Stella Dimoko Singer Harrysong Reveals Why He Did Not Have A Big Lagos Wedding..


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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Singer Harrysong Reveals Why He Did Not Have A Big Lagos Wedding..

In an interview with the Punch, Harrysong who recently tied the knot stated that he purposely opted for a private wedding in Warri and he is not media frenzy.

He said, “Being married is good. I feel complete. Now, I have a companion. I have someone that sincerely has my back and I am building my life with. A lot of people were hoping or thinking that I would have a big Lagos wedding but I did not want too much media frenzy around us. 

Marriage is something very personal and serious to me, so I wanted it to be as private as possible. If I wanted to do a society wedding for status sakes, it would have held in Lagos and it would have been a funfair. But I chose to go to my home town in Warri to do it right and well.

“I don’t want to talk about my marriage too much because people become inquisitive and I don’t want to put our homes in the public sphere. That brings problems. I love to keep my home private. Once you bring your marriage on social media, it could breed unexpected things.”

Advising eligible bachelors, the new groom said, “My first advice to any eligible bachelor is― get off social media when you want to be serious in the search for a life partner. 

Social media has destroyed homes and made it seem like there are no good people except homosexuals, home wreckers or people with questionable characters. Just be real and true with yourself, there are good men and women; not everyone is bad. Social media has cast a lot of people in bad light.



  1. Replies
    1. Smart one. Happy married life

    2. Let him not cheat on her

      And let her not cheat on him

      Let them not abuse themselves

      Let them love God and work at building their home

      Dazal. Leave us alone

  2. Good for you.
    May God bless your home.

  3. A word is enough for the wise. Thank u Harrysong for this advice

  4. Well said,God bless your home.

  5. Good
    God will continue to bless your home

  6. No one is interested in big or small wedding. Wedding is just a day.
    Have a lasting peaceful marriage. Don't tell us about irreconcilable differences next month.

    1. Speak for yourself alone , stop speaking authoritatively like you've all the facts, there are people that want a big wedding while some want a very intimate wedding it's all about choice .

  7. Enjoy your marriage Harrysong and keep it out of public Media

    Happy married life

  8. Oga! Say you don’t have enough money to do big Lagos wedding and not all these yen yen talk about putting ur marriage in the media. You r even the one telling us about your marriage and advising people from day 1. Abeg park one side and enjoy your marriage in peace

    1. Haba not everyone likes big wedding ceremony it is not about the money.

    2. Not everyone likes an elaborate wedding, I personally do not like such , and hey I'm sure if he wanted he could have .

  9. We are on our own now o! And this one won't let us rest with 'my marriage this, my wedding that!' if this one pack up tomorrow now(Godforbid) and we try to remind him how he didn't let us rest with daily advice, then all the angels here who are holier than the pope will start preaching and telling us we are judging and pushing them into depression.
    All the goody two shoes. Supporters and defender of the century y'all won't advice your own now oh.

    1. Bitter,Bitter!
      Don't accept anybody that will curse you out on this comment because of your name 🤣 because I feel you!
      I don't know whether he is differently answering this question to newsmen or its Stella that is bringing it differently but this his marriage talk is becoming not so private!
      If we no tellam now, tommorow he go tell us another thing,Nna a,enter your private marriage and respect "your privacy"

  10. Who cares? ... Face your marriage please, because at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

  11. This one you are giving us small small tips about your marriage now.
    And you still want to keep it private o.

    Anyways we get maths students here, they will be adding the 1+2+1+4 together.

  12. Happy married life to them.

  13. Some of them are broke and that's the reason why they prefer a private wesswed


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