Stella Dimoko Actress Charity Nnaji Sends A Memo To Married Women Concerning Motivational Speakers.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Actress Charity Nnaji Sends A Memo To Married Women Concerning Motivational Speakers.

 What do you think about this Memo?

Me - Looking at you.


  1. Nonsense talk!

    This motivational talk get as e be. So a divorcee is not fit to advice anyone? Are they now outcast that they can't give advice which will now be based mainly on their experiences?
    No its you and your motivational talk that I when married need to avoid.
    T for Tenks.

  2. Too much shade flying around Instagram. Who is she shading?

  3. Generally sef, celebrities are the wrongest people to take advice from, Many of them are out of touch

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Chairwoman of the association-Toke.
    Just follow her for her 'business mindedness',if you follow her for any other thing,you are on your own.

  6. I disagree with her cos some divorcees have a lot to teach,based on their experiences which could prevent you from making their own mistakes.

  7. I don't totally agree with her. A divorcee can give advices based on their experiences in their previous marriages which can help other people still in their marriages act better.

  8. How Una expect am to make sense with that kin Jeans.. Advice yourself fess Charity!

  9. Although not completely correct, there's so much sense in what she said. For instance, listen to the advice from J*I*B at your own marital peril.

  10. A joyful marriage that is where the spouses are completely committed to each other and where the marriage is nourishing to both parties is not going to be impacted by any outside force. As a matter of fact the people in these marriages do not even pay attention to others.

    If your marriage is rocky and breaking down or already broken listening to outside opinions can make it go in any direction, but at this point will you really care.

  11. Sounds like she's shading Blessing Okoro CEO


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