Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - Different Ways People Handle Good News.


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Friday, March 05, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Different Ways People Handle Good News.

Our Nigerian celebrities are good examples on how so many people handle good tidings either by publicizing or keeping it under wraps till it's time to be proclaimed. And a lot of people will fall under the two extreme poles based on their personal experiences and beliefs.

While a majority are hush hush about keeping their accomplishments and sources of joy a secret until it is ripe and ready, to avoid incurring the wrath of 'village and world people', others go the whole mile in flaunting and broadcasting it all through the entire process without a care or fear of the aforementioned.

Exciting news like pregnancy, marriage, signing a mega million deal with a recognized brand, the purchase of an expensive car, launching their businesses on a large scale and building their own mansions are just some of the common good news our celebrities display for all to see or have learned to hide to avoid it being jinxed.

In Africa, and we cannot deny the fact that there are individuals or groups of people with bad and negative energies who are adept at muddling the clear waters of people's joy, making their victims to gain wisdom the hard way.

It is worthy also to note that while some have guarded their good news to their chest, some mishap have also befallen them and others have also enjoyed the dividend of keeping their happy announcements from prying eyes. 

There are also the set of people who showed off and went unscathed by the sharp fangs of jealous people, while another set ended up badly burned by the loss of their pregnancies, crashed marriages and loss of good business deals as a result of announcing it too soon.

It makes one to assess and realize that there are no fast and hard rules to any of these and the common saying 'as the Spirit leads' should be everyone's watchword when deciding on whether to share your joy with people around you or to keep it hidden.


  1. Goodnews is like a light in darkness or a city set upon a hill, even if you choose not to share, it'll still show.

  2. That issue of "...Spirit leads...," do the Spirit (note that upper case "S") lead those who do not know Jesus as their Lord?
    It is the pride of life and vain pursuits that make people to flaunt their good news. They are not telling you about it so that you will be "happy." They glory in your being jealous and that is their main reason to shine it in your face 24 hours a day. For such people, the weapons fashioned against them by those jealous souls will prosper and even bear plenty (evil) fruits.
    Good works are not hidden. If you are pregnant, it will show, you do not need to flaunt it.
    You are either wise or foolish. There is no wise but foolish virgin, is there? 🙄🙄🙄

  3. Everyone should do what works for them.

  4. Do what works for you. I always pray for a discerning spirit so I know those who laugh with me and are not happy in their hearts. I was Ttc for 9 years and when I took in only hubby knew till it started showing. I knew the delay was spiritual so I resolved when next I took in they will not hear. Truly I did not tell the person till I was about 5 months. When she eventually heard the comment she made confirmed my dreams and what the lord had shown me and 2 others. May God grant us wisdom


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