Stella Dimoko Man Drags Wife To Court For Allegedly Aborting His Child


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Man Drags Wife To Court For Allegedly Aborting His Child

A 43-year old businessman, Salisu Ibrahim, on Tuesday dragged his wife Basira Adamu before a Shari’a Court sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna, for allegedly committing an abortion.

The complainant through his counsel M.M. Dahiru, told the court that the defendant also trespassed into his house and took away some of his belongings.

“She travelled to Kano with her sister-in-law without my permission, claiming that she had a miscarriage due to a motorcycle accident”, he said.

The counsel noted that Ibrahim divorced his wife under duress.

‘My client upturned the divorce because of the love he had for her,” he said.

In her defence, Adamu through her lawyer Murtala Idris said that the miscarriage she had was not planned.

‘My client is no longer his wife because he granted her divorce and she has completed her waiting period (Iddah),” he said..

The judge, Malam Nuhu Falalu, said a man and his wife are one in statutory law and as such, there is no criminality between them.

He urged the two parties to try to settle the matter out of court and adjourned the matter until April 26 for a report of settlement, NAN reports.

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What is the waiting period?Please if you are a Muslim explain.


  1. This story isn't very straightforward. Should a man be able to sue a woman for aborting his child? What if he is a deadbeat husband and she doesn't want her child in that situation? Na wa oh.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. And they already divorced, not going to explode my brain over this.

    2. Abortion is a criminal offence in Nigeria.

    3. Really? 12.40
      But a woman can sue a man for child support even if he wasn't interested in her keeping the pregnancy abinitio bah?

      It's even worse in the west, a lady has stolen the used condom of a billionaire from the hotel he lodged, impregnated herself and Sued him for millions on child support, guess what, she won..

      You know what followed next.. many ladies started targeting used condom of b.ball players that they had to make a rule of them flushing their used condoms when they're done..

      That country men are so dumb when it comes to manipulations of women. They have been pussy whipped.

      We'll never allow those nonsense stupidity and injustice happen here..


    4. Always ranting like a mad man

    5. He really is always ranting like a mad man . Whenever I come across his comment he always sounds like a year one student who doesn’t have a clue what life is all about but wants to contribute to adult conversations.

    6. Dante, it is impossible to steal sperm from a long discarded condom and get pregnant. Semen needs optimal conditions to remain including staying at the right temperature until fertilization occurs. A condom doesn't provide that environment and the sperm is only viable for a few minutes after being deposited in the condom, without that enabling environment, which means that she would have to have stolen and insemination herself while he was still washing off

    7. Friend..
      Why don't you research about the case before coming here to argue.
      You can research it online you know

  2. There is nothing a woman will not see in the name of marriage. You divorced her. She lost her baby. You took her to court. Continue.

  3. After a divorce occurs a woman idah which translates to waiting period .Idah is firstly to ascertain whether the wife is pregnant, and if so, the paternity of the child. Secondly, in the event of a revocable divorce, it gives the husband the opportunity to return to his wife.

  4. Na wa.....o,you no want the woman,you still dey sue her

  5. A good and compassionate judge, Gid bless you

  6. Iddah is the waiting period after a divorce or the death of a husband during which a woman is not allowed to remarry. His period of waiting g is usually to ascertain the paternity a child in case of pregnancy. Iddah after divorce is 3 months. While iddah after the death of a husband is 4 months, 10 days.

  7. Say no to abortion ooooo whether single or married, no Child is a mistake. if God does not want that child, e no go enter your belle. if you no want the child next time while doing the Do, follow it up with your preventive actions HABA!!!


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