Stella Dimoko Rapper Eedris Responds To Minister Keyamo's Call Out And Calls Him Part Of The Cabal...


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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Rapper Eedris Responds To Minister Keyamo's Call Out And Calls Him Part Of The Cabal...

Nigeria's Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, on Saturday night called our Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem for shading him in his new song Jaga-Jaga Reloaded ..

The call out came with receipts and Eedris has responded dragging Mr Keyamo...

He posted on Instagram..


Did Festus Keyamo join the cabal or not?
When he was in prison, I stood by him, I fought Obasanjo on behalf of all the comrades in prison, I released Jagajaga.

When my mother was dying, I reached out to a brother, or one I thought was a brother and a comrade. Could he have helped, yes, did he help, NO...such was the wickedness of his heart that he munched and kept personal details for three years...real Hallmark of a Blackmailer!

In 2018, I still thought the man was a comrade. Thought he could effect change in the government he served. Then he joined the cabal, he became inner caucus and held the steering wheel spiralling Nigeria into doom.
He joined to crush the revolution of the youths, he joined the cabal. The cabal which mowed down our youths at LEKKI TOLL GATE.

With a vexed spirit, I went again to the studio for "Jagajaga Reloaded" and the Blackmailer went to town. The cabal is awoken. The cabal is hit. The cabal is in pain. The cabal is failing. The cabal will FALL.

The Blackmailer said I recorded a song for Buhari. The said song is titled : "Obasanjo Write Buhari Letter". Here is the link to that song, listen and you will phantom the deviousness and dubiousness of the evil SAN (Senior Advocate Blackmailer of Nigeria) called Festus Keyamo.

Issues raised on Jagajaga Reloaded are facts. Nigeria never had it so bad. The Jagajaga has taken a gargantuan dimension. We must keep asking questions. We must ask the cabal questions.

Festus Keyamo don join the cabal. He is in pains because his next ambition is to be governor of Delta State. Perhaps to localise grand looting, terrorism, murdering and raping of our citizens, kidnapping, which his cabal have romanticised and packaged as banditry, and sundry other mis-governance.

 This is why Jagajaga ti get e!

Festus Keyamo na cabal.....''

Me - looking at the two fake men fighting! *Hisss*


  1. I remember vividly Idris Abdulkarim singing-"Keyamo dey dia dia, dem lock am for jail for Abuja, kingsley agberu sef dey for dia, Ade Bendel na im dey feed ol of dem". But you see, if your twin becomes a Politician in Nigeria; not US, or Norway or even Switzerland and you didn't get the opportunity of getting on board with him. Then steer clear or stray far. They are devilish soon as they partake in drinking blood. Nothing wrong if I ask somebody I once fought for or believed we are one for assistance, irrespective of the nature of the assistance but here today Keyamo is using it against a man who stood by him when Obasanjo almost sent him to early grave. If he had died in Kuje, some if not most of us would have been celebrating him as a hero of democracy and the struggle not knowing he was a disaster in the waiting hoping to get to the position where he could oppress the masses and bite the finger that once fed him. Keyamo is a shame and a sham for the exalted word activism.

    1. Eedris next time be wise. U ask for favours face to face. Ur tone can even persuade the fellow. Ur message can be ignored and used against u forever. Why stay in hotel for millions wen u no be woman celeb wey pesin go easily pay for. Artistes stop leaving above ur means

  2. Can we move on from this please..

  3. Hnmmm is Idris really fake? He has been criticizing bad governance for a long time coming. Well, so was Festus till he touched power. Na God hands we dey?

  4. This got me "...such was the wickedness of his heart that he munched and kept personal details for three years...real Hallmark of a Blackmailer!"

    1. Someone should please explain that part to me. I read it but didn't understand it.

    2. He saw through Eedris, it was obvious to him that he was a con artist and so he kept receipts and truly, his lawyer instincts paid off,

  5. Just few fight for just cause in this country, the rest are hypocrites looking for chop money.

  6. Chai ,oga kayomo nor try,he told u his secret ,nd u refused to help him the mata 4 end like that,y u come wnt make we shook mouth nw? Nah true say u wnt be our dear state governor? Dnt even try to waste ur time ,u can never win.

  7. Abeg no shift goal-post egbon Eedris. The one we want you to answer is whether you wanted to join the cabal in 2018 with your body and soul? If yes, then you already lost the moral right to criticise Keyamo and the cabal. Stop reloading nonsense like Toyin and her Alakada. All of una na same thief thief una be jare. Na today you know say Keyamo head no correct? Make una go settle this thing for where una been dey gather smoke igbo abeg.

    I keep saying if you must dine with the devil, use customized long spoon o, else, dem go mess you up. Una go dey alright. The clapback no even sweet sef. Two yeye people wasting my
    amebo time. Mtscheeew 😕😡

    1. Please read well. A lot of people initially supported Buhari's govt but it turned out not to be what was expected. That's why Eedris supported them initially

    2. YOU need to "read well" Sue darling. We are talking 2018 not 2015. This issue is from 2018 when wise Nigerians already realised 2015 was a huge mistake. Read well darling.

  8. They're both hustlers, Keyamo's hustle paid off while Idris is still hustling. Fake ass activists. Gani knew all along that Festus Keyamo is a snitch.

  9. The bigger munched files of personal and private communication may yet come up in public if the fight between Oby Ezekwesili and Omojuwa occurs in court. Please book ringside seats ahead.

    There is a common mistake people in government in Nigeria usually make. They believe that who ever campaigned for them or praised them yesterday should not criticize them today. And if the critic had made the mistake of asking for an unfufilled favour, bad for critic - you criticized because you were not given what you begged for; if the favour was granted, worse for the critic - you were favoured yesterday, but criticizing today because you are not being given favours again.

    Eedris has released the link to the "praise song". Should you await Part 2 of the response to him? No. It would not come.

  10. Festus Kayamo is one of the few I respect .
    When did now join cabal.??
    He should avoid Edris oo ,guy is too rugged to handle.

    1. Oga no need correcting it. Just delete this ur talk. Maybe u self dey gain from the government.


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