Stella Dimoko Comedienne Ada Jesus' Husband Says He Was Staring At Her When She Took Her Last Breath.


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Monday, April 26, 2021

Comedienne Ada Jesus' Husband Says He Was Staring At Her When She Took Her Last Breath.

In a recent interview, Nnadi Kingsley, the husband of late comedienne, Ada Jesus, said he did not think his wife would die at a young age on April 21,2021 aged 23years....

According to the bereaved, he was hopeful she would recover from the kidney disease she was battling with.

The 28-year-old father of one narrated his last moments with his wife.

He said;“I am not feeling okay at all. My wife was someone I loved so much.
It is so heartbreaking and sad that she has died. I was with her at the hospital when she gave up the ghost.
I was staring at her till she gave up. In fact, I never thought she would die at such a young age.
Even when she gave up in my presence, I still had hopes that she would come back to life.

“I and Mr Harrison Gwamnishu were present at the hospital and none of us thought she would eventually die.
I had so much hope that she would live and the doctors also raised our hopes as a family.

“On her birthday, April 19, she did not even make any wish. We were just happy that she was a year older. She also did not say any strange words that might have suggested she knew she would die soon.

“She thought she would recover.
A pastor I knew through a friend came to pray for her at the hospital and when she asked him if she would recover; he responded in the affirmative.

Everyone around tried their best for her. Money was not the issue.

On April 5, our marriage was two years old.

On the day she died, she asked me to bring her food, but after a while, she started shouting.

I asked her what the problem was and she said I should call the doctors.
After she received the injection, they said that her breathing was very bad.

Her parents and my family members are still shocked at the sad news.”

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  1. May her soul continue to rest in the bosom of the lord.

    Why do i have this feeling that she is not dead.

    1. That's because she lives in your memory. You must be her fan.
      May she continue to rest well.

  2. "A pastor I knew through a friend came to pray for her at the hospital and when she asked him if she would recover; he responded in the affirmative".....
    Do you expect him to say No she wont recover?

    1. In a way she had indeed recovered. She won't suffer anymore. She is at rest.

  3. Hmmmmmm may God console her family. It's not easy to loose a loved one.

  4. May the Lord comfort her loved ones. It is well.

  5. Too many deaths especially involving youths, God have Mercy, may her soul rest in peace.

  6. Eeya,may her soul continue to rest in peace and may Almighty God comfort and console her family.

  7. I thought he made a video denying her last year or is he interested in the money

  8. Ada keep resting where there is no more pain,no sorrow.may God comfort the family, it wouldn't be easy for them, but God is there to comfort them just the way he comforted and still comforting us when we lost my bro to kidney failure last play ,he is no more.Ka biò kosi Eledumare.

  9. God please comfort this man!

  10. This man is a good man!..
    I remember when Ada Jesus was tearing him apart last year..
    Called him all kind of names,cursed his ass down yet he stood by her during her sickness.
    May God bless him with a bone of his bone..a good woman that would love and respect him

    1. Yes queen, so I thought! He is one of a kind. To some men, it would've been a time for him to abandon her, but he didn't. May God give him a good wife in Jesus name Amen!

  11. Depression is not a hobby but a full-time job. It takes 99% of your time. It is so potent that you don't have time for anything else. It feeds your soul, controls your life and hold you so tightly in it's grip that there is no escape route.

  12. The belief that depression has a cure is a fallacy. This is because depression is like a spirit that takes hold of you and refuse to let go.

    1. Try setralline you’ll know it has a cure

  13. May her soul continue to rest with the Lord 🙏🙏🙏


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