Stella Dimoko Jealous Woman Reportedly Burns Her Co-wife To Death


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Jealous Woman Reportedly Burns Her Co-wife To Death





  1. Why give the first wife access to the second wife? In Saudi Arabia, the bedrock of Islam, the recent law concerning polygamy is first wife must sign in agreement before a man can take a second wife. Polygamy is for the super rich who can afford to keep the women in separate houses and keep them and their children in luxury. RIP to Fatima and may God comfort her family.

    1. They were not living in the same house.

    2. 90% of world problems are caused by MEN.

    3. You people should keep deceiving yourselves you men.

      Religion my foot

      Our women understand my foot

      Women are humans!

      EVERY human feel pains when something they cherish is sharing precious moments with someone else. Even kids!!!

      You pack women together because pussy is sweet and be creating enemity amongst them. How can they ever be happy?

      You men created this unhealthy competition between women!

      And they are so foolish to let y'all be getting away with it!

      Why can't you stick to one pussy? Or go have as much as you desire BEFORE committing to anyone!

      Now see this aunty ode has killed someone because of 30secs dick!

      She'll now have to rot in jail and they'll give the brother idiot a new girl for condolence consoling.

      It is well o my people. Mtschewww

    4. Anon 21:16 religion blinds people especially when practiced extremely. It's so sad what women are subjected to all because they refuse to act/cooperate with one another. Women go through a lot in order to 'fit in'. I really feel for them

  2. Blood of GOD😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  3. The things men expect women to put up with are the very same things they could not even conceive of dealing with.

    What this woman did was abominable and the love these ppl have for fire and setting ppl on fire or throwing acid. What is their fixation with fire? I cannot even imagine the pain that woman went through before she passed on. And after she killed this woman the man will still be left to take replacement wives. You guys fighting the wrong battles and another woman is not your enemy. When will you women band together to soak the men and outplay them at their own game.

    1. Did the man force any woman to marry him. You guys are always looking for flimsy excuses to condemn men. It was on this blog 7 years ago that nearly 98% of the women said a man who is rich is entitled to more than one wife.

    2. I don't totally agree to this, you need to hear my story first. Sometimes women are their own enemies. Ladies these days find out about the exes or other wives of your men if any,not everyone will be like me. I think I wrote ds on the chronicles of the lady who wanted to marry the guy who has been with/lived with another lady for years.

    3. Anon 17:56 Well spoken. Indeed so sad. Women truly are their own enemies. Always fighting wrongly. Rip to the late wife

  4. Why?☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ She should have walked away instead of killing! Why? So so sad. Can you give life?

  5. Wicked soul! Burning another person alive because of a man.

  6. Polygamy and it's consequences ain't palatable I must say

  7. Prison is now are new crib..
    She should go and enjoy the man in prison


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