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Friday, March 19, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Children And Their Picky Food Behaviour

Mothers are a bunch of talents and are saddled with a of roles in the home...

Aside from being mothers, we assume the diverse roles of teachers, playmates, friend and confidante, counselors, fashion stylists, cleaners, hypemen ,defenders, and world-class chefs .

Each day we are faced with the daunting task of sourcing for nutritious and appealing recipes because children at their early stages are very picky with what they eat and any food that doesn't appeal to their sense of sight, sometimes does not appeal to their sense of taste.

I have had too many experiences of my kids coming home with their food flask untouched, while their drinks and snacks are nowhere in sight.

I was so annoyed that i had to wake up so early to prepare their meals for the day and only for it to end up in the trash bin.
However eating habits improved when I garnished their foods with inviting colours.

The kids enjoy jollof rice more when it had carrots and green peppers. Noodles were quickly consumed if the accompanying eggs were fried instead of boiled.

Despite how healthier fishes are in comparison to meat, they still hated eating food that had the latter in them, so we resorted to white meat, when we can afford it and supplemented with eggs.

I know Children's preferences differ from family to family, and we can't fully satisfy their cravings if we want them to be healthy and strong, but Children will always be Children and most Mothers Worldwide experience this food ish.


  1. It's actually the children of the rich and sometimes average that are picky eaters.In a household where they eat 0-0-1 or 0-1-0,they dont have a choice than to eat whatever is available with gratitude.

  2. Mothers are the salt of the earth. What they go through nurturing their family cannot be over-emphasized. God bless all mothers and mothers to be out there, you’re all the real McCoy

  3. So true! Whenever my son goes to school with rice and stew he will return it untouched but give him jollof, spaghetti jollof, yam with fried egg he will finish it all.

    May God continue to strengthen us all.

    1. I will purposely give them Eba n ofe Owerre one day

    2. Hahahaha. Chai! Sister Mao you really made me laugh. Thanks so much.

  4. My son is almost 6 and he's sitting on the high table! It is well o

  5. I dealt with a kid that actually loves food except anything veggies. He doesn’t like exotic dishes like at all..
    Add seafood, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, root cauliflowers, broccoli, diced onions in his food and he will pick em out.
    So I decided to modify and make him his dishes simple by chopping up these things till they are barely visible. The only visible things he wants to see are meat and boiled egg. But you see eba, he loves it to stupor.

    1. How old is this kid please. Because when I tell people that my almost 3 years old does not eat anything without force they usually say all children are like that at that age.

  6. This is so first daughter was so picky with food that I almost got fed up. Thank God her sister is her direct o0posite, she will seat and be watching her younger sis demolish all the food, she would just run and come sit down and next thing is mum give me, mummy ahhhhh...πŸ˜„

  7. Waking up to cook everyday, combining food for our son to take to school is not a small job, it's interesting still. Introducing new foods to him and wondering if he will like it or not isn't funny cos it's likely going to waste. Mothers are really trying. Kudos.

  8. My 4yr old is balanced on this table and it's so annoying.
    Today fish is his favorite meat, tomorrow he picks them out and says he wants only chicken.
    He won't even taste egg, whether boiled or fried, or scrambled.
    If I ever insist on him eating anything he throws it all up.
    It's so frustrating

    1. Awww! Even worse when kids go out there and still eat these things they despise at home. 🀣

    2. So sorry dear. Funny enough picky children hardly reject my food when they come over. Maybe because I'm also a Picky adult. But i make very colourful and tasteful dishes. Like today,i made boiled yam with carrot green peas,green,yellow and red peppers with diced chicken. Little butter and turmeric. Lunch plates wiped clean. Mothers just have to be creative and play with the food.

    3. The annoying aspect of it... They will eat those food they despise outside and even ask for more.

      I have been promising to buy helicopter, candy, lightening McQueen car, name them... all in the name of "if you finish your food, I will buy this or take you out..." Well, it works atimes. God help mothers

    4. Hahahahaha... @Mao this is so me too. Macqueen is his favorite character too and it usually works when I promise to buy one for him.
      Motherhood isn't easy at all

  9. Nice write up Mrs Dee.
    Most kids are so guilty of this, picky eaters.
    I have noted some tips that so far has helped my kids eating habits.
    1st tip- If I am to include boiled eggs into their meals, I don't add the boiled eggs with the food, I pack it in separate pack.
    2nd tip- fried eggs,is fried with butter or margarine and, still packed separately.
    NOTE::: Personally I detest the smell of eggs and chickens.

