the attack Happy he is no longer suffering plus he was a witness and does not believe in healing.

  40. Carry that burden and lay it down at God's altar.Log on to NSPPD fire prayers on Monday.Take your phone and place it beside your Sister's head. YOU must testify....AMEN!


  41. Poster, go and follow GSWMI on twitter. Every Thursday is their prayer requests day, send in a message and a minister will call to pray with you. You will experience the supernatural in your sister's life. Remember, what God cannot do does not exist.
    Not only will she be restored but will also recover all the years she has lost to the devil. Please do this

  42. Take her to Brotherhood of the cross and star healing home. All her illness will be wiped away because there is nothing that God cannot do. All is well with her even now and forever more. Amen

  43. This came a little late. Pls do not loose Hope. What God can't do doesn't exist. I'd recommend a praying platform channel on YouTube for u by Prophet Sam Olu Alo, just type Grace of Mercy prayer Mountain, you make sure you tell it to God. Beloved, God is still on the throne performing Deliverance, Sings and Wonders. May you find solution to that Bitterness in your Household... Amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  44. i wish the whole family can fast and pray a prayer of agreement over her case. pray together as a family before breaking the fast. There is absolutely nothng GOD cannot do! that i believe


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