Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Education Minister Says The Government Cannot Secure Every House


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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Nigeria's Education Minister Says The Government Cannot Secure Every House

If you live in Nigeria, please read carefully and let the message sink in....


  1. He is right in a way. What's the ratio of the security/armed forces (all combined) to citizens. That's where the community needs to step in to provide information and secure their neighborhood and handing over to the appropriate authority.

    1. Thank you.

    2. So which house have they been able to secure?

    3. Stop assigning taxpayer funded security details to every idiot with money, free up the policemen and get your own private security. That will be a good start especially if they improve their salaries and living conditions.Hire more graduates and pay them the money you plan to steal. Unemployment rate is too high! The policemen we have patrolling the streets drive brand new cars & SUVs with laptops, radio equipments & above median income so how much can you bribe them with? They will put you and your bribe money in handcuffs. Policemen are not maids. Free them and stop assigning them to guard madam and carry her bag due to low wages.

  2. But he’s right.

  3. Any government that cannot secure the lives and property of it's citizen has failed woefully.

    Like why are you there? Are people supposed to take laws into their hands?

    I don't understand this our Naija at all.

  4. dis is the truth, you are on your own in nigeria....hustle oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    nigeria is for people in power and people who know somebody that know something in power.

    or you have eating something that they have eating. if you know you know

  5. i love my drama country.......where everybody is acting...imagine a four years old girl looking at a mirror and telling her friends that with dis her body, men will suffer

    1. The people around that girl failed her. So sad

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,it is well with us

  7. Is there really anything the government provide for us in Nigeria? We provide our basic amenities

  8. Who are these obtuse morons ruling Nigeria? First the man at the helm was naming streets during a pandemic after the president of the french named NIGg.. country, add railroad being built to bring in more foreigners from his tribe to Nigeria when Nigerians are suffering? Miyetti Thug-lord chieftain has a police convoy to secure his banditry, yet you cannot guarantee children's safety? The names of both countries are from the racial slurs and the education minister speaks like this? What did Nigerians do to deserve these wicked ones especially the one at the top of the pyramid?

  9. Just shut up and tell your boss if he can not secure Nigerians, he should step aside and allow another person do the job.
    Damn it! We do virtually everything by ourselves in this country.
    We provide our own source of water,
    We fix the roads leading to our houses,
    We buy generators to get electricity,
    We provide our own accommodations,
    Common security, you guys can't provide for us!
    How can the government go round disarming other tribes, yet allow Fulani's to be carrying AK47.


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