    I also noticed that if I pack food flask and add their food with eggs and put it together with their meals, the awful normal smell of eggs DISCOURAGES my kids from eating, they just eat few spoons and cover it for me, lol.
    Chicken too, I noticed that once I clean my chicken with white vinegar, it reduces the awful smell of chicken.
    My kids are tilting towards being vegetarians,they aren't into meat, but they like their eggs.

    3nd tip- avoid covering the kids flasks immediately after putting food, especially if the food is hot, allow it to cool down well before covering.
    It helps reduce the food going bad/sour.

    I am still learning but it's getting better.
    These days,their flasks are now usually empty.

    1. 4th tip- avoid over loading/putting some much food for the kids in their food flask.

      5th tip- try and make their meals attractive.
      For example, typical me, add very tiny oil if I am preparing beans, as per fitmum tinzz, lol.

      If I am making beans for my kids, I add plenty crayfish, tomatoes, onions and red oil.
      Then fried plantains, I cut it Into cubes and fry for them.

      My beans porridge is always a hit, among my friends and their children.
      My friends complain their kids does eat beans, but if they visit, and I serve beans they finish it.

      6th Tip- their plates should be colorful and interesting, my kids 7 and 5year old, have very colourful plates, cups and tray.

      Involve them when cooking.
      I do ask mine to help mummy pick out onions, or help me get veggies from the fridge.
      Just involve them.

      Finally, don't feel bad if they reject or refuse eating after all the efforts you invested in preparing the meals,lol, it can pain, but just take it one day at a time.

      E-hugs and kisses to every parent out there.
      We rock.

  10. My kids are sitting on this table gidigba' most especially my first child. She hates swallow foods, can sometimes eat a bit of egusi soup with garri or semo, she calls the egusi soup white soup. I'v corrected her several times that it's called egusi soup and not white soup. But she has to chew the swallow several times before swallowing it oo. I'm just tired. Her brother that's almost 17months refuse to taste any solid food. It's pap and golden morn for him. May God continue to help we mothers.

  11. Getting a good food flask that keeps the food warn for long is also difficult. I got 2 new flasks some weeks ago and they are just not working for me. Fake things are so much in the market these days. It's such a sorry case.

    1. I was like you until a while back, i now literally have to cool down the food or water a bit before i pack in my toddler's lunch bag cos the flasks make the food and water stay hot/cold (as the case may be for the whole day..) I can hook you up with the flasks i use if interested.

    2. Look for original haers. I got mine at gorodome Lagos Island four years ago and the food remains very hot till 4 in the evening. I get all my flask including water flask from the same woman. I'm still using the food flask for my kids.

    3. Haers ke. The fake is everywhere. Tried using it as a souvenir and gave up. Even when you put it in your ear and hear the whizzing sound, it's still fake, don't know who imported that wayo flask.

      Kate Spade thermos box is perfect for kids.
      It keeps food piping hot for 2 days nonstop.
      I bought the plain and polka dots version with full inscription underneath from a gift shop.

    4. Which area is Gorodome stores?
      St Paul's street zone?

    5. Oke arin market, Lagos Island. I don't have the woman's contact I would have given. She's the only one that I've bought original from. I've taken others to her and she doesn't disappoint. I've bought so many fakes so I was amazed when I bought from her.

  12. My daughter doesn't want anything stew or soup.
    She wants the rice,spag and others without stew.
    I don tire joo, picking food as if na otedola born her.

    1. Yes oh Na Otedola born her hahaha I love her already.

  13. My son is sitting comfortably on this table. His favorite food today is not his favorite food tomorrow. Its so annoying that, you take time to make food for hin just to refuse it.
    The thing tire me abeg

  14. My sisters hate onions and vegetables they started their disgust for onions and other vegetables when they were very tender no matter how small you chop the onions they will select it and keep it for you. If they even perceive smell of onions that's it they not eating. They are 16 and 15 years now still nothing has changed.sigh.

  15. Guess I am really lucky with my sons.
    They eat everything eatable except banana.
    Having a picky eater can be so tiring. God help and bless all mothers.

  16. Kudos to all mum's and mum's to be out there, may your forth coming years continue to be merry and bright.
    Creative cooking is what mum's should try and play with, I am not a good cook but one thing I have learnt is not cooking the normal style of preparing food and I have noticed that a lot of the visitors we have are always surprised that certain foods some kids will date not touch at home are always finished and requested eg beans ,ogbono soup and others , I love playing with food more especially if it's for guests.

  17. My daughter is way too picky,i jumped on this post with the intent of finding a solution 😑 but i guess I am literally stuck with her act.If you don't cook her favourite meal,She starves herself and doesn't eat same thing twice πŸ™„πŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆ


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