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Friday, April 23, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Buses Are Mobile Entertainment Centers In Lagos

Lagosians who use public transportation systems will agree that it is 'one day, one drama' with the drivers, conductors and passengers ...

It is certain that you must experience something to either piss you off, make you laugh or get you frustrated.

The three members of the cast know how to display their acting skills to the fullest level and they hardly disappoint.

Each journey leaves one with an experience to learn from and sometimes, it can be a bitter one. I once boarded a bus and one of the passengers gave the conductor N500 for a N50 transport fare. The angry conductor rudely challenged the woman on why she didn't give him a lesser denomination.

When she got to her destination and alighted, the conductor who couldn't get any change tore the N500 note into two, threw it at the woman and the driver zoomed off.

Passengers who witnessed the incident ripped the conductor to shreds with their words for his wickedness, but he was unfazed.

It's also very common for passengers to drive commercial drivers mad with insults, advice and suggestions whenever they are stuck in traffic, but they'll be so fast to desert the same driver when he's arrested by the police or gets stuck in a ditch.

The drivers too 'get their own for body' with their constant stop overs at bus stops to convey commuters without considering that other passengers have a job or business to get to early.

One passenger got into a fight with a driver when he couldn't bear the incessant stops anymore and it took the intervention of other passengers before the driver agreed to continue the journey and this caused further delay.

I have conditioned my mind to keep my cool and never allow them fray on my nerves whenever I board commercial buses. Some of these drivers and conductors have no chill and are ready to fight dirty if one does not act wisely and maturely.


  1. In every sane society, bus stops are meant for the bus to literally stop.
    If you are in a haste, wake up earlier and factor the stops in your time calculations or don't board.
    I have visited and lived in other countries and I can attest to the fact that Nigerians are too impatient, insolent and intolerant.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 In fact, in the US, assault on a public servant like a driver earns one 3 years jail time and fines. The cameras are there inside the buses to capture the evidence.

  2. Sometimes you drop your humble personality and take on a crazy one. Conductors especially piss me off. So quick to insult you and your generation

  3. If you never mad before, you no fit survive and thrive in the real Lagos. Na the ones wey don tire for madness dey pull mad clothe wear civility.

    1. Honestly ,I bi like say Lagos na origin of madness.
      If you na sabi craze ,you go learn am by force no matter how you try to ignore.

  4. Hahahahaha.
    The driver's here are not as crazy as the ones in Lagos but the conductors are just as crazy.
    I enjoy my bus rides especially when there's a heated debate or interesting conversation but I trained myself NEVER to contribute to whatever is being said.
    Nice one Mrs Dee, as always.

  5. I cant enter bus in this Lagos or anywhere except in the western country..
    The last time I tried it that was several years ago that I entered a BRT bus to broad street CMS,the kind of stench I perceived from people ehhee..
    Is it that people no dey bath or they dont use a deodorant?...
    Chineke nna!..

  6. Please if you are here and you dont use deodorant,please I beg you in the name of God to please,please,please stop punishing people around you with your stench!..
    How much is roll on?..
    Some people eat rubbish,spend money on all sort of nonsense but cant buy common 500 naira roll on..
    Like WTF?

    1. I remember an article Oko Ashawo wow about recently on those who smell. There are dirty people everywhere... Some don't even know that roll on exists in the first place

  7. Reminds of TSB buses. Ahh after smoking igbo the way these conductors will wash you eh. Nobody is up to them again.

    There are some that are so nice and sensible. Jovial and entertaining. When you ride with them you'll enjoy yourself, but when you enter those ogbologbos, you'll see something.

    Ahh. Some passengers own na war. Trouble maker to the core. The ones that will sit like they hired the bus and are pitying the rest to squat. Or the ones that will gumming body with you, the pick pockets nko. The ones with better gist. The wanna manna ganna nko. Forming posh, to shift na problem.

    The ones that are always looking for something thereby hitting you. The ones that wants to fight at anytime nko

    Buses are truly pure entertainment jor

  8. No matter how 'ajebota' you claimed to be in Lagos some people will surly turn you mad.
    Not everybody that wears cloth in Lagos is normal.
    I will still share my experience at Ojuelegba park.
    Dey no dey form too much for Lagos.

  9. There was once I entered a Keke with a fat woman inside(sorry to people that will feel sensitive but I'm not trying to body shame her) I was the second person to enter, and Keke was to carry three people at the back but this woman occupied almost all the sit that I barely fitted in.
    The driver still hasn't noticed what was going on behind him as he keeps stopping for extra passenger to enter, the moment they peeped in and saw the woman they'll refuse to enter. When the driver turned back to ascertain why they were all turning down his Keke and noticed it was the woman's size, the driver calmly told her she was going to pay for 2 sit.. This woman started hurling insultive words and curses at the driver that wasn't going to pay because she doesn't have two heads.
    The driver stopped and people gathered round to inquire about what was going on, the driver was not even done explaining what happened when the woman came down the whole crowd started laughing. I haven't gotten to my destination yet but I paid the driver and went about my own business.

  10. We don't even have buses here, only tricycle.

    Nice write-up as usual Mrs Dee 😁😘

  11. My 2nd cousin wishes to ride on public transport. So tired of driven about in dad's car

  12. You are so right Mrs Dee.

    From the crazy driver that can maneuver their buses pass James Bond.
    To highly saucy conductors that have little or no business with bathing or grooming themselves.
    Their underarms fadaaa,if you have the misfortune to sit close to them, sorry is thou name!

  13. I took a bus from Oshodi to Cele. When I asked how much the fare was, the conductor told me 200. Some people in the bus shouted and said the conductor is a thief, that the fare is 100 Naira. Chai...


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