Stella Dimoko Nigerian Presidency Says Girls Kidnapped At CHIBOK 7 Years Ago Are ''Still On Our Mind Minds''


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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Nigerian Presidency Says Girls Kidnapped At CHIBOK 7 Years Ago Are ''Still On Our Mind Minds''

The Presidency reassures parents and all concerned citizens that the missing students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, remain constantly in the minds of government as they are always in the minds of their parents.

The Presidency gives assurances that the release of the remaining Chibok girls is still work in progress.

No one is giving up hope here. Efforts to secure their release through various channels and activities of the security and intelligence agencies remain on course. The recent decisive push by the military against the terrorists gives hope that a breakthrough is possible and could happen anytime soon.

The Presidency asks for support, understanding and prayers for the military as they discharge their historic mandate to quickly finish off the insurgency war and free all citizens held hostage.


  1. Nigeria is being ruled by PRESIDENCY and not president. May God comfort their parents, who die na him loose for this we country

    1. You're absolutely right.Those girls should be home in a sane state and not in Buhari's rotten mind.

  2. So, after making mouth that former President Jonathan was incompetent, they are still coming up with excuses after about 6 years of being in power. Oh well, no be APC again? Propaganda party 🙄

  3. Are they still girls?

  4. May God punish these folks. What in the world does being on their rotten conscienceless minds mean? If it was their children would they not have moved every resource to find these young women? Where is Lear Sharibu too? Many child kidnappings have been added to the initial one
    Are these folks human at all? When God begins to visit them with his anger let no one pity them or their cronies and descendants. “Vengeance is mine, says The Lord, I will repay”. A whole country with all the armed forces are looking for over a hundred girls who are now women and have probably been raped & traumatized for years. These rulers and their cronies plus those who actively support them will never know peace in Jesus Name. Those were kids taken away almost a decade ago!

    Matthew 18:6 is clear about those who do or allow or won’t stop evil from being done to children! Morons in white flowing gown with dark wicked hearts, with frying pan cooking pot (Fela Kuti’s song in the 70s) in their overstuffed loot filled abdomens!

  5. How can there not be a single LEAD in 7whole years??its not a student,not 2,nor 3😢😢😢

  6. Bring back our women and their children from forced labor and rapes.😏😏😏😏😏


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