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Monday, April 12, 2021

Chronicles Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I am just here wallowing in depression, my ex keeps coming back and when ever I go deep in asking questions concerning where our relationship stands, he will just mute me till God knows when we will talk again.

My tired is tired, right now I feel like taking in for the idiot.

Everyone in the family likes me like their own sister. The thing is that I have been a virgin my whole life and we've been dating for a while now without s#x, I don't know why he has totally changed and demanding for it every time we cross paths, somebody should pls advise me on what to do because this whole shit is driving me nuts .

 I feel like taking in already so that I can settle down already, it doesn't pay to be a good girl abeg, all the guys I have dated no one has shown seriousness

You want to get pregnant for your ex who does not know what he wants and has been ghosting you?
My dear, please dont forget to send in that chronicles when it happens.
move on with your life and DONT DO IT



BVs, I need an advice ...

I am a mother of three young children, I have been working my ass off for 6years, as a bank marketer and there's nothing to show for all my hard work and stress in the job only to manage and pay for rent and the kids school fee, no savings left after paying the bills.

 I got my international passport last week, and want to travel out of the country and hustle to make good money to at least build a house I will spend my old age. Because with this 120k job in this country, I doubt if I can achieve my dreams, I plan to drop my kids with my mother. Or leave them with their Dad.

 "Please don't ask if am married biko" because I can't afford to go with them for now. I hope i am thinking towards to right way?.

*What kind of hustle and where are you planning on going.... Things are different kinds of hustle and things are not so easy anymore abroad with this COVD != THINGY


  1. Replies
    1. Madam, stay here until you are sure of where you want to go.

    2. Poster 2

      Are you married 😁

    3. Poster 1, another chronicle of a baby mama loading.

      Madam don't leave your kids o. Be contented and start looking for another job.
      Start collecting school fees from your pikins father joor...

      Una 2 good luck.

  2. How old are you poster 1?
    In this time and age, you want to take in for a man who I’m sure has a serious gf somewhere?
    Someone who can’t even define what you guys are doing.
    His family likes you doesn’t matter at all, don’t be deceived. Do people still have this mentality of “he’ll marry me when I get pregnant for him” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
    What happens if he rejects the pregnancy?Suffer nor dey tire some people. Is that how desperate you are?
    Why do you keep letting him in? Why can’t you date other people?
    Do yourself a huge favor and never let your ex back in. He has no good plans for you. He is a time waster.

  3. Poster 1 - Is he an ex or present? A virgin and trying to take in, in the same chronicle ?
    Your priority is messed up, sis.

    Poster 2 - Life is hard but you have a greater chance of making it abroad so I it. 💛

    1. Because you have a ready made job for her abi? You people just think once you travel abroad, you automatically get a job..
      Don't forget the whole world is changed now due to covid

    2. It’s better she suffers abroad than Nigeria. I suffered abroad today I own 3 houses . She needs to be hard and lethal in her approach abroad no room for jelly people oo

    3. Yes, I have a job for her! Who do you think you are talking to about abroad, COVID or nah? Get lost.

  4. @Posternumber1,are you sure that you are okay?? This your chronicle is annoyingly annoying and do get a grip
    @Posternumber2,You have made up your mind already and what's the chronicle now put out for? Skedaddle!

  5. Poster 1, did he say he will marry you if you become pregnant?
    Poster 2,do what you need to do to give you and children the best, may your hustle pay.

    1. Poster one, I don't want to call you mumu.. Pussy supplier.
      Does it mean that you don't have any other guy who is intrested in you?
      You want to complicate your life join the wahala wey you dey face?
      I wish you luck

    2. Even if she no get another person

      Must she follow destiny destroyer

      Person dey forbid to stay alone till better person come?

  6. Poster 1, a guy ghosts you whenever you question his seriousness regarding the relationship and you want to take in for him? Aunty be ready for baby mama and single mom things. Just start saving for you and your baby's upkeep now. In the first place, it's all shades of wrong to try to tie a man down with pregnancy. You are not just punishing the man but yourself because a man that truly wants you doesn't need to be tied down. Start by building on your self esteem, own yourself!! How can a man be ghosting you upandan and you are discussing pregnancy? Abeg move on and stop entertaining him whenever he comes back, it's pathetic .
    Poster 2. I understand your frustrations with the whole situation. As a mum myself, I know how difficult it must have been arriving at your decision. All I can say is pray, plan, pray. I feel this is a decision you will have to make yourself. Alot is involved. Put God first, then your kids (they are priceless). I wish you success and God's guidance

  7. Poster 1 don't do it.

    Poster 2 please relocate. Naira got no value. Abroad money get value. Even if it's 500 dollars you send home monthly that's like 250k.

  8. Is poster 2 going abroad legally because working without papers or under the table isn’t easy at all. You might get taken advantage of. How about trying to start some kind of business in Nigeria?

    1. Which business?
      The only thing that can help her in Nigeria of now is skills.

  9. Poster 2 if you are going abroad the legal route to hustle, I will say do it but if you plan to go with a visitor's Visa with the intention to overstay to hustle, please forget it and stay in Nigeria. If you are not in any of those countries abroad legally, na to go dey suffer o.
    Even if you have people over there telling you to come, forget it. One small quarellel like this, you will find yourself on the street.

  10. poster 1. leave the guy and move on with your life. when a guy is interested he will do all the talking and set the pace for the relationship. he just uses you when the need arises and go back to his main chick. DO NOT GET PREGNANT FOR HIM. DO NOT PREFGNANT FOR HIM. DO NOT GET PREGNANT FOR HIM...yes am shouting cos it will not end well. his family loves you is not the same as the guy loving you. he is not into you PERIOD.

    poster 2: if you want to relocate abroad just make sure to di it properly so you dont get stuck in the rut of people awaiting proper documents. you know you will be leaving kids behind, so you dont crate more problems later in life. all the best

  11. Poster 2 pls relocate with the youngest child with that after some yrs you’ll get your papers or when you get here hustle and marry a white guy all the best it’s so sad leaving all your kids behind better you leave them with your mum make one step mum no go maltreat them

    1. If she relocates with the youngest child, who will take care of the kid when she is out hustling? She should start looking for love online. There are places where women are scarce and the men seek fo4 bride's online. Find one you connect with via video calls etc, visit and if it clicks, you marry him. If you can't stand him, please don't marry him, keep searching. I hate people being taken advantage of for papers. Having a host who can show you around beats overstating your visa and becoming illegal.

  12. Poster 2: Apply for an American visa

  13. Poster 2

    Before you leave make sure to do a proper research in Other to know which country works for you and the Industry you’re interested in’s also important to travel to that country with the right visas..don’t cut corners oh .

  14. Poster 1: you want to trap him with pregnancy? Like you want him to marry you because you will be having his baby?. Girl, this guy doesn't want you. Sleeping with him and having his baby won't change that. Can you take care of the child on your own? Being a good girl hasn't helped you, that's OK. But sleeping around won't either. Rather make things worse for you.

    Please let him go. There are good men out there. Keep your head up.

    Poster 2:well,i don't know what hustle you want to go and do. Do you have a job waiting for you? Think things through. All the best

  15. @poster 1
    It may "not pay to be a good girl"
    But it SURE pays to belong to Christ.
    Re-evaluate your life and add eternal life pursuit
    to your life to have some meaning instead of roaming
    aimlessly and being dribbled by men like your ex.
    He is ex, his attitude is bad news. Getting pregnant
    won't make him marry you, it will add to your sorrows and woes.

  16. Poster one has been "a virgin all her life" but is definitely fornicating with this ex. That makes you a non-virgin.

  17. Poster 1...... Pregnancy does not guarantee marriage. Babe,how can you allow an unserious man to disvirgin and impregnate you. Please girl have sex because you want to and not to hook an ofeke. God's standard on premarital sex still stands.
    Poster 2..... Darling, life itself is a risk. Pray about it and follow your heart. But please consider those kids first as you plan. I wish you .good luck.

  18. @Poster 2, are you implying that, by possessing a passport, you will automatically sit on a plane and go abroad?! Who is to say that you will even be granted the visa(s) that you apply for?! Due to the pandemic, a lot of embassies aren't even open to take in visa applications, so you are in for a long ride!
    By "hustling", is it safe to say that you are planning on going through illegal means (ie. Get a tourist visa and over stay)? If that is your plan, please look for another one!

    Any illegal immigrant that tells you that they have it easy and are living the life, is a bold faced liar! I have some time today, so I'll put into perspective, what life as an illegal immigrant can be like!

  19. Poster 1, i have a feeling the guy has someone else and doesn't want to let you go after all these years without tasting the goods. Getting pregnant does not guarantee marriage and a happy one if it takes place. You're too precious to throw yourself to any available man. Work on your character, self esteem, finances and career.

    Poster 2 - please make sure you go legally if you have to and have someone responsible and reliable to take care of your children.

  20. 1. Accomodation: in order to get a decent place to stay, you would need to possess proper documentation. They will need to run a credit and background check. You will need to pay admin fees; security deposit; and some places will require first and last month's rent, upfront too.
    1a. Since you do not have the correct documents, as an illegal immigrant, you will have to stay with friends or family...and that in itself is risky, because you are always at their mercy. They can get fed up with you and kick you out at a moment's notice!
    1b. If you choose to sort out your own accommodation, then you will most likely be living in a "dump" in a not-so-great area. You will have to sublet from a slumlord, and you may be sharing a 1 room apartment with many others. You will not be able to have any utilities in your name, which would have come in handy later on.

    1. What country are you talking about ?

      Before I officially moved to the US I opened two bank accounts with my Visitor visa and I was able to run my account when I left the country and 1 year later I moved to the US legally .

      For new legal immigrants you can rent apartment such as short stay apartment there are also some agency that helps first time rental to get their accommodation . You don’t need credit score for that .

    2. I live in the UK and you don't need credit score to rent a house!
      You can rent a shared house without showing proof of anything!
      People just like to sound too knowledgeable!!!

    3. She is quite right. You need documents to rent anywhere. Shared house or no. Your prospective landlord will do some referencing as well including proof of employment, credit checks and all

  21. 2. Banking: in order to open a bank account, you would need to have identification and proof of address. Once they see that you are a Nigerian national, you will need to show proof of legal residency - which you will not have! You will also have to show proof of address. Refer to 1b. Without a utility in your name or a tenancy contract, opening an account will not be possible. If you stay with strangers, then your money will need to be on your person at all times. If you are in a sketchy neighbourhood, then your chances of being robbed go up!

  22. 3. Children: in your case, you plan on leaving your children, but those that choose to migrate illegally with their kids, are truly setting up their kids. Firstly, in western countries, children within a certain age bracket need to be enrolled in school. Public schooling is assigned by catchment area, so they go to schools in a neighbouring location. If you live in a not-so-desirable area, then your kids go to the not-so-desirable schools. If you could afford private schooling, then you most likely wouldn't be an illegal immigrant!
    3a. In order to make ends meet, you will most likely be working multiple jobs. This means your kids will be left alone after school. That in itself illegal, if they are under a certain age, and can get you arrested and/or have your kids taken by family services into foster care.
    3b. Leaving kids alone for long periods of time, coupled with them attending undesirable schools, leaves them susceptible to the wrong crowd. Refer to gangs in the US and knife crime in the UK. More often than not, these kids are from minority backgrounds that grew up in ghettos or council estates.

    1. Thank you Miss E for this, really needed it. Could you please highlight different ways to travel legally asides academic visa, I plan on leaving before the last quarter of the year. Your comment was really helpful as regards travelling using a visiting visa. Will be super glad if you could shed more light.

  23. 4. Healthcare: you better pray you do not get sick to the extent of needing medical attention. In the UK, you would be eligible for NHS care if you were there legally, but as an illegal, you would have to go to their free clinics. There, you will wait for hours to see a medical provider because they are few of them with a large number of patients. In the US, without medical insurance, you are in for trouble. Many households have lost their homes to foreclosures or are in serious debt, because someone in the home had to be hospitalised. There is a viral video of a woman that was injured in one of the subways in NY, begging people not to call 911, even though she was injured, because she wouldn't be able to afford the $3000+ ambulance fee.

  24. 5. Employment: As an illegal immigrant, please close you mind of getting a "good" job! No reputable company will risk their business license, because they risk heavy fines or the loss of said license. Your employer can choose to pay you below minimum wage, because they bare the greater risk from employing you, and you will have no choice. They can sexually harrass you and threaten you with dismissal if you don't agree to their demands, and you will not be able to report it. They can choose to not pay you for a certain period of time, as punishment, and you will just have to take it. You will be working the same hours as those that were employed through the correct process, but you will not be entitled to the same salary and benefits as them.

    5b. Illegal immigrant almost always gets the menial jobs. Right now, mortuary and cemetery services are in high demand due to the deaths stemming from the pandemic - if you are interested. As more people work from home, cleaning services are down. Fast food and behind the counter jobs aren't in high demand due to lockdown restrictions and working at reduced capacity.


    1. Ms. E, please allow poster 2 to do what she desires.
      I don't bother telling people the dangers of being an illegal immigrant anymore because they will think you are a Debbie downer and you don't want them to enjoy what you are enjoying when you are not in the same boat i.e. you migrated legally and have legal residency.
      I have realized that people end up doing what they desire no matter the counsel you give them, so please leave poster 2 o!
      Poster 2, do as your heart wishes.

  25. Poster 2 so you think international = visa! good luck ma. One finalQuestion.....
    Are you married??? Hehehe

  26. Poster 1: If you're a virhin truly, indeed you know the advantages of keeping yourself and if not, not for an unserious man that doesnt see you as wife to be. You won't live with his family remember? Please don't do it.

    Poster 2: Travel abroad if you must legally of course, it will be worth it OK the long run. The suffering and pain will pay off abroad.
    Feel free to ask me any questions maybe I can be of help.
    Goodluck to you both.

  27. COG please I want to travel abroad either Germany or America by the end of this year with my fiance though(yeah we would be married before then). Can you help out or anyone at all?

  28. Poster 1 get your priority right
    Poster 2 make sure there is a solid process, don't go and waste money/sell off properties/ loose scarce job in the name of traveling abroad

  29. Chronicles 1: I had one ex like that. He kept coming back and acting all nice and sending me pictures of us and telling me how we were good together and all that shit. If I ask him what's up with both of us, he will be answering like that nddc guy that fainted when they wear interrogating him. Then he had this habit of disappearing for months without picking calls. I got tired of it and created a scenario that made him not to call me again. By the time he decided to come back, me too I stopped picking his calls. Only him gave himself brain and stopped calling me. Now I'm getting married soon. So my sister, sometimes you have to decide to push aside every distraction. That's when you can move forward.

  30. Everybody's case is different oh. Poster two if you have reliable contacts in the country you want to Japa then carry on. If not stay where you are.
    Poster 1 no hurry carry belle o. You wan be babamama?
    Anyway if you fit take care of your baby by yourself you can carry belle and enjoy your life.


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