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Monday, April 19, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Good day, I Am feeling so down today especially, what do you do to a randy husband, who carries girls up and down and lies ?

To spoil matter we are trying to conceive ,What can i do? he has varicose vein and low sperm count And his yeye family wont do anything about his randy peepee.
 I just pray to God i get a better guy, I pray .

What is Varicose veins oh...
Get a better guy how? you are planning on remarrying? 
This is the worst thing that can happen to any woman.. To marry an unserious man who has water as sperm and still sleeps around.....

It is easier to walk away when you dont have kids, and when the person refuses to change their ways you get? good luck!



Do abusive men change? I’m dating a divorcee at the moment and he seems very caring, loving and giving. Sex is also top notch. 

He told me he physically abused his wife once because She called his mom a whore during an altercation and that led to their divorce. Was the woman the cause? Will he also abuse me since his ex was the toxic one?

*Alarm ringing*

She called his mum  whore and he beat her up? Hmmmm my dear, the story get as e be..
What if she didn't call his mum a whore and the story is different? make you pull shoe run abeg or you can date him without further commitments.. Abusers never change, they only take a break and resume.


  1. A mind set on "remarrying" while still married cannot attract God's favor.
    You the poster 1 are rebelling in your heart against God's instituted marriage and you are there blaming your husband only. Two of you are in the tango.
    Repent, you both and seek to mend your broken marriage.

    1. I know a family while growing up that wife beating was a daily thing. It was bad. They were high school sweethearts o. At some point the woman had to run for dear life. This man remarried. Their marriage is 8years now and there has never been pim! We can't believe this man can change to a triangular life; home-office-church-home. Before with his 1st wife ehn, he used to drink till he staggered.

      Poser 2. It's up to you if you bring out the good in him.

  2. Once I see that word "toxic," I know that that mind has been polluted by the internet goons. Narcissistic, abusive, useless, and the likes. Just cut out the pretense and tell us the truth.

    1. Thank you! Saying the ex was toxic as if she ever witnessed it. Yeye Dey smell abeg.

  3. Whatever caused their divorce, will soon show itself, if its d man, you will find out first doesn't hide.

    As for the sista with randy husband, you have two options, stay or go...or 3, be like that lady on IHN.

  4. @Posternumber1,your husband is a licentious person and there's little or nothing you can do about it..
    @Posternumber2,take to your high heels and run cos i am pretty sure he will physically abuse you too..It's just a matter of time

  5. Poster 1, God will help you, but follow your mind.

    Poster 2, do your findings very well you can actually get some facts from his friend's wives, if you're close to any of them.

    That man will tell you the sweet parts of the story, what happened before the wife called his mom a whore? A woman's beater will never change

    *Larry was here*

  6. Poster 1. That Horseband is not worth it. Leave him right now. Don't wait when a better guy will come.
    Poster 2. Dick game is top notch but he starts to abuse you. I do not think you will remember the sex.

  7. Poster 1
    Since you guys dont have a child together,please leave!..
    Try other men and have your own babies..
    I would have advised you stay,have your own side bobo and enjoy your own life if you guys have children together..
    But nne run!!!!

  8. I don't even know what to say about these chronicles.
    But to you 2nd chronicle poster. My mind doesn't feel right to advice you to leave your man. I guess everyone deserves a 2nd change. But I must say once you notice the signs or he lays his hand on you then you can run. And don't let anything drag you down.

  9. See enn Poster 1 better find your bearing. You are trying for kids and he is carrying girls up and down. Diseases are very much real . Some are incurable. Priorities o

    Poster 2 Do your findings.

  10. Lmao @Poster 2. See your mouth like “Since his ex was the toxic one” Did you ever witness her toxicity? My dear, you are walking into fire, and he has done a good job with brainwashing you. If you want to marry him, marry him. Don’t use his ex’s faux toxicity as a trajectory for the silly excuses you are making for him. And please don’t come back with stories that touch later when he turns you to the “Toxic one”

    1. She only used the word "toxic" according to what the man told her and wants her to believe which is the reason why she's seeking for advice

  11. Poster one,sorry but please didn't you know he was randy when you were dating him?Am sure you saw the sign but you waited for wonders, continue in your marriage and pray for his deliverance,no need nagging or complaining it will only make matters worse,stop looking outside,the grass that seems green maybe artificial grass.
    Poster two continue giving yourself hope, till e knack you better slap and twist the story put for your head,a woman doesn't just abandon her marriage.If possible seek out the ex wife and you will be shocked at her own version.

