Stella Dimoko New York Has Legalized Marijuana


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Friday, April 02, 2021

New York Has Legalized Marijuana



  1. Sewa sewa. I remember York in Aba, ebe ndi nsekasi.

  2. Make them enjoy but should not forget that smoking triggers alot of diseases.

  3. These ones wey be say dem never smoke Igbo, dem dey open fire anyhow on innocent people already. is well.

  4. Ya man. Time to get airey! Me gwan to da New York city man. Amma have drag after drag. Ya man. Jah bless!

  5. I am very happy they did, it's very healthy to smoke it.
    I am married woman with 5 grown-ups, I am 49years old and I have been smoking with my husband for 20years, we have chains of businesses, living good.
    When we got married we were struggling but when we started smoking, oh gush.. We had to write down our ideas while smoking, you need to see different ideas and funny ones.
    When we are relaxed we then implements our ideas.
    It works like magic, you don't need English language to make money, you need brain work.

    Those of you that assume it causes mental illness, it's not true, you have to eat well after smoking, better food. Those useless people smoking and can't afford to eat are the ones confusing non smokers, they look skinny, haggard and sick, they get addicted.

    Smoking with my husband makes me feel like his babe rather than wife, when there is misunderstanding one we surely want to smoke, and one drag... It's over.
    It's been our secret, if you see us, you will swear for whoever tells you we smoke.
    We are good, 2 children in private university.

    Abeg let me go and cook better vegetable soup and pound yam for oga, we dey house, children went for Easter holiday at my parents place, oga is in our penthouse molding wraps of igbo.
    Today na die.

    1. Lol..
      I also heard it should be normal weed only.. not all those adulterated ones.. Az,skunk,Colorado etc etc
      Like I said.. I heard.. before some people now will change my name to igbo smoker Lol

    2. I have several questions!
      What is wrong with feeling like his wife?
      Is being a babe better than being a wife?
      Why do you need to be calm to implement the plans?
      If weed gives great ideas, it should give excellent implementation ideas too, right?
      Why are your 2 children in private unis when you can go just go for cheaper options and they can smoke weed and learn even better. Just wondering, since you don't need English for great ideas.

  6. Ah.. Newyork on a normal day they shoot anyhow now wey them don legalize am, make i go buy bullet proof vest.

  7. Nah today, come and see Vape and Cannabis stores springing up in every corner l turn, yet headdressers, barbers shop, Coffee and restaurant places are shutting down.
    And they complain about mental health issues being on the rise. Please who is doing who here ?

    1. Their open eye is unto blindness


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