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Thursday, March 04, 2021

English 101

Here are a list of common errors in English we use every day....

You're taking it personal ❌
You're taking it personally ✔

He is matured ❌
He is mature ✔
He has matured ✔

The reason is Because ❌
The reason is that ✔

My stuffs ❌
My stuff ✔

Night vigil ❌
Vigil ✔

Traveling bag ❌
Travel Bag ✔

As at when due ❌
As and when due ✔

Be rest assured ❌
Rest assured ✔

I'm hearing you ❌
I can hear you ✔

My names are ❌
My name is ✔

All manners of ❌
All manner of ✔

She delivered a baby boy ❌
She was delivered of a baby boy ✔

Lacking behind ❌
Lagging behind ✔

Crack your brain ❌
Rack your brain ✔

Return it back ❌
Return it ✔

Nigeria comprises of 36 states ❌
Nigeria comprises 36 states ✔
Nigeria is comprised of 36 states ✔

Wake keeping ❌
Wake keep ❌
Wake ✔

Exercise patience ❌
Be patient ✔

Barbing saloon ❌
Barber shop ✔
Barber's shop ✔️

I forgot my phone at home ❌
I left my phone at home✔

Borrow me your pen ❌
Lend me your pen ✔
May I borrow your pen ✔

More grease to your elbow ❌
More power to your elbow ✔

Funny enough, I've never liked him ❌
Funnily enough, I've never liked him ✔
Funnily,I've never liked him ✔️

My body is scratching me ❌
My body itches ✔

Letterhead paper ❌
Letterhead ✔

I'm not your mate ❌
We're not mates ✔

You're mannerless ❌
You're ill-mannered ✔

Horn at the car in front ❌
Honk at the car in front ✔

Happy birthday in arrears ❌
Happy belated birthday ❌
Belated happy birthday ✔

I will sleep at 10pm ❌
I will go to bed at 10pm ✔

Just when I thought I have seen it all ❌
Just when I thought I had seen it all ✔

First come, First serve ❌
First come, First served ✔
First come,First to be served ✔️

Please dash me ❌
Please hand it on to me ✔
Please give me ✔

I have a running nose ❌
I have a runny nose ✔

I have a running stomach ❌
I have a runny stomach ❌
I have an upset stomach ✔

Working Experience ❌
Work Experience ✔

I bet you didn't know some of these? I learnt some correct ways to use words and i will be saving this page.....


  1. El oh el. Before i leave this post,everything don fly out.

    1. Hahahaha....same here

    2. Thanks Stella. "My name is" not my names are. Even some lecturers will confidently use the latter. Doesn't make sense to me

  2. Respectfully, I disagree with "I left my phone at home" as opposed to "I forgot my phone at home".

    I left my phone at home - can also mean you intentionally left the phone at home..which to me is more fitting.

    1. Las las my phone no dey my hand

    2. Thank you, cos I was kinda confused there.

    3. Stella pls include those that write vaginal instead of vagina,that shit irritates me! Mrs A does that alot upon all the corrections πŸ™„

    4. Well in English language, you can not forget a tangible thing. You can only leave them behind. Only intangible things can be forgotten. That's how it is in English Language. Thanks

    5. Why not remove the spec in your eye before seeking the log in another's?
      Despite all... Irrespective... Not with standing... Certainly not Upon all... Ehn, hanty "irritates me!"

    6. Thank you@Anon 20:25, I was about stating same.

      @Persia, that right there is your answer. You cannot forget a tangible thing

  3. So nice.... I've learnt a thing or two from this. Let me bookmark it.

  4. Please someone should clarify why I forgot my phone at home is wrong πŸ™

    1. TS, that one is doing my head in as well. If it said "I forgot my phone, I left it at home", it would have been more appropriate.

    2. * patiently waiting for the prof *

    3. Twins Squared......

      Only things that are abstract can be forgotten or that we can forget.You cannot forget something you can see with your eyes.

      I forgot my phone(Physical thing)❌

      I left my phone✔

      But;I forgot your name(abstract thing).

      You may also have....."I forgot to take my.....'(correct)✔

    4. @ gem.. you may be right . I found your points convincing enough

    5. @Gem, you're absolutely right. That's how it is in English Language.

  5. Noted. Really take note of certain words.

  6. Noted. Really take note of certain words. Thanks

  7. Page saved.Thank u Ma'am Stella. I have been saying rubbish 😭😭😭😭

  8. Wow this is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Correct: My name's
    Incorect: my name is

    1. Why is the second one wrong? In this context,"'s" is short for "is" abi??

    2. They are both correct, the first is just a shortened form of the former.

    3. Hello ooooo
      Please which dictionary did you get such from???
      Correct: My Name Is
      Incorrect: My Name's

      Na so una dey confuse una sef say una sabi book.

    4. That's international English standard, if u are speaking. I am not perfect in English but I learn well when taught. I don't argue.

    5. My name's - is used when speaking. (informal)

      My name is - used when writing (formal)

  10. Nigerian English is different from English oo take note

  11. Crack your brain? 🀣🀣🀣🀣
    Is it coconut or palm kernel, aki?🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    At this junction? is it Abakpa junction or 9th mile?
    At this JUNCTURE, let me laugh! 😁😁😁🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  12. Thanks ma'am

    Pretty Patience

  13. Wow so educative. I've learnt new things today.

  14. This is informative. Learnt something new. Stella do a post on usage. Think that were a lot if us fall short. Use of being vs been, there vs their. Spelling of the word lying vs lieing (Lieing is incorrect by the way).

  15. Thanks Stella for sharing.

  16. English no be our language 😁.

  17. Lemme contribute also.

    It’s “Whet your appetite” ✅not “wet your appetite”.❌

  18. I've Learnt something from this post. I will go through it over and over for it to stick


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