  12. Very funny how a guy has fertility issue and he is still cheating and frustrating u, it will take the grace of Gid for me to stay in a childless marriage as a woman nd still deal with infidelity nd stress.. the choice is yours my dear. Some men know it’s their fault nd they are sober and humble but this idiot dey cheat lol

    1. God*

      Poster 1, I really don't know why you are still there

    2. I swear, the man no rate em wife at all.

    3. It can never be me
      What exactly would be the prayer point? Children abi a changed man, prayer point oti kpo ju

  13. Poster 2. See you see abuse. Don't leave okay.... someone is bold enough to tell you he beat his ex and you are still there talking about how good sex is with him? Madam stay and marry him please.

  14. Poster 1, I once got entangled wit a divorced man that had no child and seriously believed his wife was the problem. I never wanted to have anything serious wit him but liked having his money while he wanted me to just have kids for him being that I'm a single mom. You can imagine my perplexity when we eventually had our time. He couldn't even achieve am erection, the tin shock me Wella. He was just dry humping me and pretending that the tin dey sweet am, I just helped his ego by looking on till he poured his stuff on the bed. Na the bed him be dey chook his soft wrapper peepee. I then pited the wife,cos he was just being ridiculous. Funny thing was he kept askine me if I took in for almost a month bfor dumping me for not conceiving same month.
    My point is to show u how ur type of husband behave. So, pls find a nice way to seek help.
    As for u poster 2, I pity u. You believed his ex was the toxic one right? Dnt worry, I still see u coming back here to tell us what he calls u. Just dump that looser fast.

    1. 😯😯😯! Wahala don find wahala. How does one fuck the bed without knowing?

    2. Dog kini Kan kini kan, when the bed is stronger than the pee pee, how e wan know???

    3. Reminds one of a story that was told by a lady some time ago: when she would be saying: uuuggh/ some type of sound due to pain from fibroids, the ode of a man thought she was really enjoying his joy stick. For where? Not even close. So, to all those ode guys, dont go and be tooting your horn for nothing o.

  15. BITCHandSLUT.com19 April 2021 at 16:25

    Poster 2, what makes you think she was the toxic one?

    He did not call her or her mom names and she just rushed to call his mom a whore?

    Men are good at setting confusion between two women by acting as the saint.

    And no! Abusive men don't change.

    He might tell the next woman after you that he caught you in bed with his friend or neighbour that's why he divorce you.

    Poster 1; whatever that makes you happy, do it.

    Men will actually disgrace you with their randy behaviour.

  16. Poster 2. Find out about the guy well. To your answer a man or a woman can be violent once does not make the person abusive. In my 10 years of marriage myself and hubby have gotten physical two times on year 4 of our marriage. I used to abuse him alot and insult his family join. One day the devil took over and he beat me. 2 months after I did again and we beat each other. Since then I stopped. Family interceded and we stopped. So not every man that lays a hand on a woman is abusive. Some of us women have razor mouth like I did. I insulted him, his father, mother, sister everyone. He said I was no longer interested me too I moved out for two weeks. I have my career so I no send then. So my dear do your investigation and find out if he his saying the truth. If it is once how long did the marriage last before the break up. Be very certain before deciding. Poster 1 follow your mind.

    1. Anon 16:32, God bless you for saying the truth. It's only on social media that women are total saints. They aren't violent, they aren't disrespectful, they aren't toxic, they aren't uncouth and rude! They are the most perfect creatures in the world.

      I had an Uncle whose wife was always slapping and abusing him without any provocation. At a point, I thought she was possessed. Sadly, my uncle was a Deacon in church, so he kept on being a gentleman about the matter.

      One day, that spirit entered into her body again and she started raining insults on him. He couldn't take it anymore and he gave his wife a very dirty slap. Mind you, this was after years of being at the receiving end.

      Well, to cut the long story short, that was the last time she ever physically or verbally assaulted him. They are still happily married now and she also tells this story on how she almost lost a good man because of her nasty behavior.

      So, dear Poster, don't be swayed by some of the comments you read here. His wife might have actually been the toxic one, because there are lots and lots and lots of toxic women, same way there are toxic men.
      In all, do your own independent research to verify. If he ever displays the slightest hint of violence, pick up your bags and leave.

    2. Thank u, I've been married for 14 years, hubby raised his hand on me during the early years cos I abuse him so tey, the man even cried whenever he remembered the way I abused him and his family, I learned my lesson after 2 episode4, note my mouth is so sharp, he always overlook but atimes I overdo ,up to the point of locking his shirt and tearing it, but for over 10 years now, we've been best of friends, I still have sharp mouth o, but not as before,and he's learned to live with my razor mouth

    3. I don't understand when people say they have razor mouths, it's simply a lack of respect for the other person cos even with the 'razor mouth', you wouldn't speak to your boss at work in that manner.

      Parents, tame your children from an early age.

    4. Thank you guys for being so objective and not just judging from one side .

    5. what did your husbands do before you both abused them? so is it a mans right to talk anyhow to his wife or behave anyhow and she will not talk? africans believe especially that whatever a man does you have to keep you just wake up and your husbands do nothing and you start abusing him? no man has any right to beat a woman. so your putting the blame on yourselves is just still accepting that narrative that abuse is a woman's pls tell us exactly what the men did before you both abused them...

  17. Poster 1, leave that excuse son and a fool.he LL give you an incureable disease, resist the devil and he LL flee away from there... poster 2,your life on this matter is in your hands,choose life that ye may life

  18. Poster 2.

    When they tell you 'An African Story', think about it like an African woman before you believe it and make decisions.

    Have you seen any Nigerian marriage that ended on account of a SOLE incident of VERBAL ABUSE and a SOLE incident of PHYSICAL/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? If there is, it is very rare.

    If that home was peaceful prior to the lady calling his mum a whore, she would never have called his mom a whore and he would never have beaten her up.

    He needs to come clean to you and tell you the truth about why they parted ways. Remember that this was not a boyfriend /girlfriend relationship, it was marriage and people don't walk out of their marriages easily (especially women), unless things were very bad (see poster 1,whose husband is cheating mindlessly and who has medical issues hasn't even left yet).

    Nobody bleeds without an injury. The verbal and physical abuse may be likened to blood; Ask him what made his marriage bleed verbal and physical abuse.

    You are here, on this blog asking questions, because his story doesn't sit well with you, so please ask him again why his marriage ended. Ask him what made his wife verbally abusive, not just towards him, but also towards his mum (what role was his mum playing in his marriage?). Ask him what made him physically abusive towards his wife. Don't accept a summary, ask for a detailed narration. Then as time passes, ask him some specific questions about the things he told you - the goal is for you to confirm the consistency in his story. If there are people to ask, you may also just ask why the marriage ended, especially his friends' wives.
    Attend church with him, see his pastor (pay attention to subtle hints). Insist on seeing his family early and pay attention to how they treat you (it may give you a clue). If he has children with his ex, join him in going to see the children and pay attention to how his wife responds, be friendly with the children, try to strike up a conversation with the wife.

    The goal is to draw your relationship with him away from his comfort zone - bedroom/sex, eateries etc and to watch him in unfamiliar terrains, with your friends, in church, in public, with his family etc.

    Make sure you are not going to be his second victim. If anything seems off, walk!!!!!!!!
    Don't forget to keep your options open, Without sex of course!!!!!

    1. Such a wise comment. OP, please pay attention to every line.

    2. So much wisdom in this comment

    3. God bless you. no woman will just wake up and call her MIL a whore except the man called her a whore, insulted her mother or the MIL is really a whore. what really happened?

  19. Poster 1 biko be careful disease deyooooooh,u have every right to waka comot for the marriage biko for sanity sake. Do what will give u peace.

    Poster 2, that man's mouth is so sweet pls be careful

  20. Poster, 1. If you tired of the marriage, take a walk.

    Poster 2. Be warned. Abusive men never change. He did it before, he will do it again. He might try to hide his anger but it will definitely materialize on day. Walk away now that you know and avoid had I know?

  21. Leave him before you clock menopause cs you are just wasting your time with that man you call a husband

  22. @Poster 1 varicocele and low sperm count are quite serious infertily issues but can be managed. It is up to you though.

    @poster 2 can you find out what actually happened from someone else. This is really important. You need to know what actually happened.Ensure you do a thorough investigation and then make your decision based on an unbiased investigation

  23. Stella no nice...u made me imagine how the watery sperm may look like🀣🀣

  24. Poster 1, what exactly is this man's family supposed to do? Even if they speak with him, are they able to track his every move and restrain him so he doesn't cheat? If he committed his life to you and vowed to forsake all others and still cheat on you then what power will the ppl who he did not make a vow have to stop him? If you can't handle his dead hood then go find a living one elsewhere.

    Anybody can change if they choose to. But who is to say his mother wasn't a prostitute or an easy woman and the ex-wife spoke the truth about her character. You are assuming that the wife was being abusive, maybe she spoke the truth and he still beat her up, or he is changing up the story and telling lies on his ex. Most men lie like there is no today and tomorrow so take their stories always with a grain of salt. It may be wise to let this one go because him sharing this with you does not mean he has changed, he may just be saying it so if anybody tells you what he did then you will say he already told you so it isn't news. Let this one go because you do not know what side he is on, and you have no clue what may trigger him to abuse in the future. All abusers have great personalities, every single one of them, even serial killers have great personalities too, and yes, they all know how to blow a back out in bed, don't be fooled.


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