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Monday, April 05, 2021


 Hailings and Happy Easter Monday to you all....


Some sister-in-laws with brothers need to do better I swear. I dropped comment on pete Edochie post on how my Igbo hubby assist with me with house chores. So today being Easter Sunday, he went to visit his cousin and her family. 

They are one of his very few relatives that reside in Lag. His koz is older than my man and she has been married for 15 yrs with 4 kids, and her hubby is my man's mentor. Her hubby is such a good, gentle and disciplined man, a man that loves his family, doesn't keep friends and doesn't cheat.

Hubby came back gisting me of their convo. I ddnt follow cos I was home studying. I'm running a postgraduate programme and I focus more when he's not at home cos if he's around, na so so cuddle. So, I tend to concentrate more when he's not at home. He said while he was in d kitchen with her, he told her that his wife also cooks good and tasty meals and his sister (koz) told him that it's so obvious judging from d changes in his body. She now spoiled everything by saying that it's so obvious that he( my man) loves me more than I love him.

 I was mad but I kept my cool. I even forgot to ask him what his response was but I trust him to put her in her place.

Me: isn't that how her husband love her? Or is it a sin for a man to obey the Bible that says husbands should love their wives?

Hubby: don't mind her. Is she not the one always saying her hubby loves her so much...this and that..she controls the home sef and I'm 200% sure my inlaw (her hubby loves her more). Rem he's my close friend and my mentor. Well, it could be of how I put your pictures on my screen saver and wallpaper on all my gadgets or maybe how they couldn't influence my choice of wife.

Me: Yea, I know. Was she expecting you not to love ur wife? Is she staying with us for her to know how much I love my husband? What does she mean sef?

Hubby: maybe it's cos she is jealous cos of how much you take care of me cos everyone ( her family, her guests and compound ppl) shouted when they saw me today. They said I'm now fresher and fatter. Thanks to ur hands in the kitchen and thanks for loving me so much my durling wife. Rem I do stay with her family before I met you and it's obvious everything has changed about me in addition to how highly I praise ur homely behavior and ur skills in cooking.

Me: (Inside my mind, I was already thinking of how I won't allow him go there alone again before they continue to poison his mind. I was already playing out how I won't allow her and my man to be alone but instead I'll be the one to stay with her whether in the kitchen or on in the room o. I was already positioning how I would tell him to go and flex with his mentor, drink and merry)

Hubby: Baby,

Me: hun

: I don't think I want to go there again sef. It will take a while before I visit them. It's just sad that the kids will miss me. If I want to see them, I'll just go and pick them during the hols to spend some time with us.

: Okay. What will you eat?

: Anything baby.

I know what he heard today doesn't change anything about him cos he still called me on his way back home and asked me what I would like him to buy for me on his way. I mentioned fruits and yoghurt and he got them for me.

Please SILs, stop doing this. Many of you are enjoying your homes but you open your eyes and react when you see how your brothers treat their wives as if you are not married to other people's brothers. What the hell is the matter with us women sef?

I'm typing this looking at my hubby's face snoring peacefully beside me and praying what the sister said doesn't change anything now or in the future.

Why should what she said affect your Marriage? if it does, visit her and also say something to the hubby the way she did



On Good Friday, Boredom Eliminating Post, in which you asked, "if I ask you to teach me one thing you are good at, what would you teach me?", made a comment that caught my attention. She mentioned that she can teach how not to skip a meal. I am presently struggling with this habit. I find it extremely difficult not to skip a meal and it's affecting my health yet, I can't keep up.

 I can go up to three to four days without eating and no matter how hungry I am after this long break, I can only eat a little once a day and I would be okay until only God knows when next hunger will knock at the door of my stomach. I need help.

Please, BV, kindly teach me what I need to do to overcome this issue. It's really taking a toll on my health. Thanks.

So you mean you dont eat?



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LOL...I hope you will be happy to see this here? you posted in the wrong post....I am guessing that you are a new Blog visitor? Here we dont post comment anywhere ..If you want to post such comments, please do it inside the Spontaneous post or in house news.

So wetin you take the 2million do? Are you a new wife?



