Stella Dimoko Nigeria's VP Osinbajo Says Those Seeking Nigeria's Break Up Will Not Succeed


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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Nigeria's VP Osinbajo Says Those Seeking Nigeria's Break Up Will Not Succeed

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has warned purveyors of Nigeria’s break up to desist and declared that those fanning embers of disunity among Nigerians would be put to shame.

“Nigeria is one and we believe in unity; therefore those causing problems should stop because they will not succeed,” NAN quoted him as saying.

 The VP spoke at the palace of the Emir of Gombe, Abubakar Shehu, during a courtesy visit on Tuesday.
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  1. Then the current government which he's also part of should restructure Nigeria to address the grievances of those agitation s.

    1. I thought we were one until his government came and made it clear that we are not.

  2. If these people in government thinks Nigeria unity is sacrosanct, then they are joking. Referendum is the sure way to determine the wish and aspirations of the populace. Nigerian isn't greater than the old Soviet Union.

  3. Listening to how one sided these idiots talk is even more annoying than their ineptitude and incompetence.
    You keep doing wrong and expect people not to revolt?
    Is anything working at all in this country, apart from you guys just stealing all the funds coming in instead of pushing it back to bettering these institutions..

    Like people just woke up in the morning and decided they dont want to be part of the country anymore.

    Everything has become a disaster.

    Little issues become tribalized. Just look at the nonsense the chairman of code and conduct did in banex yesterday and see the nonsense official press release that was released after and how they quickly made it an ibo against hausa thing. Oga you slap gateman cos he told you not to park somewhere, how that one take turns tribalism? A whole chairman of code and conduct who lacks code of conduct.

    Every institution has become a write off..

    1. Education- that one is gone. Strike upon strike. No development whatsoever. Still using the approach of stone age in a digital world. Sorting with cash or kind has become the other of the day.. dishing out 2nd class upper to people who can't defend it.. an intelligent and brilliant person ends up graduating with 3rd class and pass.. sometimes you'll almost not blame the lecturers too, when they're owed salaries, how do you expect them to feed

    2. Medical institution. This one has just decayed totally. That's why a whole president of a country cannot boost of one health care institution he has built in the past 5 years. Running abroad for common check up and E.N.T issues. No shame whatsoever. Very shameless people, see how Corona came and we didn't have any lab that can make research, we stayed praying other part of the world come up with a solution so they can give us. When they now sent us what they did, we were now pretending to be cross checking it, like we had a choice before.. SMH

    3. Legal system. This one has gone to the dogs. What's more frustrating than being a lawyer in a lawless country. Or is it how the new RG of CAC has destroyed corporate practice. Common registering of companies that takes 1 week is now taking months.. same with post incorporations.. and there don't seem to have any hope on it getting better. Their clients pressuring them, they lose clients and jobs..

    Suffering becomes the other of the day. Different wicked policies keep popping up daily to exploit the masses. Food stuffs skyrocketing, light, fuel etc etc.

    You didn't create jobs for people, these people didn't mind and are making personal efforts themselves to survive legitimately, but you continue frustrating their efforts with every means's the ones that carry guns,kidnap ,rape and kill that you'll rather give soft landing..

    All of you are bastards

    1. Dante's epistle

    2. You captured it very well. I read the press release made by Danladi and shook my head for him. Such a disgrace from a man of his type.

  4. This man just dey make pastors lose integrity

  5. You get good mind sha, buhari that did not think you worthy to had over to you as he traveled. This country is one-sided abeg

  6. They should do something and fix the nation

  7. Just imagine what this fulani cow is saying ? Buhari under g handed over to abba kyari while it was supposed to be you, figure head oshi. All hair don white finish e no fit talk nor do anything. Mumu ogboni pastor

  8. If the country was truly doing well and satisfying all the needs of its citizens without bias, there wont be call for breakup. Until this is the case, the country Nigeria does not deserve to be one.

    He speaks of this because he's vice president.


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