Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Alex Rants Her Opinion About Cheating In Marriage...


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Reality TV Star Alex Rants Her Opinion About Cheating In Marriage...

 Big Brother Naija star Alex is of the opinion that cheating in Marriage is a no go area and from how she sounds, it is a deal breaker for her.

She also kind of slammed those trying to make her change her mindset....

Me - waiting for her to get Married.

Sometimes it easier said, the reality is far different!!!

At the end of the day , every Mallam and him kettle ..... 


  1. All these relationship stuff are becoming exhausting abeg.

    1. when you marry, you will understand very well...Sometimes it easier said, the reality is far different!!! different from reality......patience, later you will understand

    2. When women start avoiding men that were dumped for cheating the way men avoid a woman dumped for cheating, things will change!

      But so long as Nkechi is at the door with her bags waiting for Clara to pack out let her move in, nothing will change

      If Clara packs out from the good man Nkechi can't wait to have because of only dick matter, wetin she gain?

      Then same women will mock you for being a divorcee 😎

  2. When they say it's until you experience something's you cannot understand what others are going through is where Alex is right now. Everyone cheats one way or the other. Financial infidelity, feelings for someone other than your spouse, lieing in a relationship etc are types of cheating. But typically when we talk of cheating the only thing that comes to mind is sexually involved kinda cheating. Peeps need deeper understandings to this things.

    1. You forgot to add the most common one, being in a relationship or marriage and asking other guys, expecially your ex for money..
      Very painful and humiliating shii..
      I wonder why that isn't among the stuff one can rely on as cheating in a divorce petition

    2. What do you call it when the money collected from the ex is actually used for the husband's failing health, to save his business or basically to get the husband out of any hole he is in. What name do they call that, tell us.

    3. Lol..14.23
      What do you call it when the a guy fucks a lady for payment and spend the money on his wife health, business or basically to get the wife out of a hole she's in.. does that makes it less of cheating.. or we should call it cheating for a good cause..

      You sound so ridiculous..

      Bear in mind that money is to women what sex is to men.

      Women mostly cheat for money
      Men mostly cheat for the sex act itself..

      So collecting money from your ex or any other guy is equivalent to him fucking his ex or some other girl..

      Stop begging your ex for money ok? You're ridiculing and making a mock of your hubby.

      Moreover, When a man starts to give you what he won't give to his fellow man, just know that he would be expecting from you what his fellow man wouldn't be able to give him.

      Take care

  3. Have you been to the market recently to buy things, especially foodstuffs and realized the rapid increase in prices each day.?
    That should be something to worry about now.
    Not everyday cheating ,marriage ,women and man matter .
    The topic is becoming boring.

  4. Lol..
    You see this issue ehn, no be by one sided talk. Until women bring up the issue of their Hypergamy to the table, they lack moral ground to discuss male Polygamy.

    How many women marry someone of equal standing, let alone marring someone beneath them.. I'm even going far sef talking marriage, they won't even date someone of equal standing.

    You'll see those greedy undergraduate girls shouting- "I can never date a fellow student" Lol.. the ones that would date fellow students would go to one in a higher level.. only very few date the one on same level, and su9guy must be one that's higher than her in many ways e.g money, brilliance, very good looking, protection (maybe he's in a cult which give her a sense of false security or just a very strong gee)etc etc..

    Remove the big plank in your eyes first before coming to blow the dust out of someone else..

    1. Steady talking nonsense 😄😄

    2. Just so you know , even married men ask women for money . I agree with you that it’s also a sort of cheating , but know that a lot of men are so shameless these days and ask women for money .

  5. Na wa! Everybody wan talk about relationships.

  6. Alex I understand your point of view, yes nobody has the monopoly to cheat but hey babes you need to calm down, commitment can make you do things you never thought you could. Never say never inugo

  7. It is obvious she is upset that someone cheated on her, not saying anyone should accept cheating as norm but be very wise and prayerful in selecting your life partner and calculate your circumstances very well if cheated on before taking an informed decision. Don't follow the words of internet warriors, they are grossly unreliable. Alex, I hope you heal soon and may God bless you with a faithful man, I know it is possible.

    PS: Men forgive cheating wives as well, just so you know, it is quite common, just that nobody talks about it to avoid shame.

  8. Not every man cheats. Most Nigerian men don't take their marriages seriously though, and that's because the women have been conditioned to believe that their man must cheat so they accept it.
    Cheating is a deal breaker for me in a relationship. I walked away from cheating men before and my husband knows this. The only way I won't leave my husband if he cheats is if I
    cheat back, then we would be even.
    I don't take credit for my husband not cheating anyway,it's a decision that he made for himself.
    There are men that are very faithful, and some have the capacity to be faithful but because their women let them get away with it, they cheat without caution. Las Las they will apologise when caught

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, They are men who dont cheat though,God help us

  10. She said nothing but the truth. Why do we give excuse to why one's partner should cheat? All these easier said than done pass information to young girls and boys even adults.
    You wont die if you stay committed neither is it a big deal if your partner choose to be committed.

  11. she go old, Men cheat because they can , women cheat because they are in love

  12. Lol! When jungle mature, we go separate gorilla from monkeys. Is easier said than done.

  13. Well, a lot of relationship experts were boasting that way and were silently licking shit and dying silently until public disgrace make them surrender 🤣🤣.My point calm down until you reach that bridge then, let us know truthfully. Not all men cheat sha but its just .01 of them my father was one I know for sure.


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