Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - Dealing With Dishonest Business Owners In Nigeria..


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Friday, March 12, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Dealing With Dishonest Business Owners In Nigeria..

I have often wondered if finding a honest Nigerian business person isn't like looking for a needle in a haystack -like, is it even impossible?

From the gas attendant who fills up the gas cylinder, to the online store that delivers goods ordered on their platforms, there are numerous stories of business owners delivering goods and services below the standard promised to their customers.

The justice system in Nigeria does not make it easy for customers to get their money's worth by bringing erring business owners to book.

Most people will agree that they have had a nasty experience dealing with fraudulent business persons who do not give those who patronize them the much needed customer satisfaction, but leave most of their customers disgruntled and dissatisfied.

I still remember refilling our gas cylinder at the gas station, only to get home and the gauge showed it was just half-full.

Another time, I ordered a table top gas burner from a popular online store and when the product was delivered, it was nothing like what was displayed on their website. The process of getting a refund was so frustrating that I had to forget the money.

These days, I am skeptical about buying goods online and even when I walk into a physical store, I try to check out what I am purchasing to avoid being hoodwinked.

In Nigeria there are perhaps only a handful of business persons who are honest in their dealings with their customers.

To the ones who are dishonest, just remember that one day go be one day and the cup will be full.

*It happens all over the World.

I remember seeing something i liked so much online on a supposed German website, after i ordered and paid via paypal, i got a reply in my email and saw it was company in China... WHAT!

They said three working days and i had already paid for express delivery; everything cost me 230 dollars but it took about 5 months for the goods to arrive and when it did, it WAS NOTHING LIKE WAS ADVERTISED.... I was so shocked, I complained via paypal and woke up two days later to see they had blocked my account, luckily for me i had removed the remaining funds two days before.....I got so angry and sent the goods back via DHL with 80 euros but after four months, they sent it back to me that they could not find the address...

I still have the rubbish things here, still too shocked to dispose of them.


  1. what!!! Not funny. I research a website before buying from them

  2. Stella there is no honest person in Nigeria! You need to see how people behave tomorrow they will turn around and say Government is wicked. But we individuals are wicked! My husband sent a total of six cars to Nigeria for taxi business so that the drivers can pay up within a year and 6 months. We handed the cars over to Brekete family can you believe that none of the drivers could deliver at the appointed time frame? We gave each car to them at 1.8 million to pay as within a year 6months,but Brekete family gave out this cars to drivers at 2.5m. We also paid maintenance fees on each car 250k to Brekete family so that the cars can be monitored and for insurance! After all money spent in shipping and clearing those cars the drivers couldn't meet up because Brekete family conditions on those drivers were too much. The drivers will be remitting both to Brekete family and to the owner of car. My dear Stella no agreement no paper documentation from Brekete family. My husband got fed up with the way they are doing things and asked for his cars back guess what Stella they removed the radios and batteries that came with the cars from Europe. When we complained they kept quiet. Tell me is that not daylight robbery? Dear Stella we even tried the business with 2 of my trusted friends in Nigeria we gave them cars to manage and give out to drivers and monitor them they both disappointed me one even collected 500k from a driver and up till now refused to pay back claiming economic crisis in Nigeria. Stella I am tired are their still good people out there to do business with?

    1. Yes there are still good people. Don't be quick to trust people with their words, give them a job first that won't require you losing much money and watch how they deliver. Before you can move up to something that require more cash.
      Trust is earned not given.
      I'm not surprised with the berekete ish, I'm always mindful of people who blow their horn and try to look perfect in public. Especially all those NGO pretending to fight for human rights.
      There are people you can trust and they'll rather they bear the loss than let you down. Search them out

    2. Kai! This is so sad. Is it the same brekete family in Abuja that run radio program? Just imagine making life unbearable for the drivers.

    3. I need a car for personal use. Maybe l will contact Stella to contact you.

    4. Aaah!
      What a horrible experience NK.
      I can't even begin to imagine the stress and anxiety YET stories.
      It is really a tiring situation.
      My mom had similar experience when she bought a bus, and believe me the driver frustrated her that she just had to get rid of the bus to regain her sanity.

      Some of these artisans eeeh, no need adding trust in same sentence with them, e get WHY.

      Just handful persons who display their wares and services actually delivery.
      I have have a few run ins with them.

      I now go for physical shops, if it is in another state I make such my brother go check it out for me before I pay.

      And Dante you are so danm right about some of these NGOs,so right!

  3. Lol. Stella sorry for that. Me am genuine oo. What you see is what you get

  4. The Bad and Good is everywhere in Nigeria...

    In our own business for example;we are very transparent and always do our best to meet up with the demands of our customers..

    To ensure that;here is a few tips we follow:

    1) We offer options for video calls via whatsapp or we record a live video before a customer pays for the said product..

    You can even come to the store and pick up(if distance isn't a barrier)..

    2) We make sure we sell strictly what we advertise;and even after the studio pics we still do a live video alongside(or can be requested if we forget to post)..

    3) We don't sell a fake in place of original;we give you the original and state the price..

    If a gadget for example has a super-copy;we boldly state it..if it's what you need or your budget;we deliver..

    4) We use a reliable and reputable company for our logistics,so products can't be swapped by them or other stories..

    And In a case of damage;we reach an agreement on how to replace so it won't be solely the loss for our customers..

    Are we perfect? No,we only do our best and stick to our words because it's our bond..

    Have we cheated a customer since inception? Never

    Have we had complaint? Yes

    Do we sort complains out;yes and very amicably as every individual personality differs..

    There are good and honest business people I have dealt with too;hence I don't use the sin of one to judge all

    The only challenge is that most first timers would be scared of doing business with you due to a previous bad experience with another;but it's up to you as a Smart Business owner to change that narrative and have a customer for life in them..


    1. Apt @ Martins 👍

    2. Noo You see Martins, he's an exception to the rule!
      My brother has patronised him and it's been accolade, lol!

  5. There are still honest people in business.

    My hubby is into building for people. And he is very honest with his clients.

  6. Stella sorry about the order gone wrong.

    We still have honest business owners myself and hubby inclusive,in my own line of business for example, what you order is what you get or how will I give you garri for beverage? I deliver to homes in NDA and Alhamdullahi no complain so far.

    1. @ elegant naa,even food vendors are dishonest,with Garri they mix alot of lebu and casava shafts with the Garri,they mix flour with grounded egusi,they mix paprika powder with ata gigun(ground chilli),if you buy ede pupa(red crayfish)na so so head go full am,plantain futu is not 100% plantain,they mix it,even poundo yam they mix,they don't fear God,the leaders are bad,even the people are horrible

  7. I dont do online shopping,let me avoid getting what i did not bargain for

  8. I have had my fair share of dealing with dishonest business owners.

    There are still honest ones. Hubby and I strive to be honest in all our dealings. We go over and beyond to satisfy our customers.

  9. This was the very thing on my mind a few days ago. A lot of ppl's idea of business, in Nigeria, is to cheat u. If they're not cheating, they're just being plain lax. One can hardly get one's money's worth of goods and services these days. It's just crazy.

  10. The Brekete family story does not give a correct picture of what transpired. For instance, the N250k paid is a one-off payment for insurance, painting the car, number plate registration, and adminstrative charges, etc. Secondly, the drivers pay money directly to the owners of the cars. State the full story, the good, the bad and the ugly. Seems the good part is missing.


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