Stella Dimoko Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy Explains Why He Di d Not Sign On Crooner Teni,Simi ;Falz And Davido


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Monday, April 05, 2021

Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy Explains Why He Di d Not Sign On Crooner Teni,Simi ;Falz And Davido

Mavin Records Label Boss, Don Jazzy, says he had regrets not signing some crooners unto his label

Speaking during a Black Box Interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the record producer said things didn’t work out between Falz and Mavin as the singer was affiliated with another manager.

He also said that he lost Simi after the music cover contest he had staged to select new artistes didn’t single her out as a winner.

Don Jazzy further stated that he wished he signed Falz and Simi when the opportunity came regardless of what the situation was at that time.

He, however, revealed that the only person he never wanted to manage was Davido.

“I can’t say I turned them down. For Falz, the working situation wasn’t just right. I run a firm that could handle almost everything he needed.

“But I think he had like a management company set up already. It was like Tiwa Savage’s but I had to grow into that kind of scenario where I had to handle someone that had a record label, some blueprint process.

“I equally didn’t reject Simi. I did a Twitter contest for ‘Journey of A Thousand Miles’. I also loved her cover because she was one of the people that participated but she didn’t win.

“I didn’t pick the winners. I liked her but you can’t sign anybody. That’s one person I also regretted, I won’t say regret. But I wish we worked on stuff together. The same thing with Teni. We used to check up on each other.

“I had not grown to the point that I would move you from Atlanta to Nigeria for work. Now I can and we work before deciding if we are going to sign. Before I knew what was happening, there were faster people.

“She released records and I was like, ‘okay, we lost that one’. Three hot stars. The only person I didn’t want to sign was Davido I didn’t want to sign him but I knew he was going to be huge. They have money already now,” he said.

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  1. Those artists careers maybe blossomed greater because they were not affiliated with you. Things happen in life just the way they should.

  2. This should teach us that rejection from others should not define us or make us feel we aren't good enough.
    When you are rejected, it's not on you, it's the loss of the person who didn't see the potentials you had. Keep pushing and at the right time/opportunity, the much needed breakthrough will come.

    1. How did donjazzy reject them? Too know too sabi

    2. Pele ti e 🤗 anon 17.31. Don Jazzy didn't choose them, so what does that make it, Acceptance?
      Wa wa okay las Las 🤲 💋😘😍🥰

    3. I see your point but sometimes, I think it is no one's loss, just gain for both sides even if they can't see it in that moment. Simi doesn't make Mavin records kind of music and Falz is also a conscious rapper so they wouldn't have been the best match. Purpose is important and people deserve to feel like everyone at work is pursuing the same vision. All these people are doing well where they are and Jazzy would have really struggled with having their own Mavin crew and then Falz, Simi and Davido on top. It would have been a disaster for everyone's career.

      Apart, they all are doing better than if they were together.

    4. Anon 5:31, I don't think Twins Squared was out of place. Because to the Artise they might have felt rejected, if the reasons were unknown. Sometimes, there are other factors why an executive hires or not hire candidates.

      I once watched P.diddy also regret why he didn't sign Ludacris, his reason was "you know you can't see them all coming"


  4. Well not everyone is designed to walk with you


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