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  1. Una good afternoon, how Una see this matter?
    I never knew there were some teachers who actually eat their pupils food. A girl went to collect her younger sis in nursery section, when she got there, another pupil told her that the teacher ate her sis food,she said it twice.So the girl went to confront the teacher, that she had no right to do such,the teacher did not say anything.The girl continued talking and the teacher said she would slap her if she doesn't get out of her sight.The girl continued talking and the teacher landed her a slap, the girl retaliated and gave the teacher a slap.The girl took her sis home and informed her mom.The mom filled with anger rushed to the school and landed the teacher a heavy slap, saying how she suffered every morning to prepare those meals with her hard earned money and the teacher was the one eating the meals.They both began to fight,other teachers came in and separated them.The mom went to report to the headmistress, and the teacher was sacked.
    While discussing the issue, someone said the girl shouldn't have retaliated by slapping the teacher back, that it was wrong of her.
    I was of the opinion that the teacher didn't use wisdom to handle the issue, knowing it could cost her job. She wanted to prove she was in charge and nothing will happen.
    My niece who hardly eat no matter the food you give to her, always returns home with an empty plate and we've just been wondering, could it be the teacher eating it or her fellow pupils?
    Why should a teacher eat a pupils meal?

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    My faith is not silent; it speaks and acts. Today, as I affirm the Word of God, I chart the course of perfection, divine health, and prosperity in my life. My words are full of power, with which I sustain my life in blessings, endless victories, and perfect health.

    1. IHN is here
      I need tips on how to stop breastfeeding
      & things I can try feeding my baby. She doesn't want cerelac and the likes.

    2. Anon 15;00 give your baby nutri milk, water or any liquid milk or drink. And have someone let the baby for you because when the pains come, it is not easy oh.

  3. Holla guys πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    @Slutty Chic ❤️πŸ’•❤️πŸ’œ good to have you back SisπŸ’πŸ’ I'm fine! Enjoy the holidays

    @Phoenix Galilee was where Christ reveal himself to the apostles after resurrection! So in those days on easter monday like this,we'll all dress up to go to Galilee too to see the risen Christ! But we do this as picnic oh! It's always fun πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯³ with loads of food and drinksπŸ₯‚ with board games to go!

    Ciao πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    1. #StopKidnappingOurSchoolChildren Phoenix5 April 2021 at 14:29

      Oh darling thank you . Now I get it. How you dey

  4. Good afternoon everyone. Great day ahead

    You are never too important to be nice to people. WORD!!!!

  5. Good afternoon, happy Easter to u all.

  6. Skipping a meal . . .
    For the past ten years, yes 10 years, I have not had a breakfast
    and I am better for it.
    when they see me and my teenage daughters, they ask if we are sisters. I am sharper mentally and academically.
    My breakfasts has been water, I eat fruits at noon and my main meal, snacks and milk at nights.
    And yes, I belong to Christ. πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Eccl. 10:17 16Woe to you, O land whose king is a youth, and whose princes feast in the morning. 17Blessed are you, O land whose king is a son of nobles, and whose princes feast at the proper time— for strength and not for drunkenness

    1. I broke up with breakfast too a long time ago. It’s really an irrelevant meal, at least for me. It just makes me lethargic and drowsy the entire day and I’d never been a fan even as a teenager lol.

      I’ve come to realize that we consume way too much food than we need. Your meal plan sounds perfect , almost similar to mine. I Drink lots of water for breakfast, have a light lunch, usually veggies (not a big fan of fruits) and my dinner is my main meal.
      On some weekends, I can decide to pig out or treat myself but I always end up feeling sick.

    2. You’re delusional!!! You need a proper balanced diet to function healthier!!!
      Everything you go chook Bible inside!

    3. 14.51 please tell them.

    4. Anon 14:07 kudos, but the bible verse u quoted read it well well, e no connect, eating breakfast is not feasting,but I love how u trained urself, u mean no swallow, rice, beans etc only fruits milk and snacks,wow I only eat twice a day, morning and 6 0'clock pm sharp I have taken my dinner, nothing else enters my mouth except water till day break. And iam fit and ok

    5. Anon 14:15 madam/sir calm down, don't be rude, it's not by force nah, nah wetin she want, her body is functioning well, did u not read her comment wella, nah only the quotation off me🀣🀣🀣

    6. @14:51, 15:13
      My main meal consists of most Nigerian meals you know. Snacks and milk are the dessert.
      I am not delusional. I am a first class product of a reputable institution and a career
      mother of five. My teen daughters who are taking after my diet regimen are all "A" students.
      One is on a college scholarship outside Nigeria. Please, I didn't mean to write all these
      here but you drove me to it. Train yourselves to be godly for Godliness is profitable in all things 1 Tim. 4:6-8.

    7. You lucky guys don't know what God did for you.

      Come and scale through lagos snail speed traffic,skip breakfast let me see.
      Can't remember how many times my breakfast got to work, I down it in tow,remain small for my driver,once he's settled in the office premises,he grabs the flask immediately. Throtling or sitting in traffic jam here is a full time career morning till late evening or night sef depending on where your home is located.

      Person dey suffer here. Some resume at food joint once they clock in. That's how hungry they can be.

  7. It's a start to a spanking new week that doubles as a public holiday too..Why are some human beings so greedy? I got 10 chicken wings and a fish from my workplace that i gave to my neighbour but i ended up feeling disappointed cos i was given a lone part of it..Am i unnecessarily getting myself worked up? I feel it's wonky tbvh

  8. Stella my friend had a pass in school and she is working in FIRS. Just be connected and it's yours

    1. So true.
      That one had a pass is not the end.
      I came out with a pass (very long story), also pass in my Bar finals.
      I came out and started practicing.
      Within 1 year post call, while working in a law firm, I was entitled to transport allowance of 20k.
      My work spoke for me.

      On exactly my 1 year at the firm, I was placed on a salary of 80k.
      While there, I got a contact to go work for a SAN, basic salary was 150k, then after 6months it will reviewed upwards.
      Presently, I am working a federal job(Judiciary) and all I can say is that God is good.

      PS. I am yet to upgrade my certificate, though I intend going for my PGD, now that I am more settled.

  9. Hello ihn 😘
    Bv that her in-law gave 2million as a birthday gift,wow I'm happy for u o and I pray that the love in ur family never ceases.congrats.

    Madam with sis inlaw ish,pls ignore her,ur hubby loves u and that's the Koko.

    Congrats to those celebrating today,may u enjoy another circle of God's blessings and peace.
    Bv chocolate Noir,God is with Salma, God's healing hands in on ur hubby so don't worry be calm.

    Bvs enjoy ur holiday.. it can only get better.

  10. Madam, you sil didn't even say anything bad laidatπŸ˜‘
    You just stylishly telling us that you have a loving hubs and a happy home. We are happy for you ma'am😚

    1. Petty story. The sil did nothing wrong.

    2. Lol you saw it too.

    3. Her likes is the type of person that needs validation from strangers because obviously something is wrong at the core of her marriage. If someone says that your husband loves you more than you do why should you get all riled up? Isn't that a compliment? This one just needs validation to make herself feel good, if she was really happy in her marriage she wouldn't need to sit down and write this irrelevant piece. I beg madam we are happy for you, you hear. We hail you and your perfect husband.

    4. I find the post "childish".

  11. The post on SILs
    Please, why are you vexed in what your sister in law said? I mean, what is there? Do you want your husband to hate her just cos he married you? Why are you so selfish? Why are you so bitter? Why would your husband even gossip about his sister with you in such a disgusting manner? Gosh! He's not a man but a gossiper. That means he doesn't love your sister right from inception. Is it a crime for a sister to tell her brother if he still loves her? So many questions to ask you. You should ask yourself what the heck is wrong with you! Biko, maintain your lane ooo. Do not trespass and face your marriage in peace. Awon ruth abokoku. Shior

    1. Did you readπŸ™„

    2. .."Is it a crime for a sister to tell her brother if he still loves her?"
      This line in your comment shows you are either delusional or you read the story upside down..
      Now go get your meds, get water, swallow them, rest for at least 30mins and then read the story again, slowly.

    3. You people would not understand that sil comment if you've never walked in same shoes. Sameis happening to me,they are vexed that their brother takes care of me very well. I'm also a sil and my brother's wives are enjoying cos we do not interfere in their affairs. Sisters allow your brothers live their lives please.

  12. It's IHN again.
    Bv with the sister in-law epistle, my dear, it's well. I personally advice people not to base their marriage on people's advice whether family or not cos people's advice can ruin your marriage, you would become a divorcee while they are still married, who loose?
    Abeg everybody use your sense.
    Bv whose brother in-law gifted 2m , happy for you oo, the God that did it for you would do it for the rest of us, Amen.
    E-hugs everyone 😘 😘😘

  13. To the woman above, I think u have a huge problem.
    You did not hold on to the fact that ur SIL commented that u are taking good care of her brother but that harmless sentence is what u held on to.

    You would have told ur husband to stop visiting his sister because she said that???? Hey God! And even ur husband concluded he wouldn't go visiting his own sister again?????

    You are the toxic one. You could have found a way to talk to ur SIL about that if it hurts u that much but see where ur mind went.

    1. Sis overreacted tbh.

    2. What she wrote is nonsense, but I guess she's pregnant, pregnancy hormone can cause what she's saying.

      To me, that statement is very harmless compared to how you reacted, you've thought far about what that woman meant. You're the one with the bad attitude here jare

      *Larry was here*

    3. Very silly story. A comment that was probably made humorously is what she is building mountains out of.

    4. Looool.... That's what over thinking does

    5. @Eka,Thank you oo, I no know say you sef reason am like that. Such nonsense story

    6. lol I don't even get her narrative. What did her SIL do wrong Absolutely nothing

    7. You have not seen troublesome in laws. That was how my father in law told my husband that he should allow me mix with my in-laws that if I don't my inlaws would conclude that I am the one controlling him. Thank God for my husband's answer. He asked his father is he is not making progress? The father answered that he is. Then he replied that if I am controlling him and he is making progress that I should keep on controlling him. It takes a brave man to stand up to the problems brought about by family concerning marriage. If men continue listening to all their talks no marriage would last.

    8. So many of you castigating the SIL poster obviously do not understand what she wrote. By saying that to her hubby, it could influence the man (depending on the kind of person he is) and he will not want to be over caring for his wife again. That could be seen as a chastisement from the SIL suggesting the husband is overdoing the love. She is correct in her concern cos in-laws can just not mind their business wen they see a happy marriage.

  14. It's picnic time for us here, Corpus Christi catholic church otemuyi. We are having fun...
    Happy Easter everyone.

    1. #StopKidnappingOurSchoolChildren Phoenix5 April 2021 at 14:48

      Enjoyment Same to you

  15. E-hug to you chocolate noir, may Almighty God heal you from all the trauma you're passing through.

  16. That woman up there is a very manipulative person. You were thinking of how "you won't allow him go there alone again"! Chineke! As who? Is he your son? Your own husband o. Na you wan tell am where to go and where not to go! You really married a sisi. See the way he threw his family under the bus for no reason. Why would he tell you his cousin said he loved you more? How much more petty can a man be? No wonder you dey hail am. You don catch mugu put for pocket. That's why I keep my stuff to myself because I realized most things you tell married people end up in their spouse's ears.
    Married people, no be everything you go tell you spouse. Haba! Respect another person's secret and private discussions with you.

    1. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ You had to chime in on this one too..It's well

    2. Hahahahahahaha.. That is me and my husband up there. We gossip about everything and anything. If you say hello to him when he is out, he will tell me when he gets home. Tells me about all calls and phone conversations even with his mum and siblings. Me I really enjoy everything. Makes the marriage sweet. Lmao.

      Ceaser when you marry, don't gossip with your wife, that is your own.

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Ceaser agbakaa πŸ˜‚

    4. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    5. You're right on this ceaser

    6. Truly, the husband did not have to tell her this part of the discussion.

  17. @Dante had a back and forth with another B.V yesterday and it was interesting, though I have to say Dante was right overall. You can't call marriage a Partnership and disregard role playing. Every individual in a partnership usually have specific roles to making the partnership work, failure of which, there'll be consequences/ramifications on the arrangement. Also, partnership implies a 'business contract'. While marriage is also regarded as a contract, it is different in that there aren't any terms and the reward isn't to the individuals involved but to the next generation and society at large.
    I fear, we've reduced marriage to our own selfish desires and in the process we're destroying the very foundation of our society

    1. Dante be giving it to us hot hotπŸ™†

    2. Welcome Dante!!

  18. Sil poster you should ignore what your sil said to your husband and face your marriage. Weather she says good things about you or not if your husband doesn't want to love you he will not do so. Drink plenty water and face your home.

    Congratulations on the 2m you got as birthday gift, when you are married into a home where everyone is doing well such gift are little things among the many to come. Enjoy your home.

    Madam with pass if you are heavily connected in this naija anything is possible, some are working without results so relax and oresent what you have if he cannot assist you then you face front. No harm in trying.

    1. what do you mean 'such things are little things of what is to come...' is it every person doing well that will love their sister in law enough to do that. Abeg that logic no follow. The issue is that he loves her as his brother's wife and sees her as part of the family. A millionaire or billionaire inlaw who does not accept you or love you like a sis will not give you shishi. Bottom line she married into a good family or the brother in law is a good man.

  19. Happy Easter Monday.

    Being nice is not optional.
    But don't give what you can't take.
    Treat others how you want to be treated.

  20. I just declare today a lazy day for me.
    After the morning chores,I have been on bed resting my body.
    The body needs it.

    1. Rest is necessary, enjoy your rested day.

    2. @anon 14:56 me and you both! Body need rest mbok

  21. Pleasant afternoonπŸ’žπŸ˜˜.

  22. Omo! This break sweet my belle. Been resting since.
    God help me but this marriage thing scares me. My boyfriend has proposed and wants to come and see my people but you guy's I am scared o.i like this man and so does he ,his family and friends are so excited infact his only sister has been insisting she comes along with him to seek for my hand in marriage lol, who does that? Someone that stays abroad and has busy schedules,but still wants to come ,what am I even saying sef???

    My own is that I'm scared o God. I'm such a chicken,like I always act this way when good things want to happen to me. I was so excited to go for my Master's and when it was time I was having cold feet and I almost missed it. Now my wedding I'm scared 😭

  23. 2million for birthday gift, gift me small na

  24. A micro wedding is a budget friendly wedding with few guests. Thanks Stella for posting.

  25. Sis inlaw ish, if your husband truly said he will stop going there, but only to pick up the kids for holiday, then there is more to that, chilax inugo u have got no problem. don't allow people's opinion bother you, I ignore for a living damn,once u try to get to me, I press the ignore button, I reply who I choose to and ignore who I choose to also.that statement is harmless but people have a way of saying harmless words with an awful tone or manner, u begin to wonder if it's a compliment or insult.u were not there so delete it out of ur mind, I understand it pained u so much that was why u wanted us to read it.dnt let people's statements or actions get to u, they will control u once they can predict ur actions. Start practicing anger management with the comments you read here about you today. U will be fyn don't worry, I understand you.that woman was prolly jealous she just said that to cover up her jealousy,women often times are indirectly competing with each other unknowingly, since ur hubby lived with them she is jealous that he got more better looks and healthier since marrying you, she will feel better if your hubby told her he misses her food, but she is hearing the opposite. Advice ur hubby to keep mute about your good sides so it doesn't draw unnecessary tension and anger to you.

    1. Thanks Paprika. Na only you understand as e dey go.
      I'll tell him just that.

    2. @poster, U are welcome sis, peace

  26. Bv congrats on ur 2m birthday mula, kai babe biko invest invest invest. Enjoy ur life jareeeh. Where the party @

    Bv with a pass mark biko keep ur mind positive anything is possible with God, just pray and be hopeful, I heard of testimony of a wave holder working in a reputable company in lagos though not govt but without connection just his knowledge and the grace of God.before u know it, he kept being promoted and he was leading and heading graduates, after amassing so much wealth he resigned and started his own company. As far as u are ok upstairs, what u have to offer and garnished with the grace of God will overshadow u. Pray very very well to God then go and present that result with faith and come back and testify. Goodluck


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