Stella Dimoko Nigerian Doctors Begin Strike Over Inadequate Facilities And Non Pay Rise


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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Nigerian Doctors Begin Strike Over Inadequate Facilities And Non Pay Rise



  1. Thank God for gift of life and financial blessings that made me avoid private hospital

  2. And the president is somewhere in the UK for medical check-up with our money.

    1. Says a whole lot.

      The African leader's brain is like a shrimp, full of shit. They will take the money to go build up and pay out quickly and easily to places that are already developed instead of developing their own. They even lack the vision to see that with the amount of brainy and talented doctors in Nigeria the country is ripe for being setup as a medical tourism destination if the properinfrastructure was in place. The only thing they see is the next meal to full their big guts and next spread legs to go between, nothing else.

      Africa has been exploited in many ways, but the average African male leader have been the most useless of all. Absolutely and irredeemably useless.

  3. Pathetic!!! Terrible and wicked principalities...and we always pray against pricipalities and power meanwhile it is in power who are the principalities and rulers in dark places.

  4. And the president is in a country where they have adequate and functional health care, receiving treatment. Why can't these foreign countries reject them and send them back to their countries? That is the only way they can do the right thing with Nigeria

    1. That's what needs to happen. Whole scale no entry to those lands so they are forced to develop their own nations and uplift their ppl.

  5. If it were sane country NLC, TUC and other organised sector will just down tools.
    Let's ground an already overly down economy to its knees!

    Let government of the day stop paying lip services to the well fare of it's citizens, while they keep feeding fat and acquiring monies and properties into the next 3rd generation!

    Wicked and evil people who are at the helm of affairs and government